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These homes will get you for 10 million

These are the homes you get for NOK 10 million.

These homes will get you for 10 million

Housing to around 10 million in Norway

At Barcode in Oslo you get a 4 bedroom penthouse apartment for 10. 5 million.

At Holmegenes in Stavanger you can get a large, masterful villa for 10. 5 milllons.

In Holmenkollen / Voksen in Oslo there is a detached house of 234 square meters with double garage, for 10. 5 million.

At Sørenga in Oslo you get 115 square meters to 10. 4 milliliter kroner.

At Ranheim in Trondheim you get an extraordinary penthouse with roof terrace for 10. 5 million.

At Stubban in Trondheim you will get a completely renovated cab house with 12 rental units, for 10. 2 million kroner.

Funkis residence on Volla in Lillestrøm with roof terrace of 92 square meters to 10 million.

At Kleppe in Rogaland you get an agricultural property for 9. 5 million kroner.

These homes will get you for 10 million

– To 1.5 million, there is a 19 square meter on Grünerløkka out now, but it will probably go for a little more, it too

It is not easy to get fit in today’s housing market, and if you want to live in the center of the city center, the desired location and location often have to decline due to high prices.

Surprisingly small price differences

According to Johan Fredrik Høvås, Sales Director in Finn. No, think again if you thought you got a lot more for the money outside the worst city-pot.

– If you choose an older residence or move a little outside the city, you get a few more square meters for the same price. But the price differences are far less than you would think, says Høvås.

Høvås emphasizes that this is based on a quick comparison of single-family homes currently out of sale, but indicates that this is also supported by industry statistics.

Equal rates for new and used housing

But the price difference is so low, there may be only one of each older housing, and therefore they are more unique than newbuildings, where usually more of the same type are being built, says sales director.

– Perhaps due to the same prices, we have relatively similar payability, and do not really consider moving to other areas. Basically, we are living enough housing with the heart, “says Høvås.

A good advice can be to think about total economy when shopping for housing.

Trine Dahl, general manager of Nordvik & Partners Bygdøy Allé, says that it is rare to find housing in the price range ten million on the village.

– If you have such an expensive home outside the city, it would like to include more facilities such as large grounds, spacious accommodation and pool.

Varied audience

Mainly, there are housing on the western edge of Oslo, or larger newly built homes located in the relatively high price range. And stakeholders vary, according to Dahl.

– If there is an elevator and garage included, it is usually good adults and elderly who are going to move from house to apartment that is interested.

Well established, and “New York” is also interested in housing for around 10 million. Interest varies from object and location, Dahl can inform.

– For example, at Frogner, there is more interest in an expensive item than it is on the eastern edge.

Better economy in big places

According to Høvås, there is nothing that suggests less interest in higher-priced housing. There is generally high traffic on the web pages, and it is still growing.

Many of those looking at Finn’s homes can suddenly decide to seize the opportunity when the dream comes true.

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These homes will get you for 10 million

10 MILLION: For just under 10 million, you get a whole agricultural property on Kleppe, with a total area of ​​67,400 square meters. Photo: Screenshot Find.com

– About half of our users are either active or in the category that goes from dreaming and review, to suddenly acting, says sales director.

Housing out to ten million varies in size from around 110-370 square meters, Høvås can inform about.

And it is mainly the location that determines the price of the accommodation.

– The pressure is much larger in big cities than in smaller places. There are several who move in to Oslo instead of a small town, says Dahl.

– There are, therefore, more buyers per item, in addition to the fact that there are more with good finances than in smaller cities, she says.

And what separates the homes to ten million from those to five million, according to Dahl, is both size, location and facilities such as elevator, balcony and garage.

This is located on Finn. No in the price range 9.5-10 million now:

– 140 homes.

– 55 used homes.

– 85 new homes.

– 87 houses evenly distributed in Oslo and Akershus.

– 100 of 140 homes are located around the Oslo Fjord; Østfold, Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud and Vestfold.

– More used than new detached houses.

– More newly built than used apartments.

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