These hedges grow fastest

If you need a hedge that grows fast, choose one of these.

These hedges grow fastest

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These hedges grow fastest

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These hedges grow fastest

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These hedges grow fastest

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Here are the hedges for the impatient.

Some will just have a hedge screen for inspection, but many also come because they only want an alternative to fence that adjoins the neighboring property, says Svein Erik Ringstad at Kolsås garden center.

However, he emphasizes that it takes time to get a good and tight hedge, even if one chooses one of the fastest growing.

– Even though a hedge can get annual increases of up to one meter, it is important that it is pruned for the first growth year for it to get tight, otherwise it will only become thin and pissed. One should be tough with the scissors at the start, “says the gardener.


Should you have the fastest growing fence, according to Ringstad, choose Poppel.

According to NRK’s ​​Green Pleasure, this is a tree that can grow 30 to 40 meters high, but it will cut it regularly and it will be a tight and good hedge over two years.

This is also a plant that is child-friendly because it is not toxic.

The pope, however, is a plant with a powerful rock system. It should therefore not be planted near sewer pipes and drains around the house. Then there may be a change of pipe before you know, writes Green Pleasure.


Another fast-growing breeding plant we have here is a sweet game, “Ringstad says.

– It may have a one-year annual allowance.

Sweet mites are, however, a relatively narrow plant, which, according to Ringstad, has to be calculated with three meters on the meter.

According to the website Hageglede, it should be a hardy plant that blooms early and is rich in shiny white flowers.


These hedges grow fastest

SØTMISPEL. Photo: Flower and plant information office

The third fast-growing gate Ringstad stands out your fountain.

– It’s really a tree, but if you cut it and make it, it will be a great hedge.

The linden can get up to 30 meters high.

Humidity important

According to Ringstad, the first year of a new plant hedge is important that it is watered regularly.

These hedges grow fastest

LIND. Photo: Flower and plant information office

– One should, however, be a little careful about fertilization so that it does not grow too much and too fast.

Beyond that, there is nothing special to keep in mind when planting hedges.

– But, of course, it is the same for a hedge as for other crops that they must be planted in good and nutritious soil.


In such a listing, you do not get away from the Tuja, which in many ways is the people’s fence. It is subject to both love and hate.

– It’s definitely the most important thing for us, “says Ringstad.

– It’s in a way the Grandiosa of the fences, and what made it so popular is that it’s green all year long and that it’s quite cheap.

Tuja can be bought as well grown plants and serves as a covering hedge already from the first day.

Choose the right hedge

Tonje Bergh at the Information Office for Flowers and Plants emphasizes that it is generally important to choose the right plant species for the fence.

– Otherwise, it may become slippery and quickly lose its task as a partition wall, living wall or boundary to the neighbor’s neighborhood, she says.

Free-growing and cut hedges

These hedges grow fastest

TUJA: This may be the fate of the people, but the garden hardly damages the choice of another hedge. Photo: Irill Kolle

In general, it is distinguished between free-growing and cut hedges.

– Plants that are suitable for free-range hedges take a little more space than plants to cut hedges, but in return they can most often contribute to a beautiful flowering.

Cut hedges give a smooth, thin wall and, according to Bergh, can be a nice contrast or supplement to perennials, roses and other growths with soft shapes and strong colors.

– A cut hedge can be molded as desired. It can be narrow or wide, high or low, but make sure it is always narrowest at the top or at least as wide.

If it gets too wide at the top relative to the bottom, this could prevent light access to the lower branches which in turn will lead to a gloss hedge.

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