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These cottages gave Honest Home bonanza in 2011

Here is the list of the most popular cottage ads in 2011.

These cottages gave Honest Home bonanza in 2011

Norwegians love the habitation and most people dream about a cabin in Hvaler in Østfold.

The cabin fox, however, searches for other places.

In the housing market, most people search for extremely expensive properties.

– This list looks a little different than the top list of homes for sale. With the exception of first place, it is dominated by holiday homes in much lower price ranges, says director Eddie Sjølie in Finn property.

– It seems that people are seeking less for dreams for millions of dollars, and more on properties they can afford to buy, he continues.

Realism therefore characterizes these statistics to a greater extent.

However, there is a huge luxury villa at Cap d’Ail on the French Riviera, which has got the most clicks.

These cottages gave Honest Home bonanza in 2011

GOOD LIKE: Luxury villa on the French Riviera has got the most clicks in 2011. Price paid NOK 308 million. Photo: Screenshot / Find.com

The luxury villa is located on a cliff down the sea, with the outdoor swimming pool and costs a staggering NOK 308 million.

These cottages gave Honest Home bonanza in 2011

The housing ad had over 300. 000 views

Most set classified ads in 2011




1. Luxury villa at Cap d Ail on the French Riviera

40. 000. 000 (Euros)

40. 636

2. Cabin on Soldatersundet in Østfold.

7. 500. 000

40. 222

3. Cottage at Saltnes in Østfold

18. 500. 000

37. 828

4. Apartment in Monaco

7. 500. 000 (Euros)

36. 709

5. Cottage on Sand, Spjærøy in Østfold

1. 950. 000

36. 260

6. Cottage in Skjærviken, Fredrikstad in Østfold

1. 650. 000

34. 461

7. Cottage on Oksrødfjellet, Onsøy in Østfold

1. 300. 000

33. 993

8. Cabin on Blefjell in Flesberg

590. 000

32. 604

9. Cabin on Blefjell in Kongsberg

680. 000

32. 504

10. Cottage on Spjærøy in Østfold

1. 950. 000

31. 452

(Source: Find. en). Most people put huts on FINN from 1. January to December 5th.

Whales fever

In the other places there is an area that stands out as particularly sought after, and it is the Hvaler and Fredrikstad area. Cottages in Kirkøy, Saltnes, Skjærviken, Onsøy and Spjærøy, all located on the top ten.

These cottages gave Honest Home bonanza in 2011

How are house prices in 2012

Beach line, sunny location, sea view, terrace and boat space goes again.

Trigges of proximity to Oslo

– Whales are crazy popular. We also see what areas people are looking for. In the summer months, Hvaler has a tendency to top this search statistics. Proximity to the capital contributes enough to this, says Sjølie

Many people want to use the cabin a lot, and have the opportunity to go on an impulse trip this weekend, and then it’s convenient and not have to drive so far, he continues.

Some of the cabins also have a price suggestion that some people think they have the opportunity to buy. Some of the most popular items this year have a price benefit of between 1.3 and 2 million kroner.

This cabin on Spjærøy, to 1. 950. 000 kroner, is therefore in fifth place.

These cottages gave Honest Home bonanza in 2011

ON FEMTEPLASS: Norwegians want sea views. This cabin at Spjærøy was a lot of fun for this year. Price estimate 1. 950. 000. Photo: Screenshot / Find.com

Palace View in Monaco

Some dream objects are also at the top – in third place, a cottage on the banks of Saltnes is at NOK 18.5 million.

The cottage boasts west facing location, terrace and costly renovation.

The property is featured in Maison Interiør and featured in the book “Norway’s most beautiful summer place”.

Or what about a holiday home in Monaco?

Here you will have a view of the marina and the castle. The price tag? 7.5 million euros. This is the fourth most popular residence.

Two mountain cabins on the top ten

These cottages gave Honest Home bonanza in 2011

MONACO: The fourth most popular home is in Monaco. The price tag is 7.5 million euros. Photo: Screenshot / Find.com

Although sea cabins are most popular at FINN, there are also a few mountain cabins on the most sought-after list; two cabins on Blefjell with a price of 590. 000 kroner and 680. 000 kroner, says Sjølie.

– It shows that it is well possible to fulfill the cabin dream without having to pay a lot of millions of dollars.

This small cabin on Blefjell is located just off the slopes and year-round motorway, has water and is ten minutes away from the alpine slope by car.

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