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These Christmas presents are best tested

Give a test winner to someone you love.

These Christmas presents are best tested

During the year, test clicks. no hundreds of products for home and leisure. Tools, PC games, cell phones, sleeping bags, park wears and eyelines are going through critical testing with us so we can publish test results that are based on.

Therefore, you can safely use this article as an idea source when shopping for Christmas gifts. We have picked up test winners and “best-value” products in a number of categories that guarantee success under the tree.

Are you looking for the very special, or similar products at slightly lower prices, you usually find that in our test collections. See the overview of our tests here.

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We’ve split up the gift tips for those who cost over and those who cost less than $ 1000. Over a year, much more prices are happening – Christmas sales, promotions and competitors can push prices down. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check the prices yourself. Check our price search here. The prices quoted are the prices that are included as a guide in the test articles.

If you have input for more items that should have been included in the overview or other test winners, please share your tips in the comments box below!

Cool stuff for the home

Interior tools

These Christmas presents are best tested

GOOD BLENDER: Philips HR2074 costs approx. 800 kroner. Photo: Manufacturers

Under 1000 kroner

Battery Bar: The Black & Decker GEL TECH KC12GTK costs 600 dollars, and got the grade five in our battery tester test. Known as a well balanced drill with a good grip. Is the niche extra fun this year, you take a set of bits and bits. Ca. 600 kroner.

Blender: Philips HR2074 was named “Best Buy” when we tested blenders in March. User-friendly, effective and steady. Ca. 800 kroner.

Circle case: Hitachi c6 mfa is both the cheapest and the best circular case in our test. User-friendly, easy-to-use when you’re in business. 999 kroner.

Water boiler: The Philips HD4685 warms up a liter of water in just over three minutes and looks nice on the kitchen counter. Ca. 700 kroner.

Coffee maker: Philips HD7686 is a good and stylish coffee maker with removable water tank and weight. Ca. 600 kroner.

Over 1000 kroner

Battery Bar: Bosch PSR 14,4-2 got dice six in our battery trick test. Koster 1800 kroner, and is referred to as a powerful drill with many features. It’s a bit expensive. In return, there is a cheaper variant of 1500 kroner. It also got top marks in our test. Ca. 1800 kroner.

Leatherman: Should you buy a Christmas gift for someone who is well-behaved and open-minded, a multi-purpose tool may be inertier. It’s been a while since we tested Leatherman Charge ALX, but the top scorer is still on sale. Shelves just over the thousandfold of XXL. Ca. 1100 kroner.

Blender: Kenwood Kmix BLX51 became “best in test” when we tested blenders. High quality, and especially good at smoothie. Ca. 1500 kroner.

Coffee maker: Moccamaster KBC741 is the fastest treat we’ve tested. High finish temperature. Ca. 1800 kroner.

Tekno-ting and dingser

Under 1000 kroner

These Christmas presents are best tested

BRA CAMERA: The Canon EOS500D is a very good buy. Photo: Canon

Playstation Games: Red Faction – Guerrilla Contains Bad, Explosives and Destruction. On Mars. Geriljaen against the fascists. Could it be better? About 400 kroner.

Wii Games: Punch-Out, the boxing game that has become a Nintendo classic with the figure Little Mac. Before this game, it was 15 years since the last Punch-Out. Worth checking if you have a Wii. Ca. 500 kroner.

Promille Tester: In recent years, promille testers have become popular. Unfortunately, most of them are too bad. The reason is first and foremost that they have to be calibrated after some time. The Promoter Tester AL 7000 has been tested in cooperation with the police and was best tested. Calibrate yourself. About 1000 kroner.

Over 1000 kroner

Laptop: The Lenovo G530 was far from the most expensive, but the best PC when we sampled eight popular models this fall. Here you get a lot of movie watching, surfing and office work for the money. Ca. 4500 kroner.

Mini PC: These are “ultra-portable” PCs. The size of a chihuahua, so you can wear it in your purse. These have become more powerful and easier to use, including better keyboard. Asus Eee PC 1000HE became a test winner with us. Ca. 3500 kroner.

Dock to Ipod and Iphone: lonex Igame Family is in addition to docking, also a fun game machine. Ca. 1200 kroner.

Audio Streamer: Philips Streamium Network Music Player streams music from your PC to your music system – wirelessly. Pretty smart. Ca. 1500 kroner.

SLR Camera: Canon EOS 500D. The test winner camera is not one of the most expensive, but this time Canon has surpassed itself, reports the tester. Ca. 5800 kroner.

Compact Camera: There are many great cameras under 2,000 kroner. Nevertheless, the Panasonic Lumix FS7 got off with the “best in test” stamp during our biggest test in the summer. Ca. 1800 kroner.

TV: They are big and expensive and hard to win a winner. We tested 37-inch TVs that are within a reasonable price range for regular families, and the Panasonic TX-37LZD800 got a hit win. Ca. 14. 000 NOK , but we strongly recommend that you check prices before buying.

Tour and fitness equipment

Under 1000 kroner

Headlight: Black Diamond Icon is the test winner among the headlamps below 1000 kroner. Good light, simple break and sitting well on the head. Ca. 800 kroner.

These Christmas presents are best tested

GOOD FLEECEJAKKE: Stormberg Draft costs approx. 400 kroner, and is voted “best value” in our test. Photo: John Arne Tongue

Fleece Jacket: Stormberg Draft has been named “Best Buy” in this year’s big test of fleece jackets. Good hiking jacket with body-cut. Ca. 400 kroner.

Toddler bag: Bergans Sport Alpin got a little pepper for poor wear comfort as it was compared to many of the best daybreakers earlier this year. But it achieves a total of four in the test, do not waste any stupid purchases. Ca. 800 kroner.

Tursko: The Timberland Ossipee Trail is a comfortable shoe, although it’s not one of the most resistant to wear. Lightweight shoe with soft sole. 999 kroner.

Flux: Tica Nordic is a good weight-grade bar for those who do not have too strict requirements for an all-round fly rod. Worth to test. About 800 kroner.

The tent and terrace lanterns: Black Diamond Orbit is a handsome and powerful lamp that you can have in the tent on the back and on the terrace at home. Ca. 400 kroner.

Sleeping bag: A perfect invitation for outdoor activities. Marmot Wave III is a sturdy sleeping bag that you can use when the scale key is around zero or above. Ca. 900 kroner.

Wool Underwear: Aclima WoolNet gets our top score and is referred to as the perfect wool underwear for winter use. Total price is approx. 850 kroner.

Over 1000 kroner

Headlight: Lupine Betty X Pro is the test winner among headlamps that can also be used as a bicycle light. Enjoy as much a good bike, but follow up on quality. Ca. (hold fast) 8600 kroner.

Fleece Jacket: Norrøna Lyngen warm2 is the winner of the year’s fleece jackets. Stylish jacket that does not look worn out after half a year’s testing. Ca. 2000 kroner.

Day bag: Osprey Exos is a bag that is so packed with good detail that we almost do not know where to start. The 46-liter weighs less than a kilo and is one of the best on the market – at least as we have tested. Ca. 1800 kroner.

Ripe bag: To the small game owner who does not have everything – yet. Norrøna Hjerkinn sticks off the win, but there are many good on the market. Ca. 1200 kroner.

Carrying Girl: Sherpani Rumba makes sure that children are no obstacle to go on a trip. This can withstand long, heavy trips. Ca. 2400 kroner.

Binoculars: We tested binoculars in the 8×42 category because we think it’s a good allround binoculars for turf. Focus Extreme Series 8 x 42 DCF Waterproof was named test winner among binoculars under 2,000 kroner. Ca. 2000 kroner, but some online stores sell it many dog ​​slips cheaper.

Tursekk: When we tested torsekker in 70-80 liters, there were several good bags that excelled. Norrøna Svalbard Synkron Pack 80 was voted best sack for “normal” wilderness use. Ca. 3800 kroner.

Lightweight leather shoes: Haglöfs Trail 2 Mid GTX was named best leather shoes when we tested lightweight shoes. Very stable and solid. Excellent hiking shoes. Ca. 1600 kroner.

Flux: Guideline LPXe is one of the best flu bars in class five. Easy to throw away, say the testers in Everything about Fishing. Ca. 3200 kroner.

Pulse watch: Polar RS800cx is featured in our test as the best pulse watch we have ever tested. Works with google earth. Ca. 3900 kroner.

Sleeping bag: Ajungilak Kompakt is the test winner among our sleeping bags for spring, summer and autumn. Ca. 1500 kroner.

GPS: The Garmin Oregon 300 is boasted in the clouds by our testing team. Quick, simple and large, delicious display. Ca. 3700 NOK, but we recommend browsing for better prices.

To the little ones

Computer Games: The Indiana Jones game game came out as one of two winners when we tested educational games for children. For more platforms. From approx. 280 kroner , depending on the platform.

Sweepstakes: The Nuk Learner bottle is a fun cup that guarantees stabbing. Favorite for both children and adults. Ca. 100 kroner.

Warm winter boots: Ecco and Eurosko had to share first place when parents and children tested winter shoes. These are good shoes that ensure dry and warm feet. Ca. 800 kroner.

These Christmas presents are best tested

NOT A SLEEP: Nuk Learner Bottle is a very good suction cup. About. 100 kroner. Photo: Petter Berg / HM Foto

Winter dress: Coop Friends is far from the most expensive, but the best winter suit tested by Parents & Children this year. The dress can be washed at 40 degrees, and gets a top score on waterproofness and windproofness. Ca. 550 kroner.

Cool fashion and makeup

Lip Gloss: Helena Rubinstein Wanted Gloss Stellars gives nice volume effect and shine. A favorite in the party bag. Ca. 245 kroner.

Remover Remover: Helena Rubinstein All Mascara! Complete Eye Makeup Remover is effective and removes the makeup easily, it also feels good on the skin. Ca. 255 kroner.

Good drink

Cognac: This x. o. The one from Bache Gabrielsen came best in the last test of the finest cognacs. Ca. 600 kroner.

These Christmas presents are best tested

BEST LIP GLOSS: Helena Rubinstein Wanted Gloss Stellar is a test winner. 245 kroner. Photo: Petter Berg / HM Foto

Champagne: Lanson Gold Label 1998 gross, approx. 400 kroner, came to the top of our last champagne test, together with Dom Perignon 2000 brut, about. 1000 kroner .

Red Wine: Overview of the top 10 bargains on the pole

Port wine: The best portraits

Madeira: See the list of the best from Portugal.

These Christmas presents are best tested

BRA RIESLING: Battenfeld-Spanier Estate Riesling 2008 costs 128 kroner, and is knallgod. Photo: Arnie Stalheim


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