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These are the services we buy help

Before we were able to do it ourselves, now we buy help, gardening and commissioning.

These are the services we buy help

These are the services we buy help

FIX THE MOST: Tycho D. Castberg belongs to the crowd of little helpers who assist homeowners with the small challenges of everyday life. Photo: Tycho D Castberg

These are the services we buy help

How to clean the grill

These are the services we buy help

To wash the shower cubicle

These are the services we buy help

What do you do when it stinks at home?

In the past, we took most of the cleaning ourselves, but in line with the prosperity development and the famous time limit, we buy more and more free of everyday tasks, such as the boring window wash.

– The market has been changing significantly. Earlier, the perception was that there was no need for anything, because either you managed yourself or you had family or friends who helped, but now no longer has time, so you buy the services instead, Tycho D says. Castberg in the company ppa Practical Personal Assistance for Click. no.

– And more and more services are being purchased.

Chest Help

Castberg performs most of the services that do not require a certificate.

– I, among other things, help people to merge things they’ve bought at Ikea, but can not assemble themselves.

40-year-olds with old parents

Castberg says that several of his customers are 40-year-olds with good finances and with old parents they would have helped, but they do not have time to help.

– They say they would love to have helped, but that time clamp makes it difficult, and then they pay me to help their parents instead.


One of the more special missions Castberg has done was to fit a greenhouse with orchids.

– They should be watered once a week, and it should be done at a certain time at 12 noon every Tuesday. I was there every week at the specified time, and the orchids went well.

These are the services we buy help

BUYING GRESS CLIP HELP: More and more buy out of the time limit and pay for lawn trimming. Photo: Illustration photo: Crestock

Gets VISA Card

Mowing, curtain suspension and small repairs are also included in Castberg’s services.

– And then I also do regular grocery purchases, and then I get a Visa card.


Erik Andersen at Alt in Vaktmestertjenester says that there is currently a lot of grass cutting and other gardening.

– We generally do everything possible in operation and maintenance, he says to click. no.

Young saves the lawnmower

Andersen has noted that more and more of the last few years buy services like snowmobiling and lawnmowing.

– And many of them are young people who live in a villa, but who do not want to spend time on such things.

Putting stitches

One of the more special missions they have done was to pick up a larger supply at the Vinmonopolet and run it down in the basement of a private residence.

– The person who ordered us did it because he did not want a Vectura car parked outside. Another time, one of our staff got questions on Christmas Eve if he had a sharp knife in the car. There was an older lady who needed help to cut the stitch.

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