These are the new cleaners

Use these smart tricks the next time you clean.

These are the new cleaners

There is no need for products as you step around between the shelves in the supermarket. There is about a spray like any imaginable stain and manufacturers want you to believe that it will not get clean if you do not buy one product after another.

But many worry about both the cost of this ocean of different cleaning products, and not least the chemical load that you potentially expose and your home if you use all these when cleaning. and Thegoodhuman, one thinks one comes far with natural products when it comes to keeping it clean at home and lists smart ways that can be purely solely using natural products.

The site of the American magazine Real Simple takes the stage even further and believes that the solution to many cleaning and cleaning challenges is often closer than you think. Here are a list of clever tips on how to clean around your house – using things and products you most likely have been lying before.

Uncertain effect

We have not tested the methods so you must test yourself if you agree that the products below may be used in the cleaning process:

Baby Oil

Bring chrome and steel with a little baby oil on a soft cloth to end up with shiny glossy surfaces – without any fat marks and fingerprints.


If you have made lasagna and have burned stains in the oven form, you do not need to soak for hours or scrub with expensive and chemical washing products.. Try this: Curl a small ball of aluminum foil, put on a spray with Zalo and scrub the spots of.

Baking powder

The silverware cleans you well with baking soda. How to do: wash the dishes you want to brush and place them at the bottom of a saucepan, on top of a little aluminum foil. Add a mixture of baking soda, salt and water (30 g baking soda, a couple of teaspoons of salt and enough boiling water to cover the dishes). Leave to dry and wipe off.

Coffee and tea cups with bad marks on the inside will be new if you wash with baking soda. Make a mixture of baking soda and a drop of water, rub the spots and see them disappear.

The bathtub can also be well washed with baking soda to remove stains from soap and hard water. Make a delicious mixture of baking soda and lemon juice and rub out the inside of the bath. Leave to sit for 30 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

Car wax

Polish faucet, sink, tile and even the shower doors with good old-fashioned Turtle Wax. Not only does it get nice and clean, but the adult also puts a protective skin that slows the build-up of lime and soap residues again.

These are the new cleaners

SILVER POWDER AND SMALL CAKE: Baking powder can be used for so many. Photo: Producer

These are the new cleaners

CROSS: Take care of the silverware using good old-fashioned schoolchildren. Photo: Producer

You are doing yourself a favor after washing the cooktop on the stove if you rinse it with a little car wax when finished. Next time you wash, dirt and stain will come off much faster.


Roll a piece of chalk into a handkerchief and put the drawer together with the silverware the next time you unpack it. The chalk must surely absorb moisture, so that the silverware becomes less spotty.

Steam spray for snow removal

To lightly keep the candlesticks free of stearin it may be worthwhile spraying a little frying pan down the candlestick before turning on. When the telescope has burned down and you have to throw it, the stakes will reach 1-2-3.

Another way of cooking can take advantage of you in the snow shooting. Spray some fried sprays on the snow tray before you begin to remove snow from the driveway, and neither ice nor snow will stick to the drawer.

Egg shell for the thermos

Egg shells can be used to clean the inside of bottles and vases. Here’s how to do: Place pieces of crushed eggshell in the bottle or vase, fill with warm water and a drop of detergent. Shake well. The bites will scratch off dirt and dirt on the inside of the vase – even down to the bottom where you just had not come up with the diet.

Nail file

These are the new cleaners

AMAZING, BUT TRUE: Did you know that eggshell can be used to clean vases? No? Now you do it. Photo: Producer

Have you got small marks on your favorite booty pads or puff in suede skins? Do not despair, rub carefully with a nail file and the stain will disappear.

Lemon peel

If you have ugly brown spots on the inside of your favorite coffee cup, you can easily remove these by rubing them with some lemon peel you have dipped in some sea salt.

Does it smell bad in the garbage pan? Next time you have been out of the garbage bag, rub the inside of the garbage pan with lemon peel.

Cotton pin to the keyboard

These are the new cleaners

SMART SMALL: Did you know cotton swabs are great for cleaning your computer keyboard? Photo: Producer

Cotton spinning cleans not only the dirty ears, but can also be a great help for the keyboard until your computer has seen better days. Turn off the computer and disconnect the keyboard, then dip a cotton swab into warm water with a little vinegar and wash between all the knots, stitches and hooks.


Is the white cloth no longer Blenda-white? Hah! You do not need Blenda, just a few drops of lemon juice in the laundry and the white cloth comes out freshly washed, whiter and delicious fragrant of lemon.

Remove food stains from wood chips or wood chips by rubing half a lemon over the stain. Feel free to squeeze some lemon juice and leave the stain for a few minutes before rinsing for best results.

Electronic toothbrush for joints

Everyone with tiles knows how difficult it can be to clean the joints properly. If you have an old electric toothbrush, it can be used to scrub the joints.

These are the new cleaners

NOT TO GRAY: Rice can be used for more than food. Photo: Producer


Stains in the bottom of the flower vase can be difficult to reach with the dish brush. But do not worry, you’ll fix this fast with some rice. Fill the vial with soapy water and add rice, grate and rinse in running water.


If you have received a mark on furniture or flooring, it can help rub over with a cotton swab. Always remember to test on a small visible area first.


If you have scratches or marks on wooden furniture, it can help polish with shoe polish in color that matches.

Roller Roller Dust

Remove dust from the lampshades using a rolling roller. Roll both on the inside and outside as well as you come to. Vips will be nice and clean.

These are the new cleaners

MULTI TUNER: This can be used for many cleaning purposes in the house. Photo: Producer


Vinegar is a real multi artist in the home, and can be used for so many cleaning purposes, such as window wash and to remove bad odors. Do you have sliced ​​fries or other smells of onions and other strong smelling foods, rub with a little vinegar and salt.


Remove dust and dirt between the keys on the keyboard by rubbed a tape between them. The dust sticks to the tape and away from the keyboard.

Coffee filter

Stains on the computer screen or the TV? Rub with coffee filter, which also includes dust and dirt.

Need the mirror a sink also do this quickly with the help of coffee filter for a smooth result.

Laundry bag

Many washing underwear and other delicate items in the washing bag in the washing machine, but did you know that these also work perfectly in the dishwasher? Keep track of small Tupperware containers, baby socks or bottles by washing them inside a laundry bag.


Puss copper pans with mixture made of vinegar, salt and flour. Apply with a soft cloth, rinse and dry.

Ketchup for copper

Copper gets its great color if you polish it, believe it or not, ketchup. Apply with a soft cloth, let it sit for a few minutes, rinse off with warm water and wipe with a towel.

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