Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

Finally, Norwegians are ready for a more colorful life again. This makes the colors with you.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

Looking through both interior blogs and magazines dedicated to homes and homes, there is little doubt that there are largely neutral colors at Ola Nordmann’s home. White dominates, often when it comes to both walls and also on interior like furniture and kitchen furnishings.

But after many years when the closest color came to the interior was coffee latte and magnolia, experts say that Norwegians will finally feel more daring and personal in terms of color choices at home.

Norwegians are happy in color

Although Scandinavian interiors are characterized internationally by its bright and airy feel, a large survey conducted by Norstat for Fargerike shows that Norwegians in general are both happy in color and want more colorful surroundings at home.

– Historians have a strong relationship with color, explains creative leader in the interior chain, Fargerike, Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth, to Bonytt.

As a nation we have always been very happy in color so the last ten years have actually been quite atypical with such a great focus on white, beige, gray and other neutral tones.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

HAPPY COLORS: Now experts believe that we will again embrace colors at home. Photo: Rue / Housetohome. co. uk

However, the color expert believes that Norwegians will now long to lengthen the color of life again.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

COLORED: Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth believes that Norwegians will embrace colors in the future. Photo: Colorful

– In our survey, as 1000 respondents from all over the country have responded, it actually appears that Norwegians love colors, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

– What is strange then is that most people have chosen to surround themselves with the colors they, according to the survey, like the least and make them less happy.

For when we decorate, Norwegians have not taken into account their love for colors in the past 10 years, but mostly decorated with white and beige.

But it smears under the surface.

– 1 out of 5 under 30 years, according to the survey, uses more colors in their homes today than five years ago, Thurmann-Hoelseth points out.

– Something consistent with our experience in stores, as well as forecasts from trend agencies. Norwegians want to return to their colors, and the atmosphere and cosiness they create.

Colors affect our feelings

There is no doubt that colors do something about us and that both mood and state of mind are affected by the colors we surround ourselves with.

– Colors not only affect mood but also have something to say for both behavior, body temperature and appearance, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

For example, this responded to the respondents in the Fargerike survey when asked what feelings they associate with the following colors:

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

GO FOR GREEN: This color can fit in most rooms. Photo: Ideal Home / Manufacturers

Black: Care, sad, depression

Gray: Dull, sad message

Beige: Dull, calm, sadness

White: Peaceful, cold, sorrow

Blue: calm, comfortable, joy

Red: Love, heat, danger

Yellow: False, joy, warm

Green: Hope, calm, optimism

Purple: Joy, excitement, creativity

Color, according to the American interior brand Freshome, also has a strong historical connection.

– For example, dark green was associated with money and banking, explains the website.

– While colors like blue and purple are historically linked to kings and royals. Hence the color Royal Blue (Royal Blue).

How to influence the colors

Color Designer Language Henningsen at Akzo Nobel also believes that Norwegians will in the months to come dare more when it comes to color at home.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

GET IN COLOR: Colors can affect both mood, appetite and sex life. This is what you do. Photo: Domino / Real Living

When brushing home, it’s important to not only understand how the colors work together and want to get out on the wall, but also what they have to say for you and your mood, explains the color expert to Bonytt. no.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

“THAT IS ONE RED WALL”: Even Mr. Big tried to spit up his bedroom with a new color on the wall. Photo: Filmweb

– Clearly, it’s important that the color you choose will fit the carpet and curtains, but before choosing, you should also know what the color gives you.

Henningsen proposes to be inspired by trends, but ultimately do not let them decide the election.

– It’s your home, you have to live with colors that are positive and good for you.

1. Red

Red is the strongest color in the circle of colors. The color gives good energy and is also connected with love and sexuality.

Researchers at Cornell University have claimed that red can provoke uncomfortable feelings of anger and aggression, in addition, studies have shown that our heart rate may increase in red spaces.

Henningsen also believes that he brings emotions into the room.

– Are you angry, maybe a red room might reinforce this, explains the color designer.

– While you’re upset, you may not notice the red color, but rather move to another place.

2. Blue

According to Fargerike’s survey, Blue is the favorite color for women and men in all parts of the country.

– Blue is the color perceived as most attractive of both sexes, both here in Norway and globally, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

COLOR SPEAK: Learn what the colors can do for you before painting. Photo: Thinkstockphotos

– We like best happy colors like red, blue, green, and purple. These are all positive colors, which give associations to feelings like sun, warmth, love and energy.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

REASONING: Blue lowers blood pressure. Photo: Living Etc / Housetohome. co. uk

Blue lowers blood pressure, breath and heart rate, and therefore obviously a soothing color. Many people choose this color in the bedroom for just this reason.

But beware; Bright blue tones can quickly be perceived as cold. And one should also think about before painting the dining room blue.

– Blue lowers appetite, and, depending on the target, should therefore be considered before choosing the areas you eat in, explains the color expert.

– Blue is a slightly more formal color than green, and is often associated with royal and conservative views of life.

Indigo was chosen for the year’s color for 2013 by Akzo Nobel.

3. Purple

A British survey conducted by the Littlewoods store chain recently showed that people with small walls in the bedroom have sex more often than those with other colors on the wall.

– Purple stimulates the brain to crave for more sex, explains Littlewood’s interior expert and TV personality, Laurence Llewely-Bowen, about the survey where 2000 people were asked about bedroom color and sex life.

– I have tried to explain to customers for several years that a gray bedroom leads to a gray sex life.

Thurmann-Hoelseth explains that for Fargerike’s customers, purple is the most popular color for women. And also think the color is a good choice if you want more action in the bedroom.

– Research has shown that purple is the best choice if you want more play in the bed bowl.

Warm shades of purple invite to play and creativity, while the cooler shades are soothing and relaxing.

Purple was recently chosen for Color of the Year at Fargerike.

– Shades of purple have been popular in Norway over the past five years, and for good reason, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

– Purple is a color to be fond of, it has a strong message. Research shows that the color is creative, energetic, spiritual and calming, extravagant, definite and future.

4. Orange

Orange is a positive color, which can give emotional strength, and is social.

– The color also stimulates the appetite, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

– The color colors can be used in social areas, while the showers shades of pink are good for bedrooms.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

SEXY: Purple is the color that makes us feel the most sexy. Photo: Living Etc.

5. Yellow

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

Here are the hottest colors of the year

Yellow is the color of the sun and the strongest color-psychological color. It has a strong positive impact on us according to the experts.

Yellow is both enthusiastic and joyful, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

– The color is important in small doses, but should be avoided in larger, at least in its strongest form, not distinctive color, while the showers are beautiful for both wall and ceiling.

Yellow flares and can make it difficult to sleep if you paint this color in the bedroom.

– On the wall will be gorgeous, explains color manager Lisbeth Larsen at Jotun to Bonytt. no.

– It’s a welcoming color that will give both you and guests a boost when you enter the door.

But beware:

Studies have shown that there is a greater chance of losing control and getting angry in yellow spaces, explains the interior brand website

And not enough.

– Babies cry more and more in yellow rooms than in rooms painted in other colors.

The website justifies this because yellow can, at large doses, cause a sense of frustration.

6. Pink

Pink is a color that is right in the wind at the moment.

– Both pink and purple are extremely good bedroom colors, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

– And relax; It does not have to be overwhelmingly feminine even if you use these colors, which are initially perceived as “girls”.

The color expert recommends the colors Cherry Blossom (FR1113) and the more dusty Tel Aviv (FR1001) if you want to try out with pink at home.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

ENERGY: Is it a color that really makes us sew energy, it’s just orange. Photo: Real Living

7. Peach and powder tones

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

Renew the Ikea furniture

Here’s the color that makes you both feel and look more beautiful.

– Peach and powder tones are perceived as soft and warm, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

Therefore, people prefer wearing rooms with this color. You also get more dull and social of these tones.

The color expert explains that the colors are flattering on skin tones.

– Brunettes dress pudding tones especially well and make you look extra beautiful.

8. Green

Green signals calm, equilibrium and balance. It is nature’s own color and provides recreation and rest. According to experts, green is considered a pleasant color that can have calming effects.

– Green is also a good and neutral color for your eyes, and can help to stress you down, “explains Thurmann-Hoelseth..

Henningsen agrees:

– Green represents forest, land and nature, and makes us immediately more relaxed.

Green can be used in any room.

Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

PUDDER: This color makes you feel more beautiful. Photo: Colorful

9. White

Of all the colors, white is the one that has the least impact on mood and state of mind.

– This is because white is considered a passive “no color”, explains the Freshome website.

The color feels clean, but can be perceived as cold.

10. Beige

Beige, in the same way as white, does not have the great influence on mood and mind.

– The color is neutral and is considered quite conservative, explains Thurmann-Hoelseth.

– The name beige comes from “beige cloth” or untreated cotton.

The color expert explains that beige can have an impact on your appetite.

– Dark beige tones make you hungry.

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Therefore you want more sex in the room to the left

COLOR THERAPY: Colors do something about both mood and psyche. Photo: Colorful


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