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Therefore, you should talk to your neighbor before your home purchase

Especially if you plan to move to Nordstrand.

Therefore, you should talk to your neighbor before your home purchase

Although the house and the plot seem to be perfect, relations with the environment can quickly become something completely different.

Talking to the neighbor can be a good investment because the details the neighbors come up with about neighborhoods and surroundings can be hard to get anywhere else. These can be important facts that may help you decide whether to buy or not.

Set up points

After many years in the industry, Director of Postbanken Eiendom, Terje Buraas, has raised some thoughts about this.

– I would advise you to set up some points; What is important to you and your family? This may for example be:

  • Distance to some recreational activity
  • Wildlife and fauna. If one of the children is hyperallergic to eg birch – there is a lot of birch in the local area
  • Noise from night outings
  • A family shift job – What about noise during the day?
  • How is the social context in the neighborhood. Are you sliding down the doors to each other? Do you mind?

– Another control question may be: What is the reason why you and your family choose to live here, says Buraas.

Attorney Carl Bjurstrøm from Housing Advisor. No also has a lot of advice on what to ask your prospective new neighbors about:


  • Know the neighbor where the boundaries of the properties are going?
  • How is the relationship between the neighbor and the seller? Do they have a good relationship?
  • How is the relationship between the various neighbors in the neighborhood?

– Some neighborhoods are more arduous than others. This is especially true of neighborhoods where many new homes have been built in recent years, as well as neighborhoods where the houses are high in price. Examples of such neighborhoods are Nordstrand and Holmenkollen, says Bjurstrøm to

There is always a reason why people sell their homes, and planned – and perhaps unwanted – development in the neighborhood can be one of them.

It’s boring to buy a new home and then get a new building on the plot in front of it that blocks all views or changes the neighborhood’s feelings significantly, explains the lawyer..

You should also investigate how it is with parking in the neighborhood. This is especially true if you do not have your own garage / driveway where you can park. Do the neighbors accept that you park on the road outside the site?

– What if you need to park one hangs on the road outside the home for a long time – is this something the neighbors are going to have a problem with? Where can your guests park when you need a company?

Relevant laws are the Neighborhood Act and the Neighborhood Code.

Cooper / property

In housing companies and unions there are several things to add to the list.

For example, do you keep annual diligence, or have you rented someone in charge of maintenance of common areas? “asks Bjurstrøm.

General maintenance may also be inadequate.

– Examples of this may be to upgrade the electrical plant or make major repairs on external surfaces, says Bjustrøm.

  • It is particularly important to investigate whether the operation of the housing cooperative / cooperative works satisfactorily
  • Is there a lot of wrangling inside the housing team / community?
  • How does the board work?
  • How does the housing maintenance / joint venture work?
  • Does the housing team / community stand in front of major improvements or upgrades that will cost a lot of money?

Housing laws are governed by the corporation law act. Sectional unions are governed by the Ownership Act.


In Norway we have many twin-family homes, but this is a scheme that can lead to major conflicts.

– We know that there is a lot of arguing between owners of both semi-detached houses and four-person houses. An example could be a four-man residence where three out of four owners want to remove a very wood that is on the plot to get more sunlight in the garden while the last owner wants to keep the tree as it blocks for access to his apartment, says Bjurstrøm.

The problem with two-and four-man housing is that they are often sectioned, but not all of the rules in the ownership section apply to such circumstances. .

– Just because of this kind of ownership can be legally difficult. You almost become like a big family, where you simply have to try to reach agreement on the decisions that need to be taken. What to do if one suddenly wants to paint the house in a different color? Or make other significant changes on the house’s frontage, ask the lawyer.

– It would be especially important for you to talk together and have an open dialogue about the conflicts you can encounter on the road.

Furthermore, Bjurstrøm points out the importance of greeting the neighbor before buying a semi-detached house.

Some of the rules in the Ownership Act will apply to two-and four-person housing.

The tactics go both ways

Terje Buraas states that the neighbors themselves can also be tactical.

– I have experienced a neighbor who did not like children, so that there was a large children’s family on display and wanted to prevent them from buying the property. The neighbor contacted the children’s family and made the most incredible stories about how bad the environment in the area was.

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