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Therefore, you should prioritize this in your new apartment

You can save money by doing some of the upgrades yourself.

New apartment projects are constantly being built, and many think it’s both safe and comfortable to buy something completely new. No one has lived in the apartment before and the standard is generally high.

However, when you buy a new apartment, the closing price will not necessarily be the price stated in the prospect. The apartments come with a standard standard solution, with the option of upgrading or modifying solutions using options. Are you handy, or do you have a tight budget to deal with, can any of the opt-in solutions be upgraded on your own?.

Different Categories

Selvaag Bolig has considered this issue and standardized three types of housing in different categories: Selvaag Start, a home that gives you a good start in the housing market. Selvaag Home, for you who want a home for life. And Selvaag Plus, which is the option for those who want high standards and a simpler working day. All of these homes come with a standard upgradeable upgrade.

– By having three different categories, everyone can find something that suits their needs, says sales manager Petter Mamen-Lund from Selvaag to bonytt. no. All accommodation is delivered to a good standard, which you can move right into. The plots have a slightly higher standard on the floor and kitchen than the homes. Home homes have left a little higher standard than Start the homes. If you want to upgrade something, the options will be more in the more expensive categories, tailored to what we expect the plus customer to upgrade with.

Therefore, you should prioritize this in your new apartment

DOWNLIGHTS: Elpunker and downlights are some of the things you should order as an option. Photo: Inger Mette Meling Dietary Diet

Look at the whole

What options will it give priority to? And which ones do you prefer drop?

Mamen-Lund emphasizes that one must look at the whole of a new apartment compared to an old one. A new apartment will have better insulation, doors and windows than an old apartment. And the standard floor of a new Start Residence would have been characterized as a new high quality floor in a regular, used apartment.

– Should you choose to prioritize something, I would like to say tile in bathrooms, extra kitchens, downlights and possibly upgrading of floors, says Mamen-Lund. The standard floors are fine, so it’s not necessarily something that has to be changed. Kitchen suppliers have their own, good package prices for home appliances that are often not found in the store. In addition, suppliers can offer series that can not be purchased in the major electricity warehouses. But you can of course go on sale at Elkjøp and Expert and get affordable solutions that you put in yourself.

You can do a lot of yourself

Therefore, you should prioritize this in your new apartment

WHITE PRODUCTS: If you buy home appliances, you will not be charged by the kitchen vendor. At the same time you can order kitchen packages with series you may not get in touch with the big electricity department stores as an option. Photo: Producer

Stian Pøhner, real estate agent in Nordvik & Partners, owns three apartments that were new projects. He therefore has good experience in the field, and he points out that options may become an expensive affair.

– New project apartments come largely with a fairly simple standard, which most people will do something about, he explains to bonytt. no. What and how much you want to upgrade, of course, depends on what stage you are in life and what kind of budget you have. However, having owned three new apartments, I have made some valuable experiences. It should also be borne in mind that there will nevertheless be an option to make changes.

This should be your priority

Pøhner has a clear idea of ​​what pays to order from the developer and what to do. Here are his tips:

Floor: If you want a floor other than the standard solution, you should select this as an option. It’s tricky because of subcategories and lists. It will be a bit of a job to tear up all the new ones and lay the floor itself.

Power points: Make sure there are enough points in the home. The electrical outlet on the balcony is a good tip, it does not follow.

Downlights: Generally, you should add some money to the electrical. This is difficult to change as there are often hidden solutions.

Wall tiles bathroom: Floor tiles can be tiled on tile, but wall tiles are harder to lay even because of cabinets, switches and other décor.

Do this yourself

Change Wall Color: There is no point to choose another color from the developer. Walls you can perfectly paint yourself. Moreover, color selection is difficult since it can change a lot from the light. In fact, one should take spot tests on the wall.

Home Appliances: Buy home appliances even at big electricity warehouses, so you will not be charged by the kitchen vendor.

Kitchen: Select the standard kitchen and upgrade it yourself by changing the worktop or fronts. That has been done by Pøhner, and he thinks it can pay off. Optionally select the standard kitchen and replace the entire kitchen.

Floor Tiles. In the bathroom you can tile the tile on the floor. Then you do not have to be bound to the developer’s supplier, and can choose tiles freely.

Bathroom fittings: This is the same as in the kitchen. Select default and upgrade yourself.

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Therefore, you should prioritize this in your new apartment

UPDATE THE KITCHEN SELF: The real estate agent believes it may be smart to upgrade the kitchen itself, rather than through the developer. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

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