Therefore, you should cut the garden like Morten

This makes the trees the healthiest and the fruit the best.

Therefore, you should cut the garden like Morten

Looking for instructions on how to crop the fruit trees, the chores tell you pretty much the same: Pruning should be done in late winter or late summer. However, much indicates that time is ripe for gaining new knowledge in the area. Gartner and self-titled plant husband Morten Bragdø from Randesund nursery believes we must reject the old knowledge, and start to crop the fruit trees in the summer instead.

– Norwegians must forget everything they have learned earlier about the time of harvest. Shrubs and trees should be pruned in summer, not in February and March. It’s boring to have been wrong, but the most important thing is that this is best for the plants.

This is good news for you who have not been used to trim the trees this year. You are advised to still spend some months – until after flowering.

– All pruning applies to the tree wound surfaces. If you crop during the growing season, the wound will hurt itself within a short period of time, thus significantly fewer harmful mushrooms and other pathogens will enter the wound. By crop in the summer you get better fruit, healthier trees and you avoid diseases on the plants, says Bragdø.

Therefore, you should cut the garden like Morten

WANT TO CHANGE GENERAL PROTECTION: Morten Bragdø at Randesund Planteskole believes that Norwegian gardeners should change practice. Photo: Randesund nursery school

– How have you been wrong for so many years?

Therefore, you should cut the garden like Morten

The Worst Habbas

– I think it is due to taking into account its own needs, not the plant’s. In the late winter there was not much else to do, and then it would be good to get the cropping done. But it is not the case that there are catastrophic consequences if you follow the old councils.

– When is the best time for pruning?

– June, after flowering and when you see the freaks. Then you can take away the branches that shadow the fruit while thinning the fruit. This way the fruit is also the best.

– Why does this knowledge come first now?

– Professional fruit growers are really in this knowledge. But they have a different relation to trees than gardeners should have. Fruit growers have an exploitation perspective. For them it is important to drive a lot of fruit, not to create beautiful trees. They constantly assess the risk against labor costs and, if something is to be infected, may lead to an additional use of gift spraying. Then it’s no big deal if you crop in late winter, says Bragdø.

– What about the established advice to prune stone fruit like plum and morello after harvest?

Therefore, you should cut the garden like Morten

OLD PRACTICE: Established advice goes on cutting apple trees in late winter. Photo: Niklas Heart

– They still apply. But this applies to the areas of the country where these mature early enough to happen before mid September here with us and even earlier in cooler areas. Then the last plums are many places for the tendons to form wound tissue after harvesting. What I want to point out is that even for the stone fruit it is important that you also thin in June. And in the summertime it’s all for everyone to remove the leaf and small branches that shadow the fruit, says Bragdø to Klik Bolig.

Therefore, you should cut the garden like Morten

The garden yard in April

– Important to acquire new knowledge

Gardeners Click Property has been in contact with seem Bragdø’s advice about summer pruning sounds sensible. Gartner Per Kristiansen in BoGrønt Rom Hagemijø has even recommended to crop either late winter or late summer. But he has no objections to the new councils.

– This is good advice. There are many benefits to crop in the summer. Then you also avoid all the whips, that is, the new shoots pointing upwards and coming around the incisions. The advice on autumn and spring pruning is left from old school. It is important to acquire new knowledge, but it is not correct to say that we have made mistakes. These advice should be supplementary. Therefore, the recommendation to crop in the summer is good news for gardeners.

– When should you definitely leave the crop sack?

– Do not prune before flowering, during the period when the calf says in the tree. Then the tree will bleed and it can be harmful. The problem is that people are getting up late. If you do not plan to crop before sevya rises, it is better to wait until after the bloom, Kristiansen says to Klik Bolig.

Therefore, you should cut the garden like Morten

THIN GRANES ABOUT SUMMER: June is a good time to thin branches and release more light into the fruit. Photo: Crestock

Supported by Researcher

Therefore, you should cut the garden like Morten

Marijoons you should love

Senior researcher at Bioforsk, Mekjell Meland, supports the advice to crop in the summer. Meland confirms that the tips on summer crops are well-known in the fruit growing industry. However, the advice is rarely practiced.

– It is not practically feasible for a fruit grower. Summer months are hectic, so it’s more efficient for professionals to perform the crop in late winter. For a hobbyist or gardener, summer is a good time.

However, Meland does not agree that one should forget what previously learned about pruning time.

– In principle, you can crop all year, even several times during the same year. The important thing is that the tree has time to play the wounds.

The Fruit Researcher is of the opinion that one should look at the weather than on the calendar before moving out into the garden with the pruning axis.

– Avoid croping when it is rough weather. This increases the risk of the wound being infected. Wait until it gets drier in the weather. Then the wound area will not become moist, and then the risk of infection will be less, says Meland.

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