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Therefore, you should clean the laundry

It is perhaps the most precious thing we have in the house. Nevertheless, there are very few who wash it regularly.

Therefore, you should clean the laundry

To scrub bacteria inside the toilet, the toilet brush is an important and effective tool.

Toilet brush is something most of us stand in the bathroom, and this effective and handy cleaning tool is an absolute necessity when it comes to removing bacteria and impurities that end up inside the toilet bowl.

But even though this is actually the cleaning tool used for the worst of the nasty in domestic wipes, very few of us are replacing it after a long time.

Good hygiene in the bathroom is most concerned with.

Among other things, the challenge of keeping the toilet bowl is a theme in many homes. But how do you keep clean what you need to keep clean?

The toilet brush easily becomes a bacterial collector if it is not kept clean.

Millions of bacteria

Most people are so concerned with cleanliness and hygiene that regular toilet / bathroom wash has become a routine.

Well, for example, did you know that your toilet bowl could contain 3.2 million bacteria per six and a half square centimeter?

Pulling down after you have been to the toilet can also send tiny drops of urine, stool and toilet water over the seat, and these particles / drops can actually sprinkle over the seat, the sides of the cabbage, the bathroom floor and the walls.

That’s why it’s worth paving down the box before you pull down. These small drops and bacteria can also end up on your daisy, if you do not lay down the dolokket. Another reason why you should clean it a little more.

Replace as needed

Leader for consumer services at Lilleborg, Malin Skaar, believes that the doc should be changed as needed, and that it is therefore difficult to say any definite time for this.

– You can avoid having to change it as often if you’re good at cleaning it . This can be done by washing the handle well and then leaving the part with the diet in a chlorine mixture (cold water and chlorine) for about 10 minutes. Then rinse well with water.

– As the diet no longer looks pretty despite this treatment, it may be a good idea to buy new, available scissors.

Avoid resistant bacteria

Therefore, you should clean the laundry

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The daily leader in Active Cleaning, Johnny Nilsen, explains to how often you should change your dobble is very individual compared to how many you are in the household and the like.

For washing the brush brush, Nilsen recommends using chlorine or other bactericidal chemicals.

It would also be good to switch between basic and alkaline cleaners at regular intervals to prevent build-up of resistant bacteria in the toilet.

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