Therefore you should buy the home used

The benefits of buying the home used.

Benefits of used housing

Lower price

In most cases, a used home will cost less than a new one and you get a lot of space for your money. Do not forget to include the cost of remedies when you count on the options.


Used homes are often more central, and in established neighborhoods close to the services. In a newly established construction area, the environment must be built up.

Dreaming Area

Older homes often have bigger land, and are usually built with garden. Older neighborhoods usually have less building density and more “air” between the houses.

House with “soul”

Although both houses and gardens have seen their best days, one can see more enthusiastic about the extensive restoration of older homes.

Own Effort

Rehabilitation of used housing opens a large amount of self-effort, and it is possible to spread the projects over time. The downside is that you are going on a “construction site” for several years. Be critical of what you do yourself and what professionals should perform.

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Obviously there are advantages to buying a flickering new home, but there are also many advantages to buying the home used. The market is bigger and you are more likely to get more value than if you buy a home on a prospect.

Buying a used property, you are often moving to an established neighborhood, and for years do not work with building work around the property. In addition, used homes often have bigger land and more developed gardens.

Larger Market

The benefits of buying used homes are that there is much more to choose from. The market is substantially larger. You also get cheaper homes.

– Availability is also better. You get the property quickly and you have the opportunity to buy and sell in the same market. For many, this will be felt safer, “says Christian Vammervold Dreyer, Managing Director of Eiendom Norge.

He emphasizes that there are pros and cons both with new and used housing, and that it is therefore difficult to recommend one rather than the other.

Buying a used home is likely to be the property’s wear and it is reflected in lower prices.

– That’s how it must be, Dreyer states.

Location is essential

– Nevertheless, it is not always that prices are lower for used homes, although it should basically be. Here is the location that is recording. The location of the property is what creates the greatest value. A used property in a very good location would be more expensive than a new home in a less popular area.

Many people want to live in a special place, and usually offer the standard and number of square meters in favor of the right location. This is especially true of families with children who are concerned that the home will be in a special school district. For these, the location becomes overwhelming everything else.

– Many think so, confirms the director.

Risk of Tearing

While a used home is a used residence. This may indicate errors and omissions.

Therefore you should buy the home used

EMERGENCY ECONOMICS EXPERIENCE: Christian Vammervold Dreyer, Managing Director of Property Norway. Photo: Property Norway.

– It is likely that there is a wear on the property and it is reflected in lower prices. There is a risk you must take.

For others, it’s less important where we live. For example, the accommodation is spacious and has a good standard.

– What matters most is a trade-off each individual takes. You simply have to figure out how much housing you get for the money, “says Dreyer.

Attractive Refurbishments

Moving into a used home, you have a greater opportunity to put your own feel on the home. Norwegians are at the top of the world and many are wanted for renovation.

– For some, new buildings are dull and sterile and impossible to put their own feel on. For them, perhaps the crazy old renovation project is just what they need to realize themselves and maintain their practical skills. Or maybe someone likes to live in the old house to show some non-material values, “says Oddvar Skjæveland, Senior Vice President of Space Space Architecture Psychology.

He is an educated organizational psychologist with doctorate in environmental psychology from the University of Bergen and the University of Gothenburg.

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Therefore you should buy the home used

CLEANING: Some refurbishment you must expect if you buy the home. Photo: Getty Images.

Not relevant for further sales

If you invest in a refurbishment and you have the chance to carry out a refurbishment yourself, this is something you can be proud of.

Therefore you should buy the home used

ARCHITECTURAL ORGANICOLOGY: Oddvar Skjæveland, Academic Leader in Intermediate Architecture Psychology. Photo: Intermediate architecture psychology.

– The experience of living qualities and a good living environment is the combination of physical and individual factors, “explains Oddvar Skjæveland..

With regard to further sales, there is no big difference between new and used housing.

– Experience shows little difference. The technical condition of the property is also important for resale, so even if you buy a more expensive property often buying a more expensive property, it will also be higher in price than many older homes, “says Dreyer..

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