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Therefore, you should buy a cottage now

The square meter price for holiday homes increased by 7 per cent in 2009, and the number of holiday homes sold during the year increased by 25 per cent. Kvitfjell is on top.

Therefore, you should buy a cottage now

Buy what you want, my advice, because you do not buy a cottage to sell again

Eff (Real Estate Brokerage Association) today announced the latest figures for price developments in the cabin market.

The survey figures are obtained from the analysis agency TNS Gallup on behalf of Eff and FINN.

It shows price developments from 2003 to 2009, with particular focus on developments in 2009.

Cabins have not become cheaper. The square meter price of holiday homes increased by 7 per cent in 2009, and the number of holiday homes sold during the year increased by 25 per cent.

– The market is recovering after the downturn in 2008. However, the variations are high. Some areas have a negative growth in square meters, while others are experiencing significant growth, “said Torbjørn Ek, deputy head of the Real Estate Agency Association (Eff).

– It is also worth noting that the market is characterized by sobriety. Buyers spend time and make informed choices, “says Torbjørn Ek.

Also at Finn.no, they notice a positive trend among people interested in cabin.

– Yes, interest is getting bigger. We had 16 per cent more users under holiday homes for sale in 2009 than in the previous year. The number of published advertisements was also almost on par with the record year 2007, “said Lars Vangen Jordet, CEO of FINN Real Estate. >


The square meter price in the holiday homes market increased by 7 per cent, from 18,270 kr. to $ 19,646, on average for the whole country.

However, adjusted for inflation, it is still 3.9 percent lower than in 2007.

– The growth is due to the fact that we were far down in 2008, “I say to click.no. – People are more thoughtful and think more about their purchase, he continues.

Do not waste money

It’s not like in 2006 when it crossed the shaft. “We see fewer of the extreme outcomes,” says Ek, and believes the explanation lies with consumer habits.

– It is not a status to show that you have a lot of money anymore. The string is stretched only properly, and not too far, he explains, drawing parallels to the housing market that also experiences a controlled soberness.

Kvitfjell on top

The strongest growth in square meter prices is in Kvitfjell by 28 percent and in Oppdal and Gol by 18 percent.

On average, a holiday home in the mountains in 2009 cost NOK 1,684,000, an increase from NOK 1,601,000 in 2008.

– Why is Kvitfjell at the price peak now?

– There is something to do with new projects in which it is an expansion area, says Torbjørn Ek. – Prices are getting higher when there are so many new projects, he explains.

Broker in DnBNor Oppland, Kathrine Rosenvinge, also explains the rise in Kvitfjell with the new projects. She also draws on the good journey from Oslo, and the good Kvitfjell ski resort, as other possible reasons for price inflation.

Cabins in height are most valuable

It is also a distinctive feature that the higher they are above the sea, the more expensive they are. Housing located more than 800 m.o.h cost an average of 1 992 000 kr. Below 600 m.o.h the average price is 1 303 000 kr.

Buy a cabin when you want

– Should you wait for the cottage purchase or turn it on today?

– I do not think people will wait, says Kathrine Rosenvinge in Oppland. – Regular cabins in the medium-rate team are in price and will always have a value, she says to click.no.

– It never gets awesome when it’s popular, emphasizes the real estate agent.

Torbjørn Ek in Eff agrees with the reasoning.

Asking questions about where it’s smart to buy, says the broker:

Buy what you want my advice, because you do not buy a cottage to sell again.

– Should you buy something that can be traded, you must choose a property that is broken, explains Ek. – It’s not that you can buy cheap and sell expensive, he emphasizes.

He mentions that easy access by road to the cabin, and that electricity and water are inputted, is usually standard now, and has a lot of excuses.

A cabin without power is for those interested, I think.

Now there are people who can not ignite the fireplace once, says the broker to click.no.

See more things about the cabin market below.

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