Therefore you must have angle grinders

Angle grinder can be used almost to anything, and on battery it can be used anywhere.

Therefore you must have angle grinders

Testers: Odd Jørgensen and Ozzy Ergun Photo: Øivind Lie

Therefore you must have angle grinders

Metabo: Dual battery pack Photo: Øivind Lie

Therefore you must have angle grinders

Milwaukee: Toolless Adjustment of the Cover Photo: Øivind Lie

Therefore you must have angle grinders

How to repair the tool

Therefore you must have angle grinders

To ruin your drill

Therefore you must have angle grinders

Råsterk test wins with short charging time

In the past, we tested trials, circles, and other tools that make the snow ring effective.

Now the trip has come to the tool that can be used for almost everything: Here you can hang on tools for metalworking, woodworking and woodworking.

In addition to finding the best angle grinder, we wanted to find out if this is a tool that works well as a battery.

Strength and precision

A good angle grinder has a good balance between strength and precision.

It means that it’s going to be strong enough for heavy pussy and kaye bobs, while you should be able to do fine, accurate cuts.

It must also have a useful long battery life, as well as short charging time.

This balance and useful life is what we have emphasized most in the test. Beyond that we have considered usability.

Then we talk about things like grip, balance, weight, switch operation, tool change and cover adjustment.

Good machines

This comparison is made within rechargeable grinders, and all the machines come from manufacturers who know what they are doing.

This means that a poor grade in this test does not mean that there is a bad machine if compared with angle grinders in general.


Should we say something about the differences here are Hitachi and Makita machines that are powerful enough for hard work, while being precise to work with.

Bosch and Metabo are rugged, with stronger engines that are good at heavy jobs, not so good at precise cutting.

Milwaukee does not stand out on capacity or service life, while Panasonic probably had a completely different location with 18V technology.


The test was done by Odd Jørgensen and Ozzy Ergun, both experienced welders and plate workers at Kro Production in Oslo.

These guys were basically skeptical about angle grinders on battery. Do you have enough power and is your life long enough?

The skepticism was quickly reversed. These are machines that are ideal for small operations.

Of course, they can be taken to places without power. Without wire, they become extra handsome in tight places or on complicated cut jobs where the wire gets in the way.

Buying only the tool body, without battery and charger, these machines have a much lower price. Then they become fast competitive with wire grinders if you already have 18V tools from one of these manufacturers.

Our tests have used the machines a little week for cutting and brushing.

After we have tested working time, we have cut into 2 mm stainless steel with 1 mm cutting disc. The pad is made with flap disc on steel plate.

In this table you can compare:

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