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Therefore you are cursed on your neighbor

We are at the European Summit when it comes to arguing with the neighbor. And it’s probably not just the tree that is due.

Therefore you are cursed on your neighbor

Most people have occasionally annoyed their neighbor. Early music for the late night hours, trees shining for the evening sun, the neighbor’s dog who makes in your garden. The list is long over things we Norwegians get pissed upon when it comes to the neighbor.

In a 2010 survey conducted by Norstat on behalf of Selvaag Bolig, 36 reports. 000 Norwegians that poor neighborhoods one the main reason to move.

The different conflicts

Carl Bjurstrøm is a lawyer at Kraft Advokatfirma AS. In cooperation with Housing Advisor. No, he says that there are many conflicts between neighbors in Norway today.

– The disagreements often deal with hedges, fences or trees. Veirett, right of use also offers major conflicts. People are also very disagreeable about what the rights are about.

– Where is the boundary of mine and your property? This is also something people argue a lot about, he points out.

But where does this bottomless frustration actually come from?

You are assigned the neighbor’s lifestyle

According to psychologist Oddvar Skjævesland, the essence of the matter is that the neighbor is so physically close that you see and hear them all the time.

Skjævesland, who has taken her doctorate on the subject of architecture and neighboring relations, tells Bonytt. no that you to a certain extent apply to the entire lifestyle and personality of your neighbors without selecting them.

– You see the neighbor daily, and the car, the gate, the house and the mess. Perhaps you also hear the neighbors habits, nightly rhythms, music and arguing.

Always a risk to neighboring regions

Friends choose, but neighbors will join you in the home purchase.

Thus shall it luck to that neighbor will be your friend, and with a little luck is personal chemistry poor.

– When the main characteristic of neighborhoods is that you are sentenced to common boundaries and maybe road and wall, that is, a collaboration, there is always a risk that it will be bad, “says Kjævesland..

His research shows that the more neighbors deal with, the greater the chances of both friendship and conflict.

This “likes” us to argue with the neighbor of

1. Trees & Plants

2. Pets

3. Noise

4. Trampolines

5. Heat

6. Parking

7. Road and Veirett

8. Build and Extend

9. Fences and hedges

10. Grillos

Sources: Bolius, Nrk. no, click. no, the Conflict Council and the Homeowners’ Association

– It’s as in all relationships. The battle is getting harder with the one that matters.

More than just arguing

Sometimes neighboring guides go too far. In 2012, report to the police about a neighboring rally where a person started raging things in the neighbor’s garden.

According to Budstikka, the local newspaper for Søgne and Songdalen, the fury will originate in a landscaped flowerbed that led to water into the neighbor’s garage when it was watered.

May be costly

In the newspaper Fjordingen you could also read about two neighbors who disagreed with trees. There were two conciliation cases, one on the removal of trees and one for the reduction of the height of trees.

In both conciliation cases, the owner was sentenced to both remove and reduce the height of the trees, as well as pay the counterparty his costs of 47. 000 kroner . This in addition to own legal expenses.

We are used to own

Skjævesland says that people with fragile self-esteem have a much higher level of conflict with their neighbors.

– Many conflicts are about privacy, the ability to choose when you want to be alone and quiet and when you want to be seen and heard and see and hear.

– So we have the special norwegian that we are used to own and have a long tradition of proudly claiming our ownership. Psychologically speaking, it is about territoriality, he points out.

At the “top of the globe” in Europe

According to lawyer Bjurstrøm, Norway is among the countries in Europe with the most disputes between neighbors.

– Much of the cause of all disputes regarding the boundaries is due to how the properties were previously split up. Previously, disintegration / sharing of real estate was done by the so-called debt management business. The measurement of the guilt was often inaccurate.

– Daviding owners (typical grandfather) were often familiar with where the border went. Today, three generations later, the properties have often gained new owners who do not have the same knowledge of where the limits go. This results in many disputes.

There are no clear rules on how to determine where the limit is.

Therefore, the Earthquake Court has about 1000 cases a year about this and relieves the usual district courts.

Matrikkelen is a map for which the state map is responsible. You can see the map on here.

– There is no direct link between the Planning and Building Act and the Matriarch. This means that “the map often does not match the terrain” in Norway. And then it will soon conflict, “says Bjurstrøm.

Neighborhoods an inept partnership

So what can you do to avoid neighboring roles? The psychologist has the following advice:

  • Realize that neighborhoods are an inevitable daily collaboration on things that are physically close and follow you around the clock.
  • Strive to be compromising, and think that the collaboration will last for many years.
  • Realizing that because you have a forced and daily partnership with your neighbor, there is a certain likelihood that something may occur.

– By all, most people tackle the cooperation perfectly, while only a few do not fix it.

Therefore you are cursed on your neighbor

FRUSTRATION: If you wake up to this every morning, it may not be so strange that the cup will eventually overflow. Photo: COLORBOX: COM

Very few neighbor conflicts are really substantive, legally speaking, explains Skjævesland.

Relationship between neighbors is governed by the Neighborhood Act.

Source: homeowners. no

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