Therefore, the tuja becomes ugly

Tuja is almost to count as the Norwegian national fence, and it’s not all that happy. However, if you trim your home hedge correctly and regularly, it may get pretty pretty.

Therefore, the tuja becomes ugly

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Article Author Bjørnhild Fjeld is the author of the garden book “Hageguiden – The Beginner’s Way to Green Pleasure” and also runs the garden blog Spirea. no.

In recent years, Tuja has become a solid feature in all neighborhoods, to the delight of some and to the annoyance of others. But it’s also no wonder that these plants are so popular because they have some qualities it’s hard to compete with: They are cheap, grow fast and are green all year long.

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Do not be mad

There is, however, a big difference in tujahekker – some are smooth, dense and well-stocked, others (maybe most) are so-so, slim and rather brown. To get a successful home jacket, there are several reasons to take:

First bid: Buy plenty of plants to plant so close that it’s actually getting a tight hedge, not just a shiny row of plants. Planting distance to the hedge is 0.5-1 meters, but many plants with a few meters between each and hope this will be tight. It will not happen.

It is also important that you are well-fed the first time until the hedge is well established. Very many garden shelters get brown and ugly already the first year because it’s not well enough.

crop timely

Another tujabab people often do is that they do not start cropping the hedge before it’s been many years. To get a dense green wall, you must also start to crop on the sides immediately after planting. To avoid the fence becoming too wide and wide, cut the outside sides 1-2 times each season.

The top should not be cut until the gate reaches the desired height. How high it is up to you, but remember that many species of tuja from nature can be at least 5-10 meters tall. Even if you want the hedge to shield for transparency, you do not want it to turn your garden into a place with constant shadow?

Due to the fact that many wait too long before croaking the garden gate, many of the hedges grow higher and wider than both the owner and the neighbor’s wishes. And there is unfortunately no good way to get a six-meter-high jacket to be three feet high. If you cut tuja and other evergreen plants back to hardwood they are unable to break new shoots. Many people have experienced that sowing the top of the jacket did not make it nicer, but they were left with a brown, ugly hedge.

– If the hedge has become too high, just sow it down and plant it again, says Dagfinn Ødegård, a gardener in Grønt Grep AS.

There is a big difference between evergreen and deciduous hedges when it comes to pruning. For while a deciduous hedge can be cropped strongly, usually almost down to the root, an evergreen hedge must largely retain the shape it has received.

Regular pruning

For the hedge to stay cool, it’s important that you crop regularly, both at the top and the sides. Winter green plants should not be cut while there is a tele in the soil, so wait for a bit in the spring before cutting the first time. Then you can cut again, in August-September.

We got Dagfinn Ødegård and his gardener colleague Kjersti Bergerud to cut a tailgate for us so we saw how a finished crocheted hedge should look like.

– When cropping a hedge it is important that you let the top be a little narrower than the bottom of the fence. This is because there will be light for the whole plant and to prevent snow cover in the winter. If there is no light on the lower branches, it will turn brown and the glide at the bottom, explains Kjersti Bergerud.

One of the most common misunderstandings associated with tujakerker is that they are “easy-to-read”. There are no hedges that are easy-to-read compared to, for example, a shelf board. Yes, you have to paint the fence sometimes, but a hedge must be cut every single year. Then you’re working to choose a fence!

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Therefore, the tuja becomes ugly

KEEP THE HEIGHT DOWN: A tuy can be very high if you allow it to grow freely. Should it act as a hedge plant, you have to cut the top of it every year after it has reached the desired height, says gardener Kjersti Bergerud in the company Grønt Grep AS. Photo: Tore Fjeld

Therefore, the tuja becomes ugly

AVOID THIS: It’s important that you crop with clean cuts, if there is no danger that the hedge gets brown spots. Photo: Tore Fjeld

Therefore, the tuja becomes ugly

HOW TO KNOW: When the hedge looks like this, it’s time to find the cutting equipment. Photo: Tore Fjeld

Therefore, the tuja becomes ugly

SELECTED HEKK: A crochet hatch should look more and less like pruning. Photo: Tore Fjeld

Therefore, the tuja becomes ugly

FINPUSSEN: In places it’s hard to get to, go over with a small handshake. Photo: Tore Fjeld

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