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Therefore, the law is kind to cat owners

Animal owners are partly responsible for damage caused by the animal’s property.

Therefore, the law is kind to cat owners

Your home insurance will initially cover most of the conditions that you are affected by. Even relationships that you do not have control of yourself, such as lightning strikes, will usually be covered by your insurance.

But look for a situation where your cat has sneaked into the neighbor’s car and made chlorine marks in the seats. Who then has the responsibility and is covered by any insurance?

– A good starting point is this: If you receive such a claim, contact the insurance company where you have insurances. The company will investigate if there is a liability for compensation (free of charge) and will cover any liability less a deduction, “says Morten Hesselberg-Meyer.. no. He is a lawyer and responsible for claims settlement in Nemi Forsikring.

Clothes and denslags

Damage caused by cats or dogs’ neighboring activities in the neighboring area can become a rather complicated issue, among other things because there is a difference between dog and cat.

However, what the owner may in any case be responsible for is if the dog or the cat is hurting a person or something he or she is wearing. This follows from section 1 of the Damage Claims Act section 1-5: “The owner and the holder of animals have no responsibility whatsoever to compensate for damage to which the animal pertains to persons or clothing or other ordinary uses while some are wearing them”.

This means that as a dog or cat owner in such relationships, there is a so-called objective responsibility, regardless of whether or not you are guilty.

– Prudential Supervision

Therefore, the law is kind to cat owners

CATEGORIES: Who must cover the damage if the neighbor’s cat sneaks into your car and cleans the interior. Probably you, because the responsibility of the cat owners is limited. Photo: Private

In the case of other things than clothing and personal injury, it is no longer just about obscene responsibility, but if you as the animal owner have taken good care of it.

– If the owner of an animal is responsible for an injury is regulated by the Damage Damage Act. The owner of an animal is liable for personal injury, regardless of the owner’s own fault, but if, for example, it is a matter of property damage caused by a domestic cat, the owner is liable only if the owner is charged with the inconvenience, “explains Hesselberg-Meyer..

– The general point is that a pet owner can only be liable if he or she has shown fault, emphasizes Fellow Tore Fjørtoft at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.

– The essence of the assessment of responsibility is whether the animal owner has carried out proper supervision of the animal or has done what is reasonable to avoid damage.

Difference on cat and dog

There is a distinction between responsibility for dogs and cats. Because while a dog owner will be responsible for damage to things, a cat owner will generally go free. Cat owners only have objective responsibility (ie. liability without liability) for damage that the animal inflows on person or on clothing or other normal use while someone wears them, f. example. jewelry or purses. Liability for other property injuries assumes that the cat owner has proved fault.

– For dog owners, responsibility is much stricter, because the law largely imposes an objective responsibility on the owners for personal injury and property damage, Fjørtoft emphasizes..

Irresponsible Cats

In the case of the cat who sneaked into the neighbor’s car and loosened the interior, the question becomes whether you as a cat owner have done enough to avoid this.

Therefore, the law is kind to cat owners

The piece of clothing reveals if you have faded in the garden

According to Tore Fjørtoft, you will be unlikely to be responsible.

– The starting point here is whether you have done what is reasonable to demand to prevent damage. But since it is in the nature of the cats that they roam, it will be a part of the injured party being able to claim compensation from you as a cat owner.

He emphasizes by saying that if the cat owner is still responsible, his responsibility could be reduced because the car owner left the doors open.

– But if, as a cat owner, the cat is in the process of causing injury, the position is of course another. Then he or she must intervene.

Another typical car cat case is the cat laying on the car hood to warm up. Here too, the unfortunate car owner will most likely have to cover the damage himself.

– A cat jumps on a car and makes scratches in the paint, as a starting point, the cat owner is not responsible, explains Fjørtoft.

The Danes, on the other hand, can actually kill abusive neighbor cats, as long as they give notice in advance.

Dogs more responsible

As Fjørtoft emphasizes, dog owners have a much greater responsibility. This is apparent, inter alia, in section. 2 of the Damages Act section 1-5: “The owner and holder of a dog or a wild animal kept in captivity, nevertheless, owes it a duty to replace also property damage caused by the animal”.

– If your dog sneaks into the neighboring house and crushes an expensive vase, this is something that you are the owner of the dog in charge, says Tore Fjørtoft..

Therefore, the law is kind to cat owners

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Economic loss

According to Tore Fjørtoft, it is crucial that the damage the cat or dog has to pursue is of an economic nature. This means that even if your cat is choking your neighbor’s children into blood, you will not be responsible in law of law.

– On the other hand, if it is a matter of mentoring, for example, if the cat’s claws leave lasting scars on the child’s face, then you as a cat owner may become liable even if the damage causes an economic loss.

Household insurance

What opportunities do you have as a dog or cat owner when the animal is hurting your neighbor’s property to cover the damage to your home insurance?

According to Product Manager, Øivind Houses at Storebrand, the possibility is varied.

– Basically, cats and dog owners will be secured through the insurances, so if you are in a liability as a result of damage the animal has sustained, you will be taken care of by the insurance, he says to the click. no.

Therefore, the law is kind to cat owners

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– If you have a lawsuit against you, you can report the matter to your insurance company. Here there are prosecutors with experience in law of compensation. They will be able to assess whether the neighbor is entitled to compensation. Be aware that there is a deductible that the owner of the animal must pay for himself, he expands.

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Therefore, the law is kind to cat owners

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