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Therefore, the laundry will smell sour before running a meter

Many of us have experienced malignant exercise clothes before you have used them at all. Why is that, and what can you do with it?

Therefore, the laundry will smell sour before running a meter

Most of us essentially wear the exercise clothes for washing after a single use. Nevertheless, you would like to feel that your clothes smell bad before you even produce a single sweat drop.

Some items may smell so bad you can not use them anymore.

The reason for the bad smell in the exercise noise may be that it has been washed too low for a long time. If you want to get away, you must wash the laundry at a higher temperature.

Dirt builds up over time

Leader for Consumer Services at Lilleborg, Malin Skaar, confirms that higher temperatures can help.

– The laundry is often marked by 30 and 40 degrees. After training sessions and washing 30-40 degrees over time, the dirt builds up and leads to sour smell.

– Often, you do not notice this smell before wearing the laundry and have started exercising.

Skaar explains to that a good way to get rid of this smell is to wash the clothes at 60 degrees.

– You do not have to do this every time, because there is a danger that the textiles will lose color and shape, but sometimes.

Please note that some training noise marked 30-40 degrees does not tolerate 60 degrees. Then you have to make an assessment of whether you take the chance, she emphasizes.

Rinse aid can cause bad odor

Training noise is often made of polyester and other synthetic materials. A possible cause of bad smell may be the use of rinse aid on these materials, , explains research director at the Norwegian Institute of Consumer Research (SIFO), Ingun Grimstad Klepp.

She refers to a report from our spring that shows the correlation between increased badness (sweat) and the use of fabric softeners on polyester.

The problem is then that it also smells bad after washing.

According to the research director, wool and cotton develop much less smell, but because cotton has poor traits in training, only training noise in wool will be a solution.

– It will also save washing, as wool is a material that smells of smell through aeration.

The effect of washing is a lot of antioxidant and synthetic substances if you use fabric softeners, while the effect of washing on wool is not affected.

Large variety of substances

Therefore, the laundry will smell sour before running a meter

WOMAN LIGHT: Obviously it is quite natural that exercise clothes should smell a little sweat. Worse is if the laundry smells bad before you have at all been training. Photo: Illustration photo: THINKSTOCK

These were some of the findings SIFO made in their research report on acid odor in exercise noise:

Wool washed with fabric softener has the highest likelihood of reuse without washing first. 84 percent believe they would use a wool-like garment after being exposed to sweat and being drought and airing, while 95 percent responding to the same after the substances have been exposed to sweat and then aired.

None of the respondents answered that they would use clothes that smelled like the synthetic fabric with fabric softeners exposed to the same.

Even when the synthetic fabric washed with fabric softener was freshly washed, there were many who would use it outside (40-45 percent).

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