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Therefore, the cabins will be cheaper

Cabin prices will drop if housing is removed, experts believe.

Therefore, the cabins will be cheaper

The new government is of the opinion that the residence permit does not work and therefore goes in to remove it. This can have an impact on cottage prices.

– The total cabin market is getting bigger, since ordinary homes can also be used as cabins. When cottage buyers have more to choose from, it will curb the pressure on ordinary cabins, “says Christian Vammervold Dreyer, Managing Director of the Real Estate Association (Eff).

However, he emphasizes that prices are usually good in the cab market, as sellers often do not have to sell.

Dark windows in Røros

Chief Economist Jan L. Andreassen in the Eika Group believes that some have thought a little wrong when they have considered a rise in prices.

– The net effect is, therefore, that the offer is increasing, and increased offers provide lower average prices for the total inventory of cabins. But Andreassen thinks that the place of residence does not have the same effect everywhere.

– Røros can become a dark city if the old city centers are bought by the leisure people. While Larvik is characterized less by the settlement system than Lyngør. In smaller towns, therefore, the place of residence is essential, he explains.

But parts of the seaside hut communities will notice changes. “Probably the port areas of Larvik, Stavern, Helgeroa and Nevlunghavn will have more holiday homes and fewer residents,” continues Andreassen.

Mayor Rune Høiseth in Larvik municipality agrees, and he believes a lifting of residence will be unfortunate for them. The rapporteur is afraid that popular cottage areas will be empty for a large part of the year. He concludes therefore that a winding up will not contribute positively to Larvik municipality’s need for immigration and population growth.

New Growth

Chief economist Jan L. Andreassen, however, believes that abolition of the housing license could stimulate new growth. – The families who move out of the full-year homes will probably buy something else in the neighborhood. Maybe build new, or brush up old wooden houses. It creates activity. For the municipality’s economy, it does not have to be negative. For example, they can differentiate road and water charges, perhaps to the residents’ advantage.

Partner and analyst Bjørn Erik Øye in the Prognosis Center supports the economists. He also believes that cottage prices will generally decrease if housing is removed, precisely because this will lead to more properties coming out on the market.

Does not work

Professor of Agricultural Economics, Normann Aanesland, has previously rejected that housing benefits have a positive effect on employment in district Norway. Housing mortgages for full-year homes do not meet expectations expected by regulatory authorities. A survey carried out at the University of Environmental and Life Sciences (UMB) shows that housing has not led to a permanent settlement.

The blue-blue government must have support in the Storting to get a residence permit proposal. KrF leader Knut Arild Hareide has previously stated to NRK that removing the scheme can lead to sleeping cities for much of the year.

The most likely is why the government must support the Left to get majority.

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