Therefore, do not kill the ant when you see it inside

This way you get rid of ants in the house.

Therefore, do not kill the ant when you see it inside

Therefore, do not kill the ant when you see it inside

– It’s very nasty and almost impossible to get rid of

– Mainly, it is the maintenance of the building that applies. Avoid having wood or woodwork around the house, “says Anders Aak, researcher at the department of pest control at the Institute of Public Health..

If you are in the field of ants, it is usually a black forest mare, also known as sugar mare, you have been visited by. These are not very dangerous and go back as soon as it is warm enough and enough food.

– They go to find food, but as the spring comes, they find their food out, says Aak.

In some, however, it may be a lot of trouble, and especially if the maur should find out indoors. The soil may only rub on soft material, such as already damaged wood and isopor.

If you get a log in a house, the problem is getting bigger, as they also loosen and cloak fresh wood.

How to get rid of ants

To avoid getting them into the home, keep it clean and tidy around and in the home. Mauren likes where it is moist, so if you struggle with ants inside, you may have a moisture damage.

– If you have a wood pile up to the wooden wall it can quickly get wet behind, and it may be a gateway for the ants. Keep it tidy around the house, Aak tips.

Is the maur already a big problem to find the nest and get rid of it. The mauren is standing in the wall and floor so you have to open up and make sure to kill queen. Poisoned eels act as a lure so that you can overcome them over time.

In search of the wreck, it is important to look for moisture damage, as well as hot spots, such as the sun wall, floors with heating cables and walls behind electrical appliances.

Ant Love isopor

Christian Krogstad is the general manager of ABS pest control. He tells us that the way we build today, unfortunately, makes your home a favorite place for the maur.

– Mauren either walks in to find a place to live or to find some food. When one of them finds something to eat, he “whistles” on the guys so the rest follows.

They may also enter because they find suitable cows. The way we build today makes it often. Ant loves isopor, and that’s a lot of, should we believe Krogstad.

Also, we would like to add heating cables, so that a better place is to be than in the woods. A solution can of course be to think ants when building and laying insulation, but that’s probably not a solution for most to replace it.

Of course, it’s a good idea to use building materials that the mum does not like so well, but not everyone can. Otherwise, it’s important to keep it tidy, look for ants, and take care of ants near the house.

Going for damaged woodwork

While the black forest maiden only goes into damaged woodwork, it is not the case for the shelf, even if it prefers damaged woodwork.

Therefore, do not kill the ant when you see it inside

MAUR INNEW: While the black forest manger does not hurt much, because it only gnaws on already damaged wood, the logger will also loose completely fresh wood if it does not find any softer. Photo: Flickr / Kjetil Fjellhelm / Creative Commons

Once the maur has entered, many will work hard to get rid of them as quickly as possible, but stepping on or vacuuming any ants you see will not make you get rid of them. A mothers community is solid, so the only thing that works is to find out where they are.

– Find out where tua is. Be a little detective and make the maiden show you the way. Follow after it rather than just kill it when you see it.

Coffee grinder in ant

If you have heard earthmine in the house, it is likely that they leave by themselves. If you do not have the food in the kitchen in peace, there is – as always – some driving advice.

Coffee grinder, cinnamon and pepper are the things that the mare should not be particularly fond of. Anders Aak at the Institute of Public Health believes there is still little team in these tips, but it may be worthwhile to try if you have a cake standing you can not have peace?

– They may not like coffee grits, but you probably will not get rid of them – they do not die, Krogstad says in ABS pest control.

It should also be able to help wash where the maur has made its path so that they no longer find it again.

– Mauren follows a dust trap, but if you wash it, there will be ants back again anyway. I doubt you will have to wash it away, Krogstad says.

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