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There may be too little with two colors on the house

Paint the house in three colors, for the sake of architecture.

There may be too little with two colors on the house

There are several things to think about before painting your house. Painting master Ole Andreas Klaveness thinks the results often get the best if you paint the house in three different colors.

– Many paint one color on the wall coverings and another color on the rest of the house. Sometimes it’s in place, but it can often work hard and disturbing. I think many houses look better in three colors, says Klaveness.

– When the walls of the house are painted in a dark or strong color and framing, windscreens, railings and doors are painted in white, a large light and darkness contrast occurs, with the light often becoming dominant and flashy. Save on the white color to a few fine details, Klaveness advises.

There may be too little with two colors on the house

TWO COLORS: When painting the house in a strong facade color combined with white scratch, the white can be very prominent and you get hard contrasts, says Klaveness. Photo:

– If the house’s wall is additionally painted white, it may seem as if the house floats in the air. Instead of highlighting the architecture of the house, the color scheme means that you are largely watching a dark brick on a white brick. On the other hand, if you choose three different colors, the house will get a more nuanced expression, says Klaveness.

If you have a great old Swiss house, you can easily lose some of the charm with an unfortunate color scheme.

Trine Midtsem, Project Manager at the Information Office for Color and Interior, IFI, thinks it’s decisive which three colors you choose and where you paint them.

It’s smart to think carefully before making a decision, says Midtsem.

– If you are unlucky and opt for strong colors that do not fit together, you may risk your house reminiscent of the colors of a gym or a trip to Legoland. One way to avoid this is to try out large scale samples of different colors. You can also color your house in a color picker on the paint manufacturers’ website. You may want to print the best color suggestions and leave them on the wall for a while before deciding, “says Midtsem..

Manufacturers color charts with suggestions for color combinations can also be a safe way to go.

Colors can be used both to highlight and hide shapes.

There may be too little with two colors on the house

SWITCHES: A white painted foundation may give the impression that the house floats and is not anchored in the ground. Photo: Jotun /

– It’s amazing how different a house can appear with different coloring. Studies have shown that colors can remove form. If you have a great old house, a color scheme with a high light and darkness contrast can undermine the architecture, says Klaveness.

There may be too little with two colors on the house

Only the shell remained in the old wooden house

Use different dimmed colors when you color the house. On the other hand, it can help to substantiate the building’s architecture and give it a sophisticated expression.

– Just as people dress in black to hide or diminish their shapes, one can color their house to achieve different effects. If there is something great you want to emphasize, it may be nice to paint it in a contrasting color, “says Midtsem.

– If you choose to use some white on the staff, it may be nice to avoid too strong colors on the façade, avoiding hard transitions that remove the focus from the architecture, says Midtsem.

On the picture of the yellow house below, painter Klaveness has digitally painted a crafthouse from Nordbohus, as he thinks a classic house can be stained.

– The balcony and the ground wall are painted soot gray to give the house and balcony a lot of space to stand on, while smaller surfaces like window frames, porches, spades and the lower windshield are painted in white. The main color of the house is a dampened yellow color, which does not wake too much attention in the terrain, says Klaveness.

In general, he thinks it’s a good idea to choose colors that are balanced and dampened when painting the house.

– Norwegian nature is characterized by green nuances and earth colors. It may be a good idea to get inspired by these tones when coloring the house. Many paint their houses white, but much use of white makes the house appear as a powerful contrast to everything around, almost like a lighthouse in the terrain.

There may be too little with two colors on the house

NEWLY: When the house is painted in three dimensional colors that fit well together, it becomes less harsh transitions and easier to see the house’s architecture. Photo: Nordbohus /

There is often a big difference between the impression you get of a color when you see it on a color chart as opposed to when you see it on a wall.

– Most colors become more intense when painting them beyond a large wall, so it may be worthwhile coloring the entire house virtual in a drawing program before painting the house properly..

– Paint producers Beckers, Jotun, Nordsjo, Flugger have color counters on their website. Here you can both have a good idea of ​​how shape and expression change with different color schemes.

It’s important not to forget the color of the wall. It has a lot to say about how the house works in the terrain.

– Gray and brown shades perform well on the ground and give the house a natural anchoring in the ground, says Klaveness.

Below you will see an example of successful coloring according to the paint master.

There may be too little with two colors on the house

NATURAL SPIRIT: Norwegian nature is characterized by green nuances and earth colors. If you are inspired by nature around your house, you do not let it look like a lighthouse in the terrain. Photo: Beckers /

– The terraced houses are painted different nuanced earth colors, the foundation wall is rocky and slides naturally into the terrain. It might as well be gray-painted in the same grandeur as the rocks. The windshields are the same color as the wall coverings. It had not looked as good if they were painted in a prominent color. The yellow color is used in smaller areas, as a fresh touch, Klaveness concludes.

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There may be too little with two colors on the house

WELL-COLOR COLOR SETTING: Stone-walled ground and nuanced earth colors make these terraced houses work well in the terrain. Photo:

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