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– Then we go Knut, because here I can not live

Marketing director Gorm Kunøe believes women decide on housing sales. Here are the expert advice for you to sell.

- Then we go Knut, because here I can not live

- Then we go Knut, because here I can not live

MARKETING EXPERIENCE: Gorm Kunøe is the first installer at the Department of Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School. Photo: BI Norwegian Business School

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It can be hard work to make a home ready for sale. However, buying and selling homes is probably among the biggest financial transactions you make during your life.

That’s why it’s very bad when home sales go slow but fortunately, there are things you can do to speed up sales.

And do not forget that there are traps you should avoid when it comes to home sales and viewing.

Here is the first-line sector’s checklist for housing sellers

– There is a basic relationship that must be in place for a home sales to succeed. There must be a match between those seeking the housing and the home itself, “says Gorm Kunøe, senior vice president at the Department of Marketing, BI Norwegian Business School.

1. Of course, price is important

As a seller, you need to know how far you are willing to go down. The pain limit is where the seller under certain conditions will sell. Below the pain limit lies the point where the home can be withdrawn from the market for some time.

The council is that salespeople talk with their better half about the pain limit so the couple agree when the bidding round flies away and it’s time for quick decisions. At the same time, do not be ignored by the accept of a low price. And the future must not be corrupted by “you accepted it too cheaply”.

2. The woman decides

Remember that it’s the woman who decides where to live. For example, if the windows are not opened, they can not be washed, and the woman we say: “Then we go Knut, because I can not live here”. It’s that simple.

And it means that family homes on the day of display must appear as maintenance-friendly for the woman in the house. Not to say that it is the wife who does the housework, but she is the expert.

3. Do not be for sales

Having a bad time in a negotiation costs usually sells money for the seller. A potential buyer has nothing to do with whether the seller should move now or have a good time. And the seller or broker does not need to bash that the person has a bad time or need money quickly.

- Then we go Knut, because here I can not live

CHECK THIS: According to Gorm Kunøe, the first instigator, it is impossible for women to buy an apartment with windows that can not be opened. Photo: Colorbox

Too high price

- Then we go Knut, because here I can not live

OWNERSHIP OWNERSHIP: Christian Vammervold Dreyer, Managing Director of Property Norway. Photo: Property Norway.

10 tips

1. Interview more brokers. Consider carefully with the choice.

2. Market your home heavily immediately.

3. Professional photos and styling make the trick.

4. The house must appear as a gem.

5. Think other media than ad and find. no and be your own copywriter.

6. Promote your home locally.

7. 24 hour view – available.

8. Be proud of the apartment.

9. Offer contact.

10. The correct price is market price.

Source: Gorm Kunøe, First Minister at the Department of Marketing, BI Norwegian Business School.

– There are several factors that affect when housing sales go slow. But the obvious reason is that the seller is paying too high a price, says CEO Christian Vammervold Dreyer in Property Norway.

If you go out with a higher price than the market is willing to pay, it can slow down the sales process. There are usually two reasons why the price is too high; The valuation can be set too high, but overpricing may also be because the seller has too high expectations for the price.

– Seller’s expectation is a classic, “said the expert.

Both too low and too high prices may corrupt

Marianne Dåsnes is a real estate agent in Krogsveen. She explains that there are many reasons why the sale of some homes may be slow, but, like Dreyer, also draws out mispricing as a factor of slow sales.

According to the real estate broker, the price level can destroy both ways.

If the property is priced high, it may scare away potential buyers. You risk not getting people on display if you go out too high. On the other hand, if the housing is priced too low, the bidding round can be stopped before the price level it really should be. Then you can risk losing money.

– Often there are many identical homes for sale in a housing company, but prices may vary by hundreds of thousands. The pictures are the first thing a prospective buyer is looking at and these can be crucial to whether they choose to get on your view rather than their neighbor. It is important to find the right balance, says Dåsnes.

But generally it’s better to go out a little bit , for example, add a price tag of 2. 490. 000 kroner when the tariff is 2. 500. 000. This will seem psychologically lower than a round number.

Incorrect audience

Another reason for slow sales lies in the marketing of the home. That the housing ad simply addresses the wrong target group. It’s very important to angle your marketing towards audience, both with ad text and images. According to the Director of Real Estate Norway, it is also advisable to be aware of which channels are used for the housing ad.

– If the property is in an expensive area, it may be a sensible step to market in newspapers too.

– Remove pets when selling housing

The way the house looks like the view is the last critical factor.

Check that the stairwell and the outdoor area are presentable – and remove any pets and traces of the animal.

You do not want to camouflaging shortcomings at home, but pets have nothing to do with a view, Dreyer emphasizes..

– You must prepare the view as well as you would prepare a company. Of course, when you get guests, you can do that in advance. This must also be done before the display. First impressions are very important. The stairwell in a block and the outside area of ​​a house or townhouse is unfortunately a forgotten chapter. That’s the first thing you see when you come and the last thing you see when draws, stresses the director.

The right price and alluring marketing characterize homes that are being sold fast. This creates results. Some homes need styling, but it’s far from everyone. In some apartments styling will be important in order to obtain, for example, the potential of land use.

– Two of the cases many go in are overcrowding or emptying the apartment completely for furniture, warns Dreyer.

Too much focus on the tariff

Real Estate Agent Dåsnes believes that many have too much focus on the tariff. She thinks she stands out.

It’s about thinking creatively and new, both with original housing ad and styling.

– Remember that today’s home buyers are picky and often have high demands and expectations about how the home will look.

– It may be an advantage to put in place the last list or close large holes in the wall after shelves and pictures. It is important to minimize the number of things a buyer can look at as work and a huge cost to fix. It is better that there is one more thing in one room that something has to be done than there are many small ones in each room. Thorough preparation is important and can have a big impact on the sales price, emphasizes the real estate agent.

Not encountered on display

It is advisable to clarify in advance how the display should take place.

If a seller wishes to be present during the show, Dåsnes recommends first assessing the sales object.

- Then we go Knut, because here I can not live

PROPERTY MATTER: Marianne Dåsnes in Krogsveen. Photo: Krogsveen.

– It may seem intrusive about a cohabitant couple and a broker waits in a small torrent, she says.

Have you experienced special things during viewing?

– If the viewer knows that the accommodation and the area are attractive, many may be tempted to talk negatively about the apartment to scare away the others. Gjengangere is that the bathroom is not good enough, they pull out a little bit as they think something has to be done and which entails huge costs.

The broker has also experienced viewers who have been on the go during viewing.

– It’s okay. Do you have to? “Says Marianne Dåsnes.

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