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Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

With great effort, the cottage in Kragerø was refurbished. The three-color interior has bright, summery colors.

Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

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The cottage is located high and free on Langholmen in Stølefjorden with views of Kragerø Skærgården and the bustling boat traffic. It was built in 1985 and is architectured with excellent solutions and materials of high quality. Nevertheless, the couple felt that it might need a boost.

All walls and ceilings were three-white and had yellowed over time.

Hytteliv’s interior expert Siv Brenne prepared in collaboration with Jotun a color palette for living room, kitchen, hallway and three bedrooms.

All walls and ceilings were ground and painted. The kitchen was spray painted and the worktop was sanded and oiled. The living room and bedrooms got new curtains, bedspreads and bed sheets. The bunk beds were painted. The coffee table and side table were stained,

The result is a wonderful cottage in a bluish summer dream with dense pastels and renewed old details. The colors pick up all the tones from the area around.

– We were going to piss up anyway, but then the results would not have been as fun. We would probably paint a lot of white, but Siv Brenne in Hytteleviv challenged us to choose colors. Now we see how wonderful it has become and how delicious it is when all the color tones are correct, says cottage owner Bente.

Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

Before and after: It was unnecessary to replace the robust kitchen. The owners also chose to renew it with paint, tiles and new curtains. The old Norema kitchen was only renewed with paint. It was spray painted in two different colors on the top cover and underside. The worktop slipped and treated with oil. The new kitchen has been overlooked in Lady Supreme Finish half-shine 486 Silke. The undershirts are the Lady Supreme Finish half-painted 1233 Mohair. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

Before refurbishment: Walls and floors grew closest together in the open living room, since all the flats were three-white. Photo: Advokatfirmaet Midgaard and Opthun AS

Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

After refurbishment: The dice color palette is in gray-blue tones in this cottage. The walls are painted in the Jotun Lady Supreme Finish matte 5081 factory. The fireplace is painted in Jotun Lady Wonderwall 7236 Chi, while the pine floor is only washed and shed. The blue pillows in the sofa are Arielli Cashew on the back and the front is in blue linen from Designers Guild, DIEZE col Denim, F1965 / 06. Gustavian blinds Lorient Arielli color Cashewe from Biwas. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Much paint

But some simple jobs have not been. All surfaces had to be ground and painted twice. Both Easter and the weekends in winter went along. With the fence full of paintings, the cottage owners wandered through deep snow fountains, folded up their sleeves and worked hard with the paint cost. As a reward for the struggle they have got a completed and beautiful cottage that they will never travel from.

– It has been great fun, but also tiring. Now we can finally enjoy the cottage, the cottage owners say while admiring the beautiful archipelago. There is something special with sea views. It gives your very own tranquility and it becomes like a recreation for body and mind to be here.

History furniture

Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

Before and after: The room is brand new with the bright walls and delicate textiles. The old bunk bed is also painted. Both rooms downstairs are decorated alike, but are painted with different colors. The bunk bed has got the color Lady Supreme Finish matte 486 Silke and the walls have got 486 Silke. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

Before and after: The master bedroom has become an oasis of blue-gray shades. The bedspread is from Green Apple and the bedspread is made of textile from the Designers Guild. The walls were painted in Lady Supreme Finish Matt 5125 Orkla. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Even though the interior is new, emphasis is placed on reuse. The owners have felt it important to preserve some of the old ones.

– It’s nice that things have a story to tell. Several of the furniture we had before, and something was left in the cottage when we took over it.

Interior designer Siv Brenne was concerned that the cottage owners should keep what they want. Everything in the cottage is painted except the floor. And eventually, cottage owner Bente took some independent choices and got rid of the paint costs. An old sofa was, among other things, colored in that process.

– We were told that it was just painting. And within this color range, it all fits, so we could really play ourselves with the paint costs.

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Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

Pleasant: The color combinations show how to get a maritime expression without just using navy blue and white. The coffin took the owners home from home and painted beige. It is now used as a bedside table and for storage. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

Straight Out: When the large patio doors open, the summer is released straight into the living room. The view gives the cottage owners their own peace of mind. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Then Bente lost himself with the paint cost

Unique patio: The large square in front of the cottage allows for more cozy evenings. Photo: Advokatfirmaet Midgaard and Opthun AS

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