The world’s coolest hotel

The resort in Utah’s desert raises prices.

The world's coolest hotel

The world's coolest hotel

BATH WITH VIEWS: Some of the suites have a bath with views of the sky and mountains. Photo: Aman Resorts

The world's coolest hotel

This cabin hangs 8 meters in the air

The world's coolest hotel

This is a prefabricated cabin

The world's coolest hotel

Tough cottage built in stone

The world's coolest hotel

Look, a cool caravan

The world's coolest hotel

– It appears that the Flint family has won in Lotto

The Amangiri Hotel is the last shot on the tribe of luxury resorts in the Aman Resorts chain.

Aman Resorts Founder Adrian Zecha has since having opened the hotel Amanpuri in Thailand 22 years ago had a special ability to find spectacular locations for his spa and hotel projects.

Amangiri, which opened October 2009, is no exception.

In old country

The hotel is located south-west of the United States, at the intersection of four states; Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.

The name means “Peaceful Mountain”. “Aman” means “peace” in Sanskrit and “giri” is mountains on Navajo, says the communications manager at Aman Resorts, Anjali Nihalchand, in an email-to-click. no.

This part of the United States is famous for its rugged landscape, and this is where the Navajo and Hopi Indians have been in for generations.

The hotel is located in a valley, with panoramic views of red-brown mountains. The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and the Grand Staircase are natural attractions in the area.

Part of the environment

Amangiri is designed with the same sense of immersed luxury as Adrian Zechas previous projects, in collaboration with architects Rick Joy, Marwan Al-Sayed and Wendell Burnett.

The structure and proportions of the building are adapted to the harsh environment. Nevertheless, comfort and luxury are definitely not a priority .

The entrance to the suites takes place from private small gardens. Each suite has panoramic windows that cross the entire width of the room.

The hotel has its own spa facility. The outdoor pool is located on the edge of the mountain surrounding the building.

– The most important thing about the entire project was to respect the natural environment, says the communications manager in an email-to-click. no.

– The idea was to build a modern interpretation of Indian architecture, she says.

– The building is designed to fit in with the landscape, says Nihalchand.

The walls are in raw concrete and the floors in white stone.

– It reflects the natural stone in the area, says communications manager Anjali Nihalchand.

Costly Accommodation

The world's coolest hotel

LOCATION OF THE RESORT: In the midst of the Elvelo Mountains, in the state of Utah, the exclusive Amangiri resort. Photo: Aman Resorts

The natural environment is evidently not the cheapest variety.

The hotel has 34 suites, the cheapest you get for $ 800 a night.

The most expensive suite costs $ 3500 in high season.

Best Hotel

The world's coolest hotel

DOORS OPEN: In the desert lounge, the doors open to the suite inside. Photo: Aman Resorts

In Wallpapers Fake Edition and “Wallpaper Design Awards”, Amangiri is awarded the “Best Retreat”.

The hotel has received several awards.

Condé Nast Traveler UK has the hotel as one of its “Must Go” destinations for 2010.

The hotel also came second in “The 2009 Gallivants Awards for Excellence”

Amangiri Resorts Offers:

  • Luxury Suite
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Desert lounge. Private room with relaxing furniture outside and inside where you can enjoy the starry sky in the evening.
  • Aman spa. 2300 square meters for health and well-being. Sounds water pavilion, floating pavilion and watsu pool; strange but tempting?
  • Landscape and nature experiences. The area is, among other things, the place of refuge for the threatened condominium.

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The world's coolest hotel

IN ONE WITH THE ENVIRONMENT: “The most important thing for the project was that the building should be adapted to the environment,” says the communications manager at Aman Resorts. Photo: Aman Resorts


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