The world’s 10 coolest hotel pools

Checking in at one of these hotels, you can take a bath in some of the world’s coolest swimming pools.

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

Few things bring forth the good feeling of summer, vacation and lazy days as the sight of a sparkling blue swimming pool. Because not only is this the very few at home in the garden, but now it’s the case that even if you’re lucky enough to have it, it’s far from certain that the weather on our sides indicates that there’s so much of it neither swimming nor sunbathing.

But if you were in some of these sunny destinations this summer and would need a cooling, yes, you should take a dip in one of these swimming pools, as the online newspapers Telegraph and Huffington Post have named some of the world’s lechest.

1. San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile

At the hotel San Alfonso del Mar you can swim in what is actually the world’s largest and deepest swimming pool. And here you can really trim away the umbrella drinks if you were going to swim. The pool is about 77,000 m2 and contains amazing 250 million liters of salt water.

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

SUPER-SIZE: Here is the world’s largest swimming pool. Photo: Hotel

2. Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Not so many places other than Las Vegas you will be able to find a swimming pool attached to a giant shark aquarium. But that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Golden Nugget Hotel in “Sin City”, as Las Vegas is often called. Then you do not like acute shark scare, just pull the swimsuit and plunge into it.

3. W Hong Kong

If you have a height of fear, maybe this next pool is not for you. The swimming pool WET, located in 76. floor of the newly opened W Hong Kong hotel in the Asian metropolis, is located about 211 meters above the hill and the famous Victoria Harbor.

4. Library Hotel, Koh Samui, Thailand

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

UP IN HIGH: On W Hong Kong you bathe 211 feet above the ground. Photo: Hotel

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

HAI SOMMER: In Las Vegas you can swim wall-in-wall with a real shark. Yes, up to several actually. Photo: Hotel

Few places have such gorgeous beaches and delicious hot seawater as the islands south of Thailand. But if you still feel like a dip in a unique pool, yes, you can head to the famous Chaweng Beach and the Hotel Library Hotel.

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

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Here’s not just the red color of the hotel’s modern interior, but it has also gone as far as to color the water in the swimming pool of the same color. A bath you forget late, in other words.

5. Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Antibes, France

Antibes is the creams of the famous and exclusive French Riviera. And just in this idyllic small town, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is located. And not only is the hotel itself delicious and luxurious in itself, but if you go out on the terrace you will soon discover that the swimming pool is in a class of its own.

Hugged into a cliff overlooking the blue water of the Mediterranean, and with waiter who can come with a regular stream of the leisurest drinks, in this pool you do not have to hunt for the holiday.

6. Enchantment Resort and Mii Amo Spa, Arizona, United States

In the midst of the Arizona desert’s spectacular national park Red Rock State Park is the renowned spa hotel Enchantment Resort. Here you live in cave-like rooms, and from the swimming pool in the garden you can enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful and unique rock formations.

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

RED WATER: At Library Hotel on Koh Samui, you have colored the water in the swimming pool bang red. Photo: Hotel

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

CLICK: This gorgeous pool is chopped into the rock wall. Photo: Hotel

7. Perivolas, Santorini, Greece

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

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According to the hotel itself, the famous Infinity pool at Perivola is the most photographed swimming pool in the world, and too many have become the image itself on the cliff island of Santorini. In fact, the pool has adorned the front sides of countless fashion and travel magazines, and looks as good as after the darkness as it does when the sun shines.

8. Mandarin Oriental, Munich, Germany

You may not travel to Munich if there are lazy days at the pool you should be looking for, but if you are in the German metropolis and the gods are on your side, yes, it may be worth checking out the pool at the hotel Mandarin Oriental Munich.

Here you can take a dip in the heated swimming pool while enjoying the view of the city from the rooftop terrace in 8. story.

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

SANTORINI: Here is the world’s most photographed swimming pool. Photo: Hotel

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

ARIZONA: The view from this swimming pool is nothing to fault. Photo: Hotel

9. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

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If you get dizzy at high altitudes, you might want to stay at other swimming pools than the rooftop pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. Here you are swimming at the edge of the dive in the 150-meter infinity pool which is located on the sun terrace in 57. story.

10. Hacienda Uayamon, Yucatan, Mexico

It’s hard to be tempted to have a swim in the cool and gorgeous swimming pool at Hacienda Uayamon. In this beautiful hotel, which is once a manor house dating back to the 17th century, it has been refurbished mostly to a modern and luxurious standard.

However, the swimming pool itself is still in the old part of the building, and is chopped into the old walled stone walls and columns surrounding the hotel, which makes you feel like swimming in an archaeological site. And after the dip you can take a relaxing rest in one of the many hammocks surrounding the pool – while listening to exotic sounds from the jungle surrounding you.

The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

HEATING AND VIEWS: In Munich you can swim with panoramic views. Photo: Hotel

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The world's 10 coolest hotel pools

VOTING: In the midst of the ruins of a Mexican mansion dating from the 17th century, this beautiful swimming pool. Photo: Hotel


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