The winner is almost twice as fast as the worst

We have tested chainsaws for advanced ones.

The winner is almost twice as fast as the worst

TEST PANEL (from the left): his Ole Arnesen, Øystein Mørk and Vegard Aarnes. Photo: Øivind Lie

The winner is almost twice as fast as the worst

CAPACITY: We said slices of a solid stick and took time. Photo: Øivind Lie

The winner is almost twice as fast as the worst

BALANCE: Kvisting is a good test of whether the saga is good balances Photo: Foto: Øivind Lie

The winner is almost twice as fast as the worst

CHAIN ​​STRENGTH: The chain always fits tight requires some adjustment. Then do not adjust the adjusting screw. Photo: Øivind Lie

About the Test:

The test panel:

Vegard Aarnes is Forestry Manager Hobøl, Spydeberg and Askim, Forestry Trained, and manages a company in the field of tripping. He also facilitates courses in forestry and wood production.

Øystein Mørk, forest user and wood producer. has many years of experience with harvesting and wood production.

Hans Ole Arnesen, with over 30 years of experience as a forestry worker, is one of the country’s most experienced instructors in active forestry.

We’ve tested kløyveøkser, and quite recently Splitters. Then it’s quite natural to follow on with a proper motorcycle test.

We have tested eight cases in what is called the intermediary segment. It means engine size between 40 and 50 cubic meters, and just over 2kW of power.

The sagas are intended for advanced hobbyists who have grown from the smallest saga and want tools that are powerful enough for more comprehensive scoring, twisting and cutting off wood.


We have reviewed the cases according to four main criteria: Usability, Capacity, Security and Building Quality.

Under ease of use, we’ve considered how easy the saga is, whether it’s got a good grip and easy operation of the features. The best cases in this test are designed so you can hold and operate the buttons at the same time.

Simple, toolless access to daily and more comprehensive maintenance is also important. Saga must not be too heavy and it must be well balanced, as well as there must be proper deviation of all handles.

We also like a true and well-sighted line of sight on the saga. Then the tree drops where it goes. Do you work all day with chainsaw, there are some fills of both oil and gasoline. Then it’s good if the filling holes are big and good and that they have lid that is easy to open and close under all conditions.

Everything works well on a hot summer day, but these cases should also be easy to use in 15 minus and deep snow. Loose parts that get lost in the snow can break all day long, small buttons and clever operation will not get akurate easier when you stand there a cold winter day with your gloves on.


Capacity is about the story coming up at a proper rpm and that it does it right away when you ask it. Just like a harsh Italian sports car, fast response to the gas and speed up speed.

Another important factor, especially when the wood is to be cut, is of course how fast you can grow through a tree trunk. This is also called cross-cutting. Here are the big differences, in this test the best saga is almost twice as fast as the worst.


All cases shall be fitted with chain brake, chain catcher, right hand guard, blockage for involuntary throttle and a single available stop button. All the cases in this test have it in place, but it’s unlike how well it works.

All chainsaws are fitted with a chain brake released by the guard bar, but also an automatic brake that shuts out when you get to the saw. It must stop the chain regardless of whether the brake in the safety bar is triggered. Otherwise, all barriers and key buttons will work well under all conditions and they should be easily accessible.

Build Quality

This is not a long-term test. We have considered the different choices made by the manufacturer based on experience. Then we have looked at material selection, quality of switches and other components, and if there are useful enhancements.

How we tested

All manufacturers were given the opportunity to deliver the cases fully assembled and tested. How to get them if you buy from a specialist dealer.

To test ease of use, rhythm and response, the cases are used for quitting. To test cross-cutting, all cases have been cut through a solid log of equal diameter. Here we took the time on each case. Once we have considered safety, and especially the automatic chain brake, we have a proven track record and assessed how fast the brake is. All the cases are weighed with a full tank.

The last criterion

There are small differences in the four cases we have put on top, all are good cases. An important criterion we do not have the opportunity to evaluate in this test is a good service center. Having such a thing is a prerequisite for the saga to always be in the top position and it should be important when choosing a case.

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