“The walls are not perfect, but to me they are perfect

Housing made with different materials such as concrete, glass and wood.

"The walls are not perfect, but to me they are perfect

Here lives


Interior designer Julie Furset with husband and three children, Iselin (18), Elisa (15) and Tinius (10).

Julie runs Phenomen Interior Design together with Thea Steffenrud.


A housing in Oslo over four floors with a large terrace and exit on each floor. The property is around 500 sqm in size.

The choice of materials both inside and outside is well thought out. A concrete block with glass, wood and steel has its own distinctive feel. The plan solution is to grow with the family of five.

Who can breathe with synthetic curtains, furniture painted with plastic paint and dense materials? Julie Furset draws herself the breath, where she takes us outside the house with concrete structures built in a terrain that slopes.

– We wanted the house to flow naturally into the landscape so it was not so flashy. Now nobody sees our house from the sea, and we like it, says Julie Furset to the magazine Bonytt.

Phase of carbonated cedar

The house in the terrain was designed by architect Thor Olav Solbjør, who was the one who taught Julie and the man the most about material choices, which she denotes the most exclusive of the house, both inside and outside.

– See here! She strokes on the facade wall dressed with carbonated cedar.

– It’s actually charred and burned, every plank is treated with an old Japanese technique. The cover is maintenance-free and has a magic surface. Already now it looks almost like bark, it seems we are absolutely beautiful.

Loved in shape and color

For July, architecture and interior are pure passion.

She takes the job home – and home with her at work.

– I’m simply hopelessly in love with everything that’s about aesthetics, shape and color. The organic materials have become more and more important to me, and I want to convey my experiences further. Many think concrete is cold, but I do not think so. Concrete breathes, the material is both warm, comfortable and unbearable, says Julie.

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"The walls are not perfect, but to me they are perfect

BUYING: 1. Julie is spending a long time on every thing she finds for the house, whether it’s big or small. The vase is from & Tradition and the candlestick is from Mina Milanda. See how beautiful it is to bring colored leaves from nature. 2. The kitchen interior is from Bulthaup. The bar stools are from La Palma, the dining table is from Slettvoll and the chairs Dexter, are actually borrowed from a restaurant, but they stayed. The lamp over the dining table is from Ocher, and the glass bulbs are hand blown. The wood floors are in solid wood white oiled oak. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Sound insulation

Inside it’s bright and open.

"The walls are not perfect, but to me they are perfect

IN NATURE: The house has four floors and a terrace where the family can look beyond the Bunnefjord. The house was designed by Thor Olav Solbjør in Solbjør Arkitekter. Outside, the house is dressed with cedar from Svenneby Sag & Planing. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Soundproofing has been added to the roof with a good height.

Several of the walls are in pure rye tips, sparkling by hand – layer on layer. As the sun throws rays on the walls, they seem uneven surfaces.

– This is craftsmanship, the walls do not appear to be perfect, but to me they are perfect. The material has its natural color and its shades and it is silky smooth to touch. Best of all, you can formally know it’s alive.

Different soner for all

The family has also emphasized a plan that they can grow with, with different zones for everyone, as well as common areas when they want to be together.

– We have exit on each floor, the oldest ruler in the first, where there is a bedroom, bathroom and TV room. We adults are in the middle with everything we need on the same level, and the two smallest camperers at the top with their bedrooms and TV lounge.

The middle floor is TV-free, here is the floor for good conversation and Friday’s glass of red wine.

The goal has been to take into account everyone’s needs. The children may have their colors on the walls.

And the big kitchen island is the center, there is room for everyone and nice, even on busy mornings.

– I’m probably particularly interested in interior, but I think everyone wants a quiet, real and balanced home, instead of circus feeling at home all week.

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"The walls are not perfect, but to me they are perfect

1. In the bathroom a decorative bust has taken place. Julie found it on Åhléns. Earlier it was in her daughter’s room, but when she got tired, the headless lady got a new place. 2. Julie says that the man would have an open and dark wardrobe while she would like shut and light. “Everything does not have to be alike, it’s important that everyone gets what they want,” she says. Here, however, she has put some shoes and bags in the man’s wardrobe, for the occasion. 3. The master bedroom in the middle floor has a bathroom close by. The black and white wolf images are by photographer Christian Houge. The bedspread is from Samsarah Interior in Drammen, the bedside table Tray is from Hay, and the carpet is from Living / Skeidar. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

Julie’s interior tips

  • Listen to family members wishes, children’s rooms should also reflect their personality and taste. If the child chooses a color on the walls you do not like, remember that it lasts forever.
  • Create a quiet base that is timeless, but timely. Break with pillows, flowers and art. It’s easier to replace a photo than a sofa.
  • Dare to think complementarily. Break cold with warm, bright with dark and matte with glossy. It makes things stand out.
  • Be aware of the materials you surround yourself with. Do not be afraid to mix different materials, and imagine the environment.
  • Root steals energy. Create good habits that make it easy to keep track. Give away to flea market or other charitable action, you can not take care of everything!

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