The walk was three times as big

Previously, the toddler family had to queue to get into the hallway. Then they incorporated the booth and got three times as much romp space.

The walk was three times as big

The family of two adults, two children and one dog bought the dream house outside Oslo. It was just a chin, the hall of 4 square meters was sad and inconvenient for an active young child.

Next to it was a self-contained storage room that served as a universal storage facility.

Marit and Thomas Riset saw the opportunity to tear down the wall into the living room, thus gaining triple area.

The residents were helped by interior designer MNIL Linda Lien who helped turn the little chaos into a cozy hall.

The walk was three times as big

LYSNET OPP. To the right of the front door you will see the old house door. After the transformation (right), the door was replaced with a window that made the hallway brighter. Photo: Frode Larsen / Private

The walk was three times as big

COMFORT ZONE. The hall area increased from 4 to 12 square meters. The window replaces the previous door. The seat bench found Marit Riset on the finn. no, Ikea chest of drawers and the red wooden bike are children’s. Photo: Frode Larsen

The former floor was torn down, lowered and rebuilt with tiles. Under the tiles, heating cables were laid so that water spills dried up quickly.

The walk was three times as big

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The wall of wallpaper was high on the wishlist, as did the bench that contributes to a pleasant environment in the new hallway.

The wardrobe solution is hidden behind two frosted glass doors and a mirror door.

And the smallest have got their own low-key wardrobe . As the resident himself says:

– We have gone from cramped chaos to the kioshall with large wardrobe and seating possibilities. Both adults, children and dogs have gained more order in life.

Interior Architects Tips

The walk was three times as big

dresser space. The large chest of drawers Hemnes from Ikea, holds scarves, socks, hat and mittens for big and small. Each family member has his drawer. Wardrobe from the Wardrobe. Shuttle from the Bauhaus. Photo: Frode Larsen

The walk was three times as big

LOW HANGING. The wardrobe solution is hidden behind two glass doors and a mirror door from the Garderobeman. The youngest get their own pole at a suitable height. The decor is called Elfa Premium. Photo: Frode Larsen

Two front doors turned into one, what happened?

The walk was three times as big

LOSS NICE. Residents want a wallpaper wall and the choice fell on ROMO, W333 / 05, Tamaki Vintage Amuve from Marathon Design. Photo: Frode Larsen

– The road between hallway and cage was demolished and two exterior doors were unnecessary. That’s why I placed a window in which the door to the living room was earlier.

– How to get an optimal wardrobe solution?

– Small children easily wear clothes and play in the hallway. If it becomes too much mirror, all the mess doubles. Throwing three pairs of shoes on the floor, it seems like six; so we decided for one mirror door and two white glass doors. The interior of the cabinets is flexible and can be changed according to the phase in which the family is located. It’s a good idea to look ahead when investing in quality.

– How to get the right mood, even in the evening?

– With pendulum lamps that can be dimmed down to “moon strength” you can create a nice atmosphere in the evening by lighting candles when guests arrive.

– Do you have any suggestions for walk-in furniture?

– In addition to the wardrobe itself, it is nice with a seat bench. This makes it easier to put on foot shoes. Besides, it’s a nice waitress.

– A large chest of drawers, each with a small toy tray, is nice with children in the house.

This cost the transformation:

Floors, tiles, heating cables, joints etc. $ 19,000

The walk was three times as big

GOOD END RESULT. Thomas and Marit Riset have two small children and dogs. Before it became easy chaos, now it is the order of the walk. Photo: Frode Larsen

Plasterboard, screws $ 1000

The walk was three times as big

DETAILS. The knots from MUUTO, House of Oslo, are decorative. They are available in three different sizes. Photo: Frode Larsen

The walk was three times as big

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Wallpaper, wallpaper, $ 2900

New window, $ 8500

Glass door from Swedoor, NOK 7995

Sliding door wardrobe, NOK 17,950

Decor, wardrobe, kr 5960

Lys, Bauhus, kr 950

Lists, panel div. , about. kr 2200

Miscellaneous paint, $ 1300

Bench, kr 2000

Chest of drawers, kr 1695

Skoyler, kr 470

Knagger, kr 895

Dog bed, $ 400

Lights, kr 1800

Skinn, kr 149

Door mat, kr 99

Div. electrical material, NOK 1025

Total $ 76,288

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The walk was three times as big

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