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The tricks that keep burglars away

If you want to avoid break-in during your holiday, a good relationship with the neighbor can be the key.

The tricks that keep burglars away

Tips before vacation

1. Avoid full mailbox. Stop or redirect the mail when you leave.

2. Put the landline phone over to the mobile phone.

3. Use a timer. Then you decide when light and sound turn on and off when you’re not home.

4. Do not leave the new flat screen hanging out in the living room window. Valuable items should be stored in the bank.

5. Double door locks are smart.

6. Collaboration with the neighbor.

7. Do not advertise vacation plans on social media.

8. Install alarm associated with an alarm center.

9. Enable the alarm in rooms you are not in.

10. Lock doors and windows in rooms you are not in.

Source: Securitas Direct

The tricks that keep burglars away

The terrace was new with sunseam

The tricks that keep burglars away

Shades of sunlight and heat

The tricks that keep burglars away

14 highlights in Amsterdam

The tricks that keep burglars away

The house is made of solid steel

It has become more wild in the villages in recent years, we will believe the figures from the Financial Industry Association (FNO).

Villa Thugs

– The thieves are professional and have become increasingly targeted. There are more valuable items stealing than before, “said Communications Director Leif Osland in FNO.

More organized crime from Eastern Europe is highlighted as the main reason.

And the damages after villa burglary have increased by 33 percent in the past year and 70 percent over the last two years.

Collaborating with the neighbor

– Enter a mutual cooperation with the neighbor. Get the grass hit and put some cups or newspapers on the table to create an illusion that you’re home , says information manager Birte Kulberg in Securitas Direct.

– Fill in the trash can. Ask the neighbor if he can put in an extra bag.

An empty garbage bin is a sign that you’re not home.

Larger chance

The tricks that keep burglars away

PASS ON THE TIMES: There are stolen more valuable items than before, according to FNO. Photo: Securitas Direct

Profit winners are willing to prepare before they turn on. They can go several rounds in the neighborhood to notice which houses seem to leave.

Resisting this impression can therefore pay off. Spend some money on installing insurance-approved locks on all exterior doors and exposed windows, encouraging the police.

If you do not have a burglary alarm associated with the staffed alert center in the home, there is a 25-fold greater risk of burglary, a survey shows as NHO Service and FNO recently released.

Naive Norwegians

Our advice is to unite with the neighbor and create the impression that there are people at home. You should also not tell Facebook, Twitter or any other social media that you are absent over time, “says Leif Osland, Communications Director at FNO..

Many Norwegians are naive and do not consider that they leave track that organized criminals can benefit from, he believes.

The insurance industry also wants to photograph what is in drawers and cabinets. It does not prevent burglary or fire, but it makes it easier to get a good loss list.

Think like the thief

Think like the thief, write the police on their website.

A piece of advice that may not be so easy to deal with if you do not have any thiefradd genes, but it’s about finding the weak points of the house.

– Half of all thieves enter the house through doors. Double locks are therefore wise, Kulberg comments in Securitas Direct.

If the basement door, back door or patio door is poorly secured than the front door, the thief detects this quickly. A regular opening barrier that keeps the window on glow is very easy to break up from outside. The same goes for old-fashioned clocks.

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