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The tricks that guarantee you the dream home

Knowledge of the seller can make you the most attractive buyer.

You have found the dream object, have the funding in order, and ready to throw you into the bidding round. The one with the most money often wins in the bidding round – but this is far from the only way to secure the dream home of.

– It is not always money that is the only interest of a seller. For example, if there is a bid in an apartment of three million you can always try to bid the same amount – but in addition, include other benefits that you think may be of importance to the seller, says Andrew Hemker, partner and broker at Privatmegeren Majorstuen.

Google and check Facebook

First sector in and lecturer at BI’s real estate brokerage study, Gorm Kunøe, agrees that it is advisable to obtain the most information about the seller.

– If you could get the counterparty’s psychology, that’s what it’s all about. Here the broker will often settle in between and would not provide information about the seller, but it takes only two minutes to find out that it is “Mrs. Knudsen” who lives in the third floor in 14 c, Kunøe points out.

And if it’s a toddler or elderly couple you’re up to, he thinks he can figure out online.

– You can only google people and everyone is on Facebook today so it should not be that difficult, he says.

Hemker and Kunøe think it might be a good idea to snoop and dig as much as you can to identify the seller’s situation.

– This may be asking brokers if sellers have already bought, if they have children, whether they are renovating housing and where old sellers are. This can make you the most attractive buyer. Time is often money, and not least time is often synonymous with a less stressful everyday life for many, and it is of high value, Hemker points out..

Be accommodating

Brokers should initially be neutral and impartial, but it does not hurt to behave like a decent and sociable type of view and in dialogue with broker.

– I have heard of cases where the broker has recommended a buyer versus another to seller, if there are two personalities talking and one seems very sociable versus a more culprit person, says Hemker.

– For the toddler family who just learned that the house they are kidding is not finished in about five months, it will be of great importance if you can be accommodating and flexible at the time of acquisition. Do you say: “Dear seller, I offer three million, and it is up to you to set a date for relocation within a period of five months”, of course, you will make yourself hugely attractive in such a situation, Hemker points out..

Another extra code you can play is washing and moving.

– For the elderly couple with bad backs it would be very nice if you offer them to run away all the old scrap they will not carry on. And not to wash and clean, that’s something everyone would appreciate in a busy moving situation, says Hemker.

Only on view? Psych out seller

The tricks that guarantee you the dream home

It’s a good idea to think about season in relation to objects. You should look for typical summer apartments with balconies and views to green areas, proximity to parks, and chalets with beautiful gardens in the winter months, when these qualities do not get well, advises broker Tommy Friestad. Photo: Ragnar Hartvig

Are there few on display, listed and no bids, it indicates a less attractive item. And in a market driven by supply and demand, this balance of power shifts towards the buyer. If the seller has already bought, you can stand above a favorable situation.

The tricks that guarantee you the dream home

This checks the Sinnasnekker’n on display

– For example, has already sold a new home, he or she will often be more accommodating to a lower bid in a situation with only one bidder. In addition, if there is interest in housing, it is of course possible to try out bids, “says Tommy Friestad, entrepreneur and broker at Boa Eiendomsmegling..

Placing a so-called shame offer, a bid quite far below cost, may work in such a case. Here you can try to play psychology and hope that the seller is of the nervous type when it comes to economics. Friestad’s advice is clear and clear in such a situation:

– You are in your stomach. A seller who has bought and is dependent on a quick sale will be more accommodating.

Buy balcony apartments during the winter season

Another tip to make bargains and avoid the worst battles is to think about season in relation to objects. Some homes are typical winter apartments and other summer apartments. Here are some factors that make up when they should be sold or on the other side when you can make a coup.

– In the winter months you should look for typical summer apartments with balconies and views to green areas, proximity to parks, and chalets with beautiful gardens when these qualities do not get well. Charming apartments with a fireplace that do not have a balcony can be contemplated. Then you can make bargains in the summer, Friestad points out.

Check counterparty funding

According to Hemker, it is also important to check that the person who opposes has the funding in order, so you know it is a real counterparty.

– Sometimes banks provide funding subject to a buyer. Does this reservation turn into four million and broker in the bid round’s hot forget to call up and check this reservation as the bid bicks four, do you potentially propose something that’s not really at the other end, he says.

Keep the cards close to the chest

A broker will be interested in getting the highest possible price, and the more information she’s on the bidders, the better cards she has to play in pushing up the price.

– Be sober to show how interested you really are to the broker. Never reveal how much you are willing to give or how much money you have at hand. Be tough, have ice cream and trust yourself, says Friestad.

– Set an absolute limit to what you are willing to give in advance so that you do not get torn and lose your head and money, Friestad advises.

The tricks that guarantee you the dream home

See what you will require from the broker

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