The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

See how the architects have used round shapes to make the apartment bigger.

The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

BOW AND TOWER: The curved walls make the eye dragged around the room. Photo: Maff

Staying in a small space, you need to be creative in finding creative solutions and storage problems, and not least, be critical of what you really need and what you can do without.

In this apartment in The Hague in the Netherlands, the architects from Queesten Architecten have been both inventive and solution-oriented when drawing this on behalf of Maff.

The apartment has attracted attention worldwide because of its round shapes and creative solutions.

The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

REMOVAL ROOM: The bed in the couch breaks for a comfortable TV while. Photo: Maff

Dutch design and architecture are known for their often both tight, modern and creative solutions, and the small country is far ahead in terms of design and design.

The Hague is not only the Dutch third largest city and an important political center. Here you will also find lots of great architecture, exciting shopping and innovative young designers.

Smart Decor

It may be that this apartment in clean measurements is not that big, but it matters more than in smart design.

Curved walls and round shapes lead the eye around the room, and lots of light from large windows helps make it feel cramped and closed.

Built-in furniture solutions make the room stripped of nips and many loose components, which also makes the room feel faint and the special architectural details come true.

The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

COLOR COVER: The orange pillows on the sofa are the only colorful touches in the apartment. Photo: Maff

Sloping ceilings can often cause rooms to work less than they are, but in this case, the white painted ceilings and not least the large skylight windows make more light emitted..

Black floors tighten the impression and the orange color of a sofa is a great contrast to all the white.

The sofa with its fresh color is also curved, emphasizing the full effect of the room. The sofa, which also contains the bedside, almost curls around a small table, and makes it more floor space to move on.

The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

ILLUSION: A large mirror in the staircase makes the room feel much bigger. Photo: Maff

The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

COMPACT AND CULTURE: A miniature bath hides right inside the kitchen. Photo: Maff

Optical effect

With its 30 square meters, the apartment is without doubt both compact and small, but smart solutions and the use of built-in furniture make it look bigger and more spacious.

The round curved walls add a softness to the design, and according to Sietske, who is architect and project manager at Queeste Architecten, was a conscious choice.

The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

LOW LIGHT: Large skylights make this compact loft apartment feel neither dark nor cramped. Photo: Maff

– The walls of the organic shape make the eye follow the shapes and drag around the room. That way you will be led to believe that you are surrounded by more space than you really are, tells the architect to Click. no.

Sofa color with meaning

The kitchen links the parts of the apartment and is bathed in natural daylight thanks to large windows in the roof.

That the sofa was orange was also not random, but as architect Sietske explains:

– The orange sofa is a reflection of the many orange roofs in the historic center of The Hague, which one has full view of from the windows of the apartment.

The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

FORMUL: Both the sofa, walls and furniture have round shapes in this apartment. Photo: Maff

The apartment is located in the attic of a private townhouse in The Hague. The owner, who also runs the Maff rental agency, lives in the same building.

A separate staircase leads up to the apartment on the top, which contains living room with sleeping possibility, dining area, toilet and bathroom with shower.

The apartment in The Hague can be rented per night, so if you are traveling to the city and do not want to stay in a hotel, this might be the solution.

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The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

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The tricks make the apartment a little bigger

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