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The tricks give you a sparkling clean oven

How to get a clean oven

The tricks give you a sparkling clean oven

Cleaning with vinegar and soda

  • The oven door can be cleaned by making a porridge of soda and water as you lubricate the door.
  • Use 200 grams of soda (four bags) as you mix with a snappy desiliter with warm water.
  • Add a cloth and let it work for 30 minutes.
  • Wipe the baking soda and rub or scrub on burnt spots.
  • Finish by dipping a cloth in vinegar. Use half a desiliter with seven percent ready vinegar to half a desiliter of water.
  • Place the cloth on the oven glass and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Stop washing with clean water.

Source: “Pure Glory” of Elizabeth High.

– If you use the oven without washing away the ribfats, spills will burn more and the cleaning will take longer, says Øistein Jamtveit in Miele Norway.

How often the oven should be washed varies greatly after use, but according to Jamtveit it’s an advantage not to let things burn too well between each sink.

– If you experience a lot of us when you cook, it’s always time to clean the oven, says Malin Skaar , head of Lilleborg’s Consumer Service.

Cleaning of self-cleaning oven

Some oven stoves are self-cleaning. Pyrolysis is a function that sets the oven to closer to 400 degrees – and this can make the job easier.

– It’s important to remove everything inside the oven before launching a pyrolysis program. Also read the operating instructions that come with the oven, Jämtveit.

Buying an oven with self-cleaning pyrolysis function will simplify the cleaning job in the future.

Although many of the kilns that are being sold today have a self-cleaning enamel, food remains can get stuck. Then you can try to wash with a mixture of water and detergent. Leave this for an hour and clean with a dish brush, then put on the oven’s self-cleaning program.

– But remember to check your oven’s operating instructions before cheating on this method, emphasizes Elisabet Høye, consumer journalist and author of the book “Ren Glede”.

How to clean a non-self-cleaning oven

On furnaces without pyrolysis function, one of the biggest mistakes you can do is not to use a suitable detergent when washing and do not rinse off soap well after washing, according to Jamtveit.

– If you use non-oven detergents, you may risk damaging the non-stick effect on the surfaces of some furnaces, he explains..

Scissors say it may be a good idea to cover the floors and areas around the oven, such as newsprint before cleaning.

– This is to prevent the detergent from getting into places that can not withstand it. Oven detergents should be treated with caution, she says.

Green soap trick

If you have a smooth enamel stove, green soap can be used.

Grease the walls and the bottom of the oven with a good layer of green soap and set the oven to 100 degrees.

When the soap bubbles, turn off the oven. Wash the oven clean when it is cold again.

To remove all soap tests, set the oven to 200 degrees and allow it to stand for 10 minutes before turning it off and opening the door.

Please note that ovens with rough, self-cleaning enamel do not tolerate green soap.

Source: “Pure Glory” of Elizabeth High.

Alternative cleaners

Do not have a self-cleaning oven that does the job for you – do not worry. There are many efficient ways to clean the furnace.

– Use the oven cleaner, allow it to work a little before you start. Warm up the oven a bit beforehand but no more than 50 degrees. Rinse thoroughly afterwards with clean water so that there is no film that can destroy the enamel in the oven. It will be harder to clean it later, “says Jämtveit, the council of cleaning.

You can use cleaning products especially for such cleaning, or you can use food products such as baking soda, vinegar or soda.

– Start wetting the inside of the oven and sprinkle on plenty of baking soda and set the oven to 50 degrees. Leave the oven for an hour and then turn it off and wait to open the oven door until the next day. The next day you can wash away burned spots, “says Elizabeth High.

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The tricks give you a sparkling clean oven

COOKED STEAM COVER: Remember to wait until the oven is completely cooled before you wash it. Photo: Getty Images.

Cleaning the tabletop

To clean the plate top of the stove, Jamtveit is advised to control detergent.

Shiny clean door

Use a toothbrush or a small brush brush to remove burnt spots.

Vinegar and soda work well.

Steel wool with soap will easily remove the coating, but will not be recommended by oven manufacturers because it can cause scratches in the glass,

You can put a cloth with zalo or green soap on the door for half an hour – before washing it clean.

Some glass doors also tolerate dishwasher. They can be removed and put into the machine.

Source: “Pure Glory” of Elizabeth High.

– Not all stains and leftovers will be removed. An invisible film will form, which leads to discoloration of the glass ceramic, “he says.
He also says you should not use abrasives or abrasives because this can scratch the top.

– Remove all coarse soils with a damp cloth and remove dirt that is jammed with a glass scraper. Clean the stove with a damp cloth and wipe it, says Jamtveit.

A tip from High is to insert the top of the cooktop with a special ceramic top.

– Do you save some work because stains do not get as easy as a polished cooktop, she writes.

To remove difficult spots, use the scraper that comes with the oven or regular glass scraper. You can also lubricate and rub liquid green soap right on the stain, allow the soap to work for a few minutes and wipe off.

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