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The toughest color of the interior

How to use this year’s trend color in the interior.

Find the paint cost, this year’s trendy trend color is red.

Nordsjö has faith in a warm, lightly veiled red color. Pantone believes in a more orange variant that they call Tangorine Tango.

The colors are described as exotic and friendly at the same time. They will add to the interior energy and an exotic streak.

You can use the color in the form of pattern on pillows, bedspreads or table top fabrics.

Another option is to use the color of details, kitchen equipment or other engineering equipment with a nice design to create an exciting and eye-catching color effect.

It may be nice to paint a wall or have a small piece of furniture in Tangorine Red for a dynamic energy outage.

Do you think it’s a bit drastic to paint the living room red, for example, start with some nice accessories.

The toughest color of the interior

TO NYANS: On the left you see Nordsjö’s variant of trend color. It has color code S 2060-Y90R. To the right you will see Pantone’s variant. At Fargerike this name is Mandarin Chic FR1148. Photo: Manufacturers

The toughest color of the interior

ACCESSORIES: Urbanears Headphones, Large, Simple Bag from American Apparel, Pantone Storage Box, and Nespresso Aeroccino. Photo: Manufacturers

The toughest color of the interior

ON OFFICE: Chair from Tolix and lamp from Kare Design. Photo: Manufacturers

The toughest color of the interior

PUTS AND TEXTILES: The living room above is painted with Duck Egg Blue FR1111, from Fargerike. The bright blue tone is a good and comfortable contrast to the pale red color. The textile over the armrest used as a blanket is called 6342288 Velor from the brand Lido (Green Apple). The large, single-colored satin pouch is called Silc Sateen “Pimpernell” from Ian Sanderson. It is the same textile lampshade is drawn in. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

The toughest color of the interior

LIGHT UP: If you do not want to make too drastic changes, start with these delicious West Elm cookie boxes. Photo: Producer

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