The toilet seat that makes the marriage

A sensor registers when you leave the scene and ensure that the toilet seat closes.

The toilet seat that makes the marriage

The toilet seat that makes the marriage

Paste the new bathroom beyond the old

The toilet seat that makes the marriage

– Hell Cola i do

The toilet seat that makes the marriage

The sink remembers your face

The toilet seat that makes the marriage

Affordable refurbishment of the bath

A dolok is no longer just a dolok, new designs are still being launched in the market.

The Danish company Pressalit presents a toilet seat that they claim forever and will always keep the dolokk discussion at home. This closes after the visit.

A sensor detects if you are done with your errand and close the lid quietly after you.

– We are constantly working to find new ways to make the toilet lid work, and then this was the next step, explains Anne-Sofie Hedegaard Andersen to the click. no.

She emphasizes that some of the background to the solution has obviously been the eternal discussion of whether the dolokket is going to be up or but that it has been as much about the hygienic aspects.

Now you do not really need to touch the toilet closet to close it.

What do you mean? Should the checkbox be closed after a dobesearch? Join our survey at the bottom of the case.

A dolok with meaning

The new toilet seat from Pressalit is called AutoClose, and it closes itself. And according to Pressalit, it also closes forever and always the debate between the sexes if the parish is to be closed or not. They call their new invention the toilet seat that has an opinion, and says that arguing couples can now come to rest.

“Men no longer need to remember to lay the dose down and women can enjoy a bathroom where the seat is always down. AutoCloset takes care of everyone and helps restore the harmony in the bathroom, “they write on their websites.

Intelligent toilet seat

Pressalit calls its newly developed toilet seat for intelligent. In that it states that the seat, with the help of a sensor, detects that someone is sitting on the frame.

When the person leaves the scene, it goes for a half hour and then both the seat and the lid say down and land carefully on the toilet bowl.

But so far no one has invented a toilet that cleans itself.

Removes broken expectations

The discussion about the doloket should be up or down, is a quarrel that drives many cohabitation. According to the professional adviser at the community center at Modum Bad, Gunvor Ek, ‚Äč‚Äčthere are many things about the expectations of the other.

– Many couples struggle to run a change project to change the other party. It’s about being aware that the other has grown up in another home, for example, the nightclub stood up all the time, she said to the click. no.

The deep things

In isolation, the discussion about dolokket will be an insignificant thing, but in a broader context it can be about something as basic as the power relationship in a cohabitation. Who his rules should apply?

– The hidden things in a cohabitation, those in the depths, which are about security, trust and respect in relation to each other.


According to Ek, all couples will have their themes, as soon as they get into them, they will create gruff.

– It’s all about communication, talking and picking up things that annoying, instead of going around and thinking for themselves that if he really loves me then he closes the deadlock.

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