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The things that remotely control your house

An easy installation, and you can control the heat and light. This reduces power costs.

The things that remotely control your house

In our world of dingser, there are still new solutions to our small, everyday challenges. Remote control of heat and light is one of these things that makes everyday life more seamless.

There are two systems for those who want to reinstall: Adapters that are plugged into the wall socket, which can be installed even the professional solutions that require the installation of an electrician.

– The solutions that only require plugging adapters into the sockets can be bought over disk and installed by everyone, but at the moment you need to plug in the connector or wiring arrangement, an electrician is required, emphasizes Trond Paasche at Enova Reply to Click. no.

Lower heating costs

According to Paasche, you can save up to 15 percent of the heating costs in a home if you install a single management system.

Approximately 55 percent of the energy consumption in a housing is used for heating.

– And assuming a total consumption of 20,000 kWh and a total electricity price of 100 øre per kWh, we are talking about a gain of just over 1600 kroner a year, Paasche expands.

– In addition, if you control the heat by zone division of the home, you can probably save more than 20 percent on heating costs.

To a small extent, there will be something to gain from controlling the light as well, at least if you are aware of the lighting in the home.

– The old rule applies to turning off the light when leaving a room, describes Paasche.

– But, from the point of view of safety, it will of course be appropriate to have a system that shines on the light during periods of absence in the home.

Concrete less suitable

The things that remotely control your house

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The benefit of installing a management system will depend on “what the system controls, how it is used and how you used energy before installing the facility” as they write on their websites.

Enova believes that a management system will first and foremost suit those living in a lightweight construction like woodworking or logging.

The reason why there is less benefit to get by day and night thinking in homes with heavy structures, such as concrete, is that these materials have high heat storage capacity. Again, the heating system must start earlier by increasing the temperature. That means shorter time for savings, explains Paasche.

Self-assembly systems

– The products sold over the counter to the consumer are intended to control receivers plugged into the electrical outlets, explains Hallstein Kvassheim at Kvassheim Elektro.

And the systems consist mainly of a transmitter or remote control in addition to the receivers plugged into the electrical outlets.

These systems can be installed by the individual, and do not require significant data skills.

The control of these systems occurs either by a physical remote control device or an application installed on your PC. Later, there have also been applications for smartphones.

Tellstick is one such system. It plugs directly into the USB port on the PC or one of the outputs on the router, and then sends the signals wirelessly to the adapters that are plugged into the electrical outlets.

Tellstick is sold at Clas Ohlson, Komplett and Netonnet.

Prices range from around NOK 600 and upwards.

At the other end, so-called remote controlled switches are required. These are adapters that are plugged into the wall outlet and act as receivers for the signals sent from the Tellstick or other systems.

One of the systems available is Nexa, and they are sold at Clas Ohlson, Elby and Komplett..

The recipients have a piece price of around 200 kroner.

Systems requiring electrical installer

The things that remotely control your house

THINGS SAVING POWER: A transmitter and a recipient (or more) to around 1000 dollars is all that is necessary to lower heating costs by at least 15 percent. Photo: Manufacturers

Anyone who wants a system with more options than just turning the panel furnaces on and off will have a big range to play on.

The things that remotely control your house

Except for high power billing

Such systems have been on the market for several years, and are especially suitable for retrofitting in existing homes and assembled as hidden installations by electrician.

According to Kvassheim, light can be switched on / off, dims up / down and programmed light scenes can be programmed. F. eg “morning”, “evening”, “night”, “all on”, “all of” and the like.

The facility can be expanded gradually, if you clean room for rooms. Some of the systems can also control hidden heat.

You can also get applications and interfaces to these systems to control the device from their smartphone.

The most well-known systems on the market are supplied by Micro Matic Norway (Funkbus) and Eaton (Xcomfort)

According to Kvassheim, these systems have a price tag of $ 25,000 and upwards, depending on how advanced one wants it.

– I have even installed a system at my house that controls light and heat in the living room and kitchen.

Smart Home

The most advanced solution is to turn the whole house into a high-tech castle, known as smart house. Then you can control everything from light and heat to access control and music. And if you want to take it even longer, you can build a so-called asset house that, in addition to smart house solutions, also builds on the passive house standard.

– It can be said that systems that are installed in existing buildings are wireless, while in new buildings it is possible to install wired solutions, so-called bus-based systems, explains Hallstein Kvassheim.

The things that remotely control your house

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And when you can start from scratch, it also gives you the greatest opportunity to tailor a solution to your own needs.

Both in Norway and in Europe, the so-called KNX standard is prevailing in governance systems, which means that as long as it stays within that standard, a multitude of management products can be installed. The video below shows how such a solution can work.

Public Support

Anyone wishing to install power management in their home can receive government support through Enova.

There is no assumption as to how advanced your system is or if you have installed it yourself. However, support requires that the system includes a central control unit. Furthermore, the following is required:

  • The management system must be able to handle at least three temperature zones independently of each other
  • Settings should not be canceled in case of power failure or voltage drop
  • The commitment must be used within four months from the date of commitment

Through the scheme you can receive a grant of up to 4000 kroner.

The things that remotely control your house

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