The test winner can withstand Christmas and come to everywhere

We have tested seven battery-powered lawnmowers.

The test winner can withstand Christmas and come to everywhere

About the Test:

The 7 different grass trimmer / edge clippers have been tested by test journalists Bjørnhild Fjeld and Tore Fjeld, who also released the garden book Hageguiden – the beginner’s way to green pleasures.

The lawnmowers have been tested in practical use for trimming edges around the lawn and for edge edges on slopes with various weeds.

We have rated the trimmer based on ease of use, mowing results and how well they handle coarser weeds like burns etc. Dice cuts are based on an overall assessment of how they meet the given test criteria.

The products are borrowed from the manufacturers to complete the test. The prices given are indicative and may vary in the various retail outlets.

Do you have a garden with lawn, do you also need a good lawn mower or lawn trim as they are also called. For the lawnmower does not come anywhere, then it’s nice with a good tool to cut edges and hard-to-reach areas.

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The test winner can withstand Christmas and come to everywhere

POWERFUL: The best edge cutters easily cut heavy torches. PHOTO: Tore Fjeld

The test winner can withstand Christmas and come to everywhere

BATTERY INDICATOR: Nice to have, so you can leave it in good time. PHOTO: Tore Fjeld

The test winner can withstand Christmas and come to everywhere

GOOD SNOWS: Some of the cutting lines in the test are like sharp knives, while the poorest must be changed almost before we get started. PHOTO: Tore Fjeld

The test winner can withstand Christmas and come to everywhere

TEST WINNER: Bosch mower is good enough to funke as lawn mower, if you have a small lawn. PHOTO: Tore Fjeld

If you have a slope with burning spikes and other weeds, it’s okay to have an edge cutter that can act as a “modern lion”.

It is also very good that the edge cutter is without wire, ie either battery powered or with petrol tank. We have chosen to test lawnmowers with rechargeable batteries this time, as this is most convenient for ordinary hobbyists.

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Tested for Different Uses

But it is by far all the lawnmowers that work equally well for all purposes. We have tested 7 different models from 6 manufacturers, as we have tried out typical “grass trim tasks” in the garden.

They have been tested for cutting edges by lawn and on slopes with various high-weed weeds such as lantern and dandelion. There has also been a danger of getting lost in harder twigs and other materials.

The edge cutter who tackles all tasks best, and therefore becomes a winner, is the Bosch Bosch ART 26-18 LI +.

This is a very easy-to-use grass trimmer that is powerful enough to fix even the most stubborn burns. Nor is the knife damaged or damaged even if we are unfortunate and come across harder materials.

– Simply a very good machine to maneuver. And the mowing results get very smooth and even. If you have very little lawn you can use this as a lawn mower, suggests gardener writer Tore Fjeld, who has been in the test panel.

To puzzled

The two products that get the worst in the test are the IKRA Flexotrim grass trimmer. Here we tried two different models, one with traditional thread, and the other with a nylon knife as a cutting tool.

The IKRA Flexotrim 1520MC, which is the model with nylon knife, was the worst in test and got a dice 1. The main reason is that the nylon knife is broken shortly – within ten minutes of clipping we had to change the knife three times.

The regular thread model works a bit better, but it’s too dumb to work on coarser weeds. Should you only cut grass, these trimmer is all right, but for other tasks you should choose another model.

Marketing Manager Preben Kjos Gabrielsen in the company Gardentools. No, a dealer of IKRA Flexotrim, has not received negative feedback on the products previously, but he says he will take our feedback with the manufacturer.

– I’ve even tried the model with nylon knife and found it to work very well for weeds. The nylon knife did not smoke until I managed to drive it into the terrace, says Kjos Gabrielsen.

However, we believe that a grass trimmer should endure you to get some harder materials without breaking the knife – they are often used for example when cutting a wall. Some wear may be expected, but a knife should last more than ten minutes.


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