The staircase you have not seen

The stairs game has a structure that binds together steps and steps.

The staircase you have not seen

The staircase you have not seen

LAMINATE TRAPPED: The laminate is made of walnut and beech so it has a striped color scheme in the design. Photo: Inventas

The Stairs Game is a collaboration between designers in Inventas Molde and Melby carpentry workshop.

The stairway is made for a whole new method.

Steps and steps are made in the same section, of molded wood (walnut and beech). This gives the structure extra strength, and only one supporting element is required in the center of the construction.

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Open and floating

Together with glass gels, the staircase has a light and open shape.

The staircase has a design language, materials and a design that fits new buildings and funkis buildings, but it can also be an exciting contrast in older buildings.

Marked for good design

The staircase was awarded a good design 2009.

The jury noted, among other things, that “the wavy form of the steps creates associations to river or waterfalls and is a new aesthetic element adapted to modern architecture.”

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They also note that the staircase is as aesthetically successful both front and back.

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The staircase you have not seen

UNIQUE DESIGN: The staircase is made with steps and steps in the same part, of molded wood. Photo: Inventory

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