The sprays stroke in the test

Only half of the bathroom sprayers passed the test.

The sprays stroke in the test

Swedish has tested cleaners for the bathroom.

In the test they should see how the sprays removed the lime and other dirt in the bathroom.

Eight products were tested and five criteria were emphasized.

The most important was the ability of the agents to remove lime, as lime spots are difficult to remove.

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All products promise to remove lime stains in the bathroom, but the test shows that only half of the sprays did the job.

– It’s possible that the results would be better if the drug was working longer, or if we smelled of the stain, “said Martine Grammatico of the test laboratory, Eurofins, who conducted the test.

– But we’ve followed the instructions on the labels and it’s just Jif Cream that recommends spitting. The idea of ​​a product like this is also that it’s going to be quick to use it, explains the test lab.

On soaps and other stains in the bathroom there were no sprays that were very bad.

The sprays stroke in the test

The winner of’s bathroom detergent test was from Cillit bang.

These sprays were tested:

Cillit Bang, Mr. Muscle, Ajax, Jif Cream, Kalkosan, Eldorado, Euroshopper and Jif Powercream.

The best spray test spray was Cillit Bang power remover.

The lowest score was Jif powercream.

See the full cleaning of the cleaners (pdf).

An unpretentious test of Cilllit bang made by Dinside showed that a cheap dishwasher was as effective in the dirt in the bathroom.

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