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The smartest white goods you can buy

Cut the bill of electricity with environmentally friendly appliances.

The smartest white goods you can buy

Energy labeling

White goods are labeled for consumers to see how much electricity each product uses. Then you can compare the power usage of different products and get lower power bills by choosing the most energy efficient product.

On average, today’s most energy efficient refrigerator uses about 80 percent less energy than in 1990. For cabinets, cabinets and dryers, savings are around 65 percent.

The scheme was introduced in 1996 with A as best and G as the worst class. Later, the categories A +, A ++ and A +++ are introduced because the products have been better than the requirements of Class A.

In Norway today, hardly any products are sold in the poorest classes. This is due to both consumer demand and the technological development of the manufacturers.

An A ++ refrigerator uses 40% less power than an A fridge and 55% less than a B cabinet.

The following appliances should have energy labeling: refrigerators / freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, combined washing / drying machines, light sources, ovens, air conditioners.

It is the responsibility of the stores that the products are properly labeled.

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) is responsible for the energy labeling scheme.

Source: Enova / NVE

Most Norwegian homes have many appliances. In the kitchen we have fridge, freezer and dishwasher and in the bathroom we run the washer and dryer several times a week. But when we need new products, most people think of price and quality. Are you checking if the product has a A, A + or B sticker? And do you really know what this means?

By checking the energy labeling of the product before choosing from the store, you can save the environment and money by reducing your own power bill.

In Norway, all appliances sold must be energy labeled. This means that you as a consumer should be able to see how much electricity each product uses. By choosing a low-energy product you will also save money by reducing power consumption and billing.

Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, ovens, air conditioners and light sources must all have energy labeling. It is the responsibility of the store that the products are labeled correctly.

Environmentally friendly is often good quality

– There are many customers who have not thought about the environment when they come to buy home appliances. Norwegians can clearly get better at it. But when we first begin to explain the branding scheme and that different products are more environmentally friendly than others, there are many who are interested. I also like to remind you that if we all buy the most environmentally friendly products, the impact on the environment will be great, “says Robert Terøy, sales manager for white goods in Elkjøp to click. no.

He remembers that even though the savings per product may be at only $ 100 a year, it will be bigger when you think you have 5-6 products in the house and that they are used for at least five years each.

– It is also very often a close connection between environmentally friendly and good quality. The products that have the best energy labeling are often better insulated, they are made of better materials and generally have high quality. Many also have a more durable engine and live longer, “says Terøy.

White and brown goods account for about 15-20 percent of power consumption in Norwegian households. For many, consumption can be halved by switching to the most energy efficient devices on the market.

If this is done in all homes, this energy saving corresponds to two and a half times the total Norwegian wind power production, according to the Naturnerforbundet.

Save more dog tags a year

It’s the cold products, ie refrigeration and freezer products where it’s most to earn the most environmentally friendly products.

Enova has calculated how much you can save in power costs by choosing the most energy-efficient device when you buy new.

In the calculation, a current price of 1 kr per kWh has been used.

A 250-liter fridge and freezer with B-brand will use 406 kWh / year, while one with the A ++ brand will use 177 kWh / year. It gives a savings of 229 kroner in a year.

A 250 liter freezer will use 573 kWh / year with D-brand, while one with the A ++ brand will use 177 kWh / year. It gives a savings of 396 kroner in one year.

A 200 liter refrigerator will use 160 kWh / year with A-brand, while one with A ++ will use 90 kWh / year. It provides a saving of 70 kroner in a year.

An older washing machine will use 460 kWh / year with five washings a week, while a new with the A ++ brand will use 200 kWh / year. Here’s the saving of 260 kroner in one year.

The smartest white goods you can buy

Watch this: Take a look at the product’s energy labeling before buying appliances next time. Choosing the best class means money saved on the electricity bill.

A dryer that runs three hours a week will use 600 kWh / year with C-brand, while one with A-brand will use 375 kWh / year. It provides a savings of 225 dollars in a year.

Proper Use of Appliances

To use the least power, you can:

Let the heated food be cold before placing it in the refrigerator.

Tin frozen food in the fridge, it gives free cold.

Think about the amount of washing machine you need and fill it up when you wash.

Dryer uses the most energy at a time. There is a big difference in energy consumption between different models.

Fully fill the dishwasher. It consumes less energy than washing up by hand.

Use boilers and frying pans adapted to the cooking plates. Remember the lid.

Freezers should be placed in a cool part of the house. Remember to reject and let hot food be cold before placing it in the freezer.

Always deliver old products to approved recycling centers or to the electronics store.

Source: Energy Chart. no.

If you saw the 5-year savings, you can quickly save a thousand dollar or more on the bill of electricity. Many products also last much longer than that for 10 or 15 years. It may be worth remembering when standing in the store and considering an energy-efficient product against another.

Find the best products

The Nature Conservation Association is behind the website’s energy map. Here you can find the products that are most energy efficient. They also provide a number of tips on how the correct use of the machines makes them use the least power.

– Energy saving is very important to the environment. It is important that the product is energy efficient, but also that the components in the machine are environmentally friendly and that it is manufactured in the most environmentally friendly manner. We have emphasized that when we have chosen the best products, “says Martin Brandtzæg in the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

He emphasizes that it is not always the case that the most environmentally friendly products are the most expensive.

– Many consumers turn to us and are frustrated that it’s hard to know how to live as environmentally friendly as possible. We are therefore working for better advice aimed at consumers and preferably a new and more intuitive marking of such products. When you see that the products have an A, it’s easy to think it’s the best category, but it’s no longer anymore, says Brandtzæg.

Deliver old to recycle

He is pleased that technological advances have been so good in recent years and the demands made on new products are getting stricter.

– We find that many people want to buy environmentally friendly products and live the most environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is so important that consumers get enough information about how they can be environmentally friendly in their daily lives.

Enova also asks you to think about your needs before buying. Do not buy larger freezers or refrigerators than you really need, the larger the cabinet, the more power it uses.

The smartest white goods you can buy

DO NOT KEEP IT: If you buy a new freezer, you should not keep the old one in the basement as an extra freezer. Then power consumption is more than twice as large. Photo: Gro Strømsheim

Also, remember that all stores selling home appliances are required to receive your old products. And they can be delivered to your local recycling station. Do not keep the old freezer as an additional freezer, when you use even more power.

– Basically, we encourage people to use the products they already have as long as possible. It’s not just throwing the old freezer and buying a new one, remember that it costs a lot of resources and energy to create a new freezer. If you want to buy a new product yourself, try giving away the old so that others can benefit from it, says Brandtzæg.

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