The royal kingdom removes snow and ice

Natursand is the castle’s trick to speed up the snow melting.

The royal kingdom removes snow and ice

Do you long for the spring to come to the garden and would like the snow to melt in a flash?

While last year there were only lawns many places at this time, the snow is still decimetrating around.

So what are you doing? The castle has its own method, which they probably try out the first time this year, but according to the castle club Tor Småland is well-proven, among other things, at golf courses.

And the bonus of the method is that it also gives a gain for the grass when it grows when it’s been barked.

– The sand disappears into the soil and creates airspace which in turn is positive for the growth of the planet, “explains the plenary scientist at Bioforsk, Agnar Kvalbein.. no.

– It is optimal to use a little coarser sand, with a grain size between 0.5 and 1 millimeter. It helps to create air-filled pores in the soil.

Soil is also an agent that was sprinkled on the snow to get started melting.

The royal kingdom removes snow and ice

TEMPORARY SNOW MELTING: There is a clear distinction between where the natural sand has worked and the area not strewn. Photo: Alexander Berg jr.

Sand on sand

The royal kingdom removes snow and ice

The least possible care in the garden, thanks

The castle gardener Småland does is sprinkle on sand, and especially this year it has been necessary to do something because parts of the castle park are covered with thick ice.

– We have sprinkled about 80 tons of natural sand (fraction 0.5 – 1 mm) in a thickness of about 0.5 cm, with the sun’s help increasing the melting of the ice, he explains to the click. no.

– The method is particularly well-known and well-used in, for example, golf courses, and is usually called dressing. The advantage of wearing winter dressing is that we can drive heavier equipment on frozen land without destroying the lawns.

At Oslo Golf Club, which owns Bogstad golf course, they use either active charcoal or dark sand.

– This is to prevent ice burns, for example, says John Riiber, CIO, to click. no.

– But if the grass has been under ice for more than 90 days, it’s unlikely that the grass will live when spring comes.

Improved Growth Ratio

A bonus with this method is that when the snow has melted, the sand disappears into the lawn and provides better weight ratio.

– After ice melting, the sand will strengthen and improve the lawn and grass growth. For aesthetic reasons, we seek to dress in advance of the announced snowfall, Småland expands.

Dark surface favorable

The royal kingdom removes snow and ice

SAND MILLS SNOW AND IS IN THE SLOTTS PARK: The castle has used sand over large areas to accelerate ice and snow melting. Photo: Alexander Berg jr.

But what happens when sand helps to melt snow faster?

The royal kingdom removes snow and ice

Pick the blue whisper with conscience

It is not the sand grains in itself that is the key.

– It’s the dark surface of the sand in relation to the light of the snow that creates the reaction, because a dark surface will attract more solar energy than a light surface, explains Kvalbein.

– In general, anything that has a darker color than the snow will work in the same way, thus contributing to the snow being fed more melt energy.

The active litter that Bogstad Golfbane uses will not recommend Kvalbein, first and foremost from a practical point of view.

– Coal, or ash, can easily become pig, especially where you have children playing in the garden. And in that context, coarser sand is also better than finer, because the coarse not so easily attaches to the clothes.

Sand instead of lime

The use of sand also has an additional advantage in terms of spring growth.

– Sand can advantageously replace lime, both because the lawn generally rarely needs lime and because sand is cheaper, Kvalbein expands..

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The royal kingdom removes snow and ice

FINKORNET NATURSAND: The castle uses fine-grained natural sands, sprinkled on the snow, to accelerate melting. Other means can also be used. Photo: Alexander Berg jr.

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The royal kingdom removes snow and ice

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