The roughest cabin we have seen

Arkitekthytta in Årjäng has a pointed muzzle that can be pulled all the way into the shell.

Dragspelhuset is a magic, small architectural building, signed by the Dutch architect Maart Maarten Lammers and Boris Zeisser, living in Rotterdam.

The cabin is located by a small lake in Årjäng in southern Sweden, just five miles from Halden.

A moving space fronts the snail

Trailer house name, people in the district have given the cabin because the room in front of the house can be pulled all the way into the shell.

On this video, you see the developer, architect Boris Zeisser in 24 H Architects, presenting the project.

There are not many Norwegian architectural projects such as Mats Dragspelhuset in creativity, but Nesoddenhuset is far from A-4 and the rugged Rennesøyhuset can also take your breath away.

The roughest cabin we have seen

COOL DESIGN FROM HOLLAND: When the moped room almost hangs over the pelvis, the natural experience is at its most extreme. Photo: Christian Richters

Clean Skin Dress

The roughest cabin we have seen

THE HOUSE IN THE SKOG: The dragon house is idyllically situated on top of a rock near both the stream and the lake. Photo: Christian Richters

The roughest cabin we have seen

Only one room in the cabin of the architect

It’s not just the sharp moving room in front of the house that makes us wake up. The interior is also sensational.

Walls and ceilings lined with skinny skin are a sight.

– We would make this summer the holiday home something special, says Maartje and Boris when we visit them in their combined architectural office and residential building in a well-established urban neighborhood smoke not far from the city center of Rotterdam.

An old fishing cabin was the starting point

The unusual cabin shape they have come to be a result of, among other things, Swedish building regulations. These regulate how large and near the water and neighboring boundaries a new building may be.

Here the architect’s starting point was a hundred years old, one-bedroom fishing cabin. It was so close to the shoreline and a pitcher that, according to the regulations, it was difficult to construct a regular extension to the old house.

But the plot was so unique that the two pros with experience from construction projects in both Europe, Africa and Asia bought the old fishing cabin anyway.

Fixed the problem

The roughest cabin we have seen

AN ANTIQUE HOUSE: The way the wall is built up by roof tiles in cedar makes the house reminiscent of a reptile. Photo: Christian Richters

The roughest cabin we have seen

WHEN THE VILLAGE WAS: The 24H Architecture dragon house points with its reindeer skins right towards the sea. Photo: Christian Richters

The roughest cabin we have seen

SPECIAL CLASS: The roof tiles in ceilings and walls are made according to old Swedish models. Photo: Christian Richters

The creative solution to Zeisser and Lammers simply became clear to make this muzzle room hanging in the loose air.

The roughest cabin we have seen

The view gives the feeling of being on the go

The roughest cabin we have seen

Everything you see is discovery, second-hand and home-made

Thus, the fishing cabin with the muzzle extension does not put a so-called footprint on the site that is larger than the law allows.

How these two Rotterdam architects fulfilled their dream of a holiday in the north, closely linked to nature.

The house can be expanded

– This building can adapt to the seasons and weather conditions and the number of people living in the cabin, says Zeisser to Bonytt. no.

If the weather is warm and the owners have visitors on a visit, the moped room is always pulled out. Just as butterfly larva suddenly breaks out of the coconut shell and turns out the wings when spring comes.

– And it’s in the summer when the cabin is fully drained, and the moped room hangs over the creek that the natural experience on the spot is at its most extreme, the owners tell.

The cabin is in winter fall

In winter, the muzzle room with a rail and pull system is swiveled back in.

The roughest cabin we have seen

A CULTURAL MEETING INCLUDING: Modern Vitra design furniture meets pure leather and traditional community culture inside the Dragspelhuset. Photo: Christian Richters

The roughest cabin we have seen

SOCIAL INSPIRATION IN SWEDEN SWEDEN: Both walls and ceilings are covered with reinskinn. They both isolate and provide a slight, visual effect in the room. Photo: Christian Richters

The roughest cabin we have seen

ECOLOGY IN HOUSE: Organic shapes that remind, among other things, of the architect Antonio Gaudi’s work in Barcelona goes as a red thread through Dragspelhuset. Photo: Christian Richters

This is how the dragon house goes from being 72 square meters to 54 square meters. There will thus be both a smaller area to warm up and two layers of insulating walls in the front of the cabin in the cool parts of the year.

The roughest cabin we have seen

The two architects behind Dragspelhuset, Boris Zeisser and Maartje Lammers in the 24 H Architecture photographed outside their offices in Rotterdam. Photo: Espen Grønli

In one with the terrain

Otherwise, Dragspelhuset is characterized by the fact that both ceilings and walls are painted after an old Swedish roofing technique.

The roof slabs are in Canadian cedar. A tree that does not require maintenance, and when it’s burned, it gets an elegant patina that glides into nature around.

This means that after a few years the cabin almost disappears completely in the forest landscape with a few gray scars here and there.

Several cabins that slide into the terrain

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The roughest cabin we have seen

Stands out in Holmenkollen

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