The plant that can withstand the drain with the watering

Pelargonia is one of Norway’s most popular plants, and you like it well for many years.

– Slyngpelargonia is one of our best jar and balcony planters, says Mette Olsen Elfstedt at Gartner Olsen in Eidsvoll.

Not only is this a plant that grows big and nice, it is also a flower that can withstand drought well. You may well be away for a weekend or week without much watering and you can pick it up too next season.

– A rule of thumb is that pelargonia dies more often than too little, the garden-based plantation writes on its web pages.

Remove faded flowers

A precondition for keeping the plant for a long time is to keep it well maintained throughout the summer. If you’re nice with it, the plant responds to blooming the summer and you get a great patio with many flowers.

Just remember to pinch the faded flowers eventually. This stimulates new budding and new flowering occurs.

Keep the grid

– The vast majority of sled goggles are sold with a green support grid, and it is important to let this grid stand on. It is not without reason that it is there, “says Olsen Elfstedt. When you buy the plant, the plant is well used to this grid and you try to remove it, many branches will break.

– The grid supports whether there is a lot of wind and weather, and as the plant grows, the grid will not seem untrue, she says.

Plain pelargonia

In addition to garlic gargonia, one has ordinary pelargonia or geranium, as many say. This plant is not so fond of strong sun, so it’s advisable to think about where to plant it.

The plant that can withstand the drain with the watering

Fine Colors: There are many varieties of pelargonia. The flower is beautiful in bright colors. Photo: www.

– In the sun there will be a big chance that it will dry, and then the plant will have large gray spots on the leaves. Nor does it like to stand out in the rain. The flowers can then be ugly and rotten, says Olsen Elfstedt.

Pelargonia under cover

The gardener’s tip is therefore to let the plain pelargonia stand under an awning. This will allow both direct sun and rain. These are prerequisites for success with the plant.

– In plain pelargonia you should remove the flowers so that there are 3-5 buds on the underside of the flower. Then put the new buds and will bloom all summer, says Olsen Elfstedt.

She also recommends long-term fertilization in boxes and pots – one tablet per plant. This will be put into place after planting and lasts all season.

Put your pelargonia cold

If you want your pelargonia to last for several seasons, it’s important to put it cold when the fall is coming. Five plus degrees are appropriate temperature, because the colder the plant is, the less water and light it needs. According to the Plantation, you may want to give a splash of water throughout the winter, but the plant is able to dry.

– Remove flowers before setting it in for the season. The plant can be removed from winter storage and lightened from March. Cut off all that is brown and bad and pot if needed. You can start fertilizing when you see that the plant begins to grow, says Olsen Elfstedt.

Many varieties of pelargonia

Although flora and pelargonia are the most common garden plants, according to Plantas, there are a number of other varieties.

In total, there are over 8000 geranium species in the world, and they are found in the most beautiful colors. New varieties are being renewed and developed all the time.

How to Plant a Glazier Glaze:

-Use a sharp knife and cut of 1/3 of the pot at the bottom. You can optionally use a scissors and cut the bottom

-Plant the whole plant with the remaining pot and grid

-The grid will be on throughout the season

Facts about pelargonia:

-Pelargonia has been a popular living plant in Europe for over 400 years

-Haggerargonia has been common for over 100 years

The name Pelargonium comes from the Greek word Pelargos which means stork


Did you know that:

Pelargonia is, according to the Information Office for Flowers and Plants, one of Norway’s most popular flowering potted plants.

2.6 million plants are produced each year, and pelargonia is only struck by Christmas star and fire top.

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