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The pegs that speed up the bidding round

Should you sell your home now, you may want to spend some time and effort in interior and presentation.

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

SHOP: Alvhem Mäkleri also has its own interior shop that sells and lends products. Photo: Alvhem

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

COMPLETE: Alvhem Mäkleri has a complete concept that involves completed interior of the homes they sell. Photo: Alvhem

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

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The pegs that speed up the bidding round

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The pegs that speed up the bidding round

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The housing market is burning hot during the day and many homes are sold at far beyond cost. There are often two periods during the year that are hotest, namely August and January.

Many people today swear to housing styling in different ways and it has become a noticeable trend in recent years. New styling agencies are still emerging, with different concepts and variants of housing styling.

Complete Concept

In Sweden, a new form of brokerage housing has grown in recent years, which is based on having a completed interior of the homes they sell. Residential styling is part of the total package of customers, in one form or another.

Alvhem Mäkleri in Gothenburg is one of the largest players in Sweden.

Our concept is based on collaboration with skilled stylists, hand-picked photographer, and an interior shop where customers can buy and borrow items for styling, explains Nils Jacobsson in Alvhem’s brokerage to bonytt. no.

– Products from the store can also be purchased for their new, future home, if they wish. Customers can either order a styling of us, or they can borrow things and style themselves.

The brokers are styling themselves

But our brokers are also very skilled in style, and it is the case that the stylists do not have to enter the pitch at all. With us there is no solution, as each case and apartment are different and unique.

– We believe in personal involvement and good relationships. We will be able to spend as much time and effort on all customers, thus making it more personal.

The brokers at Alvhem’s brokerage are all equipped with their own styling handbook that they can get into. It contains both pictures and information that they have collected over the years.

– The brokerage of us involves a little more than usual brokerage, explains Jacobsson.

Specific criteria

Alvhem Mäkleri is located in Gothenburg and focuses only on old apartments in three parts of the city.

– We have actually had to thank no people, continues Jacobsson. – Our concept is old apartments, and we only stick to the areas Linnaeus, Vasastan and Kunghöjd.

– I absolutely believe that styling pays for the customer, otherwise we would not have recommended it.

We not only sell a home but a lifestyle and a prerequisite for a future dream.

The price for a package at Alvhem Mäkleri is between 10. 000-30. 000 Swedish Kroner.

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

PERSONAL: Although Alvhem’s brokerage houses are styled, they would like a personal expression in the interior. Photo: Alvhem

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

OLD AND NEW: All the homes of Alvhem estate brokers are old apartments in three specific parts of the city. This carries both the apartments and the interior feel. New and modern touches create tough contrasts. Photo: Alvhem

Home styling in Norway

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

COLORS: Many of Alvhem’s apartments have a bright and neutral base. Some color clocks and rough items refresh the interior. Photo: Alvhem

Intro Interior Design is one of the Norwegian styling agencies.

– We are mainly contacted by brokers, but more and more private individuals also contact us directly. We have many regular customers, they use us because they know us well and know that we are always delivering. That is, we have no formal agreements, explains Kari Brantenberg, general manager of Intro Interior Design for Bonytt. no.


– 50 square meters is located at about 10. NOK 000 for rent for viewing and 12. 000 kroner for three views. Everything is being added to the photo, usually 1.5 weeks before viewing, tells the stylists.

– Will you earn the cost of any sale?

– We tend to say that as long as so many brokers recommend spending money on styling, it’s probably worth it. They know the sales process and know what’s going on and would not recommend that you spend money other than the broker’s sales commission, “says Kari Brantenberg.

– What we often experience is that especially small apartments seem less without furniture, and that large costly apartments need great furniture to show the potential.

Styling and refurbishment

Kvadrat Boligstyling is a styling agency in Bergen that also facilitates renovation work. In line with Intro Interior Design, they work independently, but with many regular customers in the form of various brokerages.

Margun Sande from Kvadrat boligstyling believes styled homes achieve higher prices than those who are not styled.

– Serious surveys done in England, where styling is common, shows that styled homes achieved an average 7 percent higher price, “says Margun Sande, from Kvadrat Boligstyling to bonytt. no.

– We also see that beautiful pictures on the web pull more for viewing. This will in turn give more participants in the bidding round and then you have the best prerequisites for a good price. Often there is only one chunk in the bidding round, so the cost of styling is earned again.

– We have more and more assignments where we also make easier renovation work. It is of a more cosmetic nature, such as painting work, laying parquet, changing worktop, changing kitchen fronts etc.

Styling pays off

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

IMPLEMENTED: This home from Intro Interior Design has a stylized and implemented expression. Photo: Intro interior design

In Norway, we are happy to co-operate with regular housing designers

The pegs that speed up the bidding round

TON IN TON: Thousands of colors tone in tone give a neutral and inviting expression. Photo: Intro interior design

– It is clearly worth using stylists, explains Gøran Sørensen from Privatmegeren Residence on Skøyen to bonytt. no. “And it definitely affects housing prices, he believes. – Is there room for using a stylist, so I always recommend it, depending on the type of housing it is and what kind of furniture they have before.

Styling is not always important

Christian Vammervold Dreyer from Eie Real Estate believes that it depends on the sales item if styling is reasonable or not.

– We often recommend styling when the home is not furnished, and occasionally at furnished homes. Most of the homes need interior advice in connection with housing sales, but the advice is more about details than the styling of the entire home, “he explains..

– The most important thing when the homes are to be prepared for viewing is that the home should be a home you will enjoy, not necessarily that it is the most modern interior.

The most important technical

At the Consumer Council, they think the decisive factor must be how the technical condition of the housing is and not how it appears on the surface.

Therefore, it would be important for a well-done state report, so people really get what they pay for. And in such a connection, styling will not be important, says Chief Executive Officer Bolig, Thomas Bartholdsen, to bonytt. no.

How to style yourself

<if you do not want to spend money on styling, there are several steps you can do to lift the impression of the home a notch.

Remember that it’s no longer you who will live there, but future buyers want to look for their own assets there.

  • Throw scrap: Clean and remove unnecessary scrap. Since you are moving, you can certainly be thrown away, and less clutter will make it easier for the buyer to look after his own things in the home.
  • Blank sheets: Remove private assets such as photographs and toothbrushes. Let the housing appear as neutral as possible.
  • Whole: Repair small hanging and removing visible wires. Dense holes in the wall with acrylic, it is better with some color difference than black holes. Small details can ruin an overall impression.
  • Light and airy: Have the walls become dark over time? A bright paint coat is a simple and affordable grip that can make the apartment seem inviting and open.
  • Textiles: Bedding pillows, cushions and blankets in matching colors can lift a naked and dull interior. Freshe towels in the bathroom and kitchen can also be a great detail.
  • Ambiance: Light candles and scents, and spice up spices, fresh flowers and fruit. A simple and cheap trick that always works.

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