The owners wanted a different bathroom

How to get a nostalgic style in the bathroom

The owners wanted a different bathroom

This bathroom had Gro Helene Sikkeland’s hat in mind for a while, and after some persuasions she also got the man in the house with the bathroom dream.

– The box as we have the sink on top I found on flea many years ago. The big closet saved my husband from container death. There is a lot of space and you never get enough storage space. Good to have all the towels and bathroom items hidden inside a closet. There will be a lot of dust in a bathroom, as practical as possible, as far as possible, says Gro to the magazine Lev Landlig.

On the floor, they chose historical cement tiles from old houses. no, by name Italian no. 16.

They are durable tiles, used in buildings in townhouses for over 100 years, and fit well in bathrooms, around an oven or at a time.

– Because there is a lot of pattern in the tiles, we chose the same color on the walls and decor. We wanted the tiles to have the main focus and scanned the color of them. Few colors in a room create a calm feel and the bathroom should be a place of relaxation and well-being. But at the same time, this is a color that differs slightly from the colors we have used in the other rooms, and we get the effect we want, says Gro.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

RUST BATH: Left: The big closet holds everything Gro and the family need in the bathroom, and not least, it fits perfectly into the corner. Right: A basket for storing dulles is rustic and fine. Photo: Helge Eek.

Murte own shower room

Help emphasize this effect, the panel on the walls, with high braking. It was often used in old houses and gives a good sense of space.

Tips for getting a nostalgic style in the bathroom

● Paint an old display cabinet or chest of drawers in an old-fashioned color code, instead of buying a new décor. Replace the knobs with someone in the old style.

● Finding lights you like, which are not meant for bathing, will work well as long as they are mounted outside the wet room zone.

● A small stool with stained paint can be a nice touch. To get up to things or to wear the socks.

● Wall panels painted with wet paint are a good alternative to tiles.

● Dimm the switch for dim lighting when taking a bath.

A shower cubicle can be hard to keep clean and they chose to wall up their own shower room instead. It has clean, clean surfaces that make the cleaning simple and feels more spacious than a cabinet. The knots on the cabinets have been replaced and she has found someone in the old style. On the windows they have set up a window foil in a nostalgic pattern to let them go. There are small details that help give the bathroom the old style they want.

Details have Gro eyes for.

She loves towels with lace edges, light with scent of lavender and rustic curves for storage of dolphins and leaves.

All this helps to emphasize the rural style, and the old-fashioned lights are the icing of the i-one in this bathroom.

How to get nostalgic style:

  • Combine wood and dye colors. Old wooden boxes are nice storage for dorulls and body products.
  • Bathtub with lining is a must for a nostalgic style. These come in different lengths and price ranges.
  • Invest in an old-fashioned mixer. Certain in bronze or copper color.
  • Empty soap and cream on fine jars and bottles.
  • Decorated with old furniture instead of new bathroom furnishings. More affordable and a nice atmosphere.
  • Combine wood and dye colors. Old wooden boxes are nice storage for dorulls and body products.
  • Bath

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The owners wanted a different bathroom

FINE DETAILS: Left: The old pantry has beautiful decorations and a large sink fits nicely on the wide top. Washing is available in all variants, both for folding and lying on top. Right: Many soap bottles are nice as decorations and do not need to be poured into a new flakong. A soap piece is a must on an old-fashioned bath. Photo: Helge Eek.

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The owners wanted a different bathroom

NOSTALGISK: The old chest of drawers is bought used and painted in the dice color Sjøgløtt from Jotun. The washbasin from VVSkupp is fielded and has received a mixer in Hafa brass brass. The lamps above the sink are in nostalgic style, from Ellos. Green plants and shells are always nice in the bathroom. Driving bits are nice to put shells, soaps or jewelry on. Soap cup kr 59 and bowl kr 39, both from Kid. Dr. Hauschka Rose oil kr 229 and Body milk kr 234, both from Life. The mirror was once a picture with a nice frame. There is a mirror in place, and the gold frame has been painted white. We have brushed over to get some gold.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

LIVE LIGHT: Dice colors and lighted lights are comfortable and relaxing. Scented candy from Kid kr 149, Klintinne fra Life, kr 79

The owners wanted a different bathroom

STORAGE ROOM: In this bathroom there is a small storage room. In here we have used an old door we’ve been looking forward to. It has charming patina, so we have not been painting it.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

GOOD SHOPPING: Old cabinets are a lot of space and we get tucked away what we do not want to show off. A washbasin is the icing on the i-one.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

TREFAT: Old wooden barrel is fine for storage. Norwegian-produced jewelry from Carina, ByCry for kr 699.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

FOOTBATH: A ball in enamel can be used both for so many. Today we filled it with hot water and foot scrub. Towels from Kid, kr 149, foot scrub, Tone Lise kr 212.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

RUSTIC CURV: Collect all the nice towels in a rustic basket. Mathea basket from Kid for kr 199. North towels, small kr 99 and big kr 199, also from kid.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

SPACIOUS: A hot bath is extra delicious with scented candle, kr 229, and a soothing cup of Kloster tea, NOK 82 per package, both from Life. The mixer is from Hafa.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

KNAGGREKKE: Hang up a big knock handle on the bathroom and let the finest things hang on. Hanger from Ellos to kr 179. People kimono from Zara to kr 599 and Aqua bathrobe for kr 299 from Kid.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

OLD STYLE: An old-fashioned seat-bench in an old style is a nice seat when you want to get dressed or take a foot bath. Under the bench there is plenty of room for storage baskets. TL salt scrub kr 212, Weleda skinfood cream kr 179, both from Life. The bench is painted in the color Hammershøi. The towels are off supermyk bamboo. Small kr 199, big kr 398, Life. Over the bench we have hung an old Swedish “wall bunad”.

The owners wanted a different bathroom

Homemade: For the historical tiles “Great Norwegian star”, from Mosaic design, it fits well with panel walls, painted in wet room paint in the color Chi. Rough wood creates a nice contrast, and as a suspension for the curtain, a dry wooden shoe is used. A wide drive piece is nice for the tea cup and a good book. The big basket is from Kid and is used for the storage of towels. The bath with lining is from Westerbergs and is 170 cm long.


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