The order in the hallway

The family got help from room1 · 2 · 3 to fix a dark and messy basement entrance.

The order in the hallway


  • With an active family, there was a lot of mess of outerwear and exercise noise.
  • The walk was dark and outdated.
  • Little wall space made it difficult to decorate.

The solution:

  • With knagger, shelves and messy drawers got everything their fixed space
  • White paint made the dark hall light and inviting.
  • Niches and hooks were utilized with custom shelves and hangings for clothes.
The order in the hallway

Take advantage of the space under the stairs

The family at Gjerdrum cultivates outdoor activities with skiing in the winter and running in summer. Two small active crabs are also included, so it takes a lot of effort to keep track of. The family felt that they did nothing but clean in the hallway.

In addition, the interior was again in the middle of the eighties. The walls that did not have pine and chest panels were painted in a dark red color. The messy hallway was dark and little practical, and the location in the basement gave a basement that the family would like to get rid of.

All White

– The family wanted once that was functional and practical, and could welcome you in a brighter and more welcoming manner. The challenge was that there was no daylight. In addition, there were many doors and little wall space, “says Anett Wallin. She is an interior designer in Kreo and was assigned to help the family.

Practical carpet

To get rid of the eighties, the brush was removed, and to get more light, walls, doors, ceilings and stairs were painted white.

The family enjoyed the floor that was there, an oiled pine floor – nice to look at, but very inconvenient at one time in winter. The couple was afraid that tiles would create a stronger basement, and chose to keep the pine floor. The solution became a practical sisaletppe that was cut to and added to the finish line.

The order in the hallway

PRACTICAL: The folding seat is located right inside the front door and is convenient for wearing shoes or putting away the purse or handbag on. From Hilmers Hus. Photo: Siri Møller

Then the reorganization began.

In the right place

On the small wall inside the door, it was suggested that the family and guests can hang out and wear off shoes. Good to notice if this is not wet.

Chest of drawers under the stairs

The order in the hallway

UNDER THE TRAP: The family wants a couple of big baskets with lid. Currently, the square holds a cozy basket with rag socks. The large chest of drawers comes from Ikea and holds gloves, hats, scarves, woolen and fleecies. Photo: Siri Møller

A messy chest of drawers was purchased and placed under the stairs. Here the family members have their own drawer and the drawers are large enough to accommodate both mittens, hats, woolen and fleecy.

In the small hallway in front of the laundry room, there were hanging cuffs for exercise noise and other outerwear that is not in daily use; one row up to the adults and one row down to the kids.

In addition, the family made shelves in a niche. There they put boxes with everything from reflexes to bicycle helmets, ball pumps and seating.

Functional and tidy

The order in the hallway

LIGHT: The oven was already there, and is widely used in autumn and winter. Here is space for outerwear and some shoes, and the family has hung up a hanger for small friends coming from R. Bergersen. The shelves are standard shelves from Ikea which perfectly fit perfectly. Photo: Siri Møller

– We like to have some words. It must be functional and tidy, and the kids should know where to put things. Now they have become much better at putting things in place and the hallway has become a lighter and nicer room. Even I would never have painted the stairs white, says the owner.


Sisalteppe, kr 750

Green knots, kr 295

Folding seat, kr 1695

The order in the hallway

FORWARD: The hall has become a lighter and nicer room, the owners think. Photo: Siri Møller

Door knobs, kr 295

Boxer, kr 295

Mirror, kr 695

Chest of drawers, kr 1975

Hat rack, kr 298

Shelves / Knits, Knagger, kr 400

Materials, $ 300

Paint, £ 2400

Total £ 939


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