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The most effective brush brush

With recycled material, you can make an effective shoe scarf for just over the dog’s lap. See how.

The most effective brush brush

Are you a handyman, who likes to make things yourself, can easily make a shoe scarf that holds your boots and the hallways, run out of dirt and spill.

The scarves you can buy, such as those in the wrought iron, are great and perfect for regular shoes. But when saddling hunting boots and hiking shoes are to be cleaned, a skyscraper with large costs often has a long and rigid bust.

We made this one of three costs for under 90 kroner at Biltema.

The scarf we’ve made must stand out on the tram. That way, it is easy to remove for flushing and cleaning.

Even though the scraper is loose on the tram, it is still stable in use. You lock it by stopping on one foot while kicking through the other.

The scarf can be made of smaller and softer costs. You must then adjust the dimensions according to the width of the broom and the length of the bust.

You can also create a scraper without side panels as you turn up the wall. The possibilities are many.

The most effective brush brush

PROCEDURE: Step one and two. Photo: Kjell R. Beating

1. Draw shoe sole

The most effective brush brush

Supersmart suspension for the shock absorbers

You need a wide table or a hobby slate of 50 cm length and at least 25 cm wide. Draw and cut an approx. 12 cm wide shoe sole at each end. This is not necessary, but makes the scarf a little more enjoyable.

2. Screw bark

Fix two barges on the underside, as far as the edges are possible. The plays make the scooter stand stable, even on a slightly uneven surface. Continue to tighten the diet in the middle, with the bust up. Use six good screws so that the diet is firmly attached. Since the food is made of a hard wood, it is important to perish.

3. Mount iron angles

The most effective brush brush

PROCEDURE: Steps three and four. Photo: Kjell R. Beating

Cut to two pieces of 2 x 4 inch plank, approx. 15 cm long. Unscrew them from the underside so that they are almost adjacent to the diet.

The most effective brush brush

Get rid of the creaking in the floor

Fit the angles that hold the food on the sides. We chose sharp and wide angles, but you can also use two narrower

on each page. Measure the position of the angles so that the bust from the side foods sticks a little centimeter into the undercost.

4. The ending

Screw the iron angles and side dishes on them. Use plenty of screws.

Then the scraper is ready for use.

You need this

  • A table or hobby slab with 50 cm length and at least 25 cm width
  • 2 playsticks, approx. 24 cm
  • 2 bites 2 x 4 toms shelf at 15 cm
  • 3 costs stiff and long bust
  • 2 angles with width approx. 8 cm

It’s definitely advisable to give the scarf a little impregnation and preferably paint. Keep in mind that it will stand out in all weather, and withstand a lot of wet snow and mud.

The most effective brush brush

ALL-USE USE: Scarf scarf fits both ski boots, boots and downhill boots. Photo: Kjell R. Beating

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