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The main benefits of buying new housing

Therefore, it pays to buy new housing

The main benefits of buying new housing

The main benefits of buying new housing

OWNERSHIP OWNERSHIP: Christian Vammervold Dreyer, Managing Director of Property Norway. Photo: Property Norway.

The main benefits of buying new housing

ARCHITECTURAL ORGANICOLOGY: Oddvar Skjæveland, Academic Leader in Intermediate Architecture Psychology. Photo: Intermediate architecture psychology.

There are few things that can be compared to the feeling of moving into a brand new home.

New apartment projects are constantly being built, and many think it’s both safe and comfortable to buy something completely new. No one has lived in the apartment before and the standard is generally high. The apartments come with a standard standard solution, with the option of upgrading or modifying solutions using options.

Sold at fixed price

The advantage of buying a new home is that they are usually sold at a fixed price.

That is, you are in a situation where you buy housing without having to participate in a betting round.

As a rule, new homes are sold on price lists.

– In a hot housing market, many people experience this as a big advantage, “says Christian Vammervold Dreyer, Managing Director of Eiendom Norge.

In many ways safer

– Moving in new housing differs from housing in several ways. You own the property for a long construction period before moving in, you can form a lot of the solutions yourself from scratch and since your home is new to occupation, you will not need renovation work and maintenance, “says Oddvar Skjæveland, Senior Vice President of Space Space Architecture Psychology.

He is an educated organizational psychologist with doctorate in environmental psychology from the University of Bergen and the University of Gothenburg.

In spite of saving you money on refurbishment, he is unsure whether the overall economy is getting better by buying a new home. Here are many factors that play in.

– Each individual case must be assessed for, among other things, purchase price, location, business cycle and ownership, says Skjæveland.

If you buy a new home, it also develops guarantees that must be followed, so it’s safer in many ways..

The disadvantages of new housing are that the price is usually higher than it is for used homes.

– That’s how it must be, Dreyer states.

The main benefits of buying new housing

BUY NEW BOLIG: In many ways it is safer to buy new housing because it is required that the home is delivered in 100 percent technical condition. Photo: Getty Images.

The feeling of new housing

Then comes the feeling of buying a flickering new home.

Benefits of new housing

New is new

New housing costs more than used housing, but then you can get it just the way you want. The purchase follows better comfort and lower operating costs.

Property to suit you

If you arrive early enough during the construction period, you have the option of customizing the accommodation at your own discretion. You can customize the living room layout, furnishings and materials selection.

Better Standard

A new housing has a far higher technical standard with better insulation, balanced ventilation with heat recovery and central vacuum cleaner. New building regulations ensure good insulation.

Repair and Maintenance All houses need maintenance, but when buying new homes you will not need substantial maintenance in the first 10-15 years.

Lower operating costs

Improved insulation combined with heat recovery and modern management systems mean that a new home has far less energy consumption.

Statutory Warranty

When you buy a new home, you have a 5-year statutory warranty, thus a far stronger legal protection than if you buy used. E

Fixed Price

You do not have to be torn in a betting round. When buying and restoring older homes, you will never be sure where the total price tag ends.

Good time for sale

Another advantage of buying a new home that is not listed or under construction is that you usually have plenty of time to prepare and sell your current home..

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– There is something special about the experience of buying a brand new home. It’s like buying a brand new car, Dreyer thinks.

Architectural psychologist Skjæveland believes the actual experience of moving into something new and unused, and how important it will vary a lot according to personal preferences.

Some people need a new car, new housing and do not like to stay in a hotel because they have certain hygiene contexts. Others like that a home has long history and likes the idea that there have been life stories in the same rooms they live in, explains Skjæveland.

He believes that for the sense of attachment and affiliation it may be important that you actually make some choices during the planning and construction period, possibly at the construction site and maybe do some painting work yourself.

Demanding Refurbishment

While some people prefer a flickering new home, others are completely crazy for renovations. Many of these homes are very attractive in the market. Many look at the refurbishment as a self-realization project and many like to have something to do with.

– In the infancy, on the other hand, refurbishment can be a rather challenging exercise, says Dreyer.

There are few things that are as tiring as moving into a refurbishment object that you may never really come to terms with.

Do you have to mess up, you must have time, profit, and not least money for it. There are many elements that play in.

– In a used home, it may be as with the technical standard. It is unlikely that an older residence will fulfill the requirements of today’s technical standard. Needed a lot of refurbishment will also reflect this in the price. If the standard is low, the price will be reduced, Dreyer states.

In many ways safer

New homes are often better insulated, and operating costs will therefore be lower. You pay a document fee only on the value of the plot, not the entire purchase price. And not least, you get a modern and area-effective housing – which you can help to design yourself.

In many ways it is safer to buy new housing because it is required that the home is delivered in 100 percent technical condition.

– The developer is responsible for delivering the property without error, and must correct this. You also have warranties for a given period of time after acquisition to ensure this.

But you must have a good time. In order to buy a new home, you must expect it to take a long time before it is completed. From one to three years is common – from the project is decided to completion. Construction period may also be long.

Long-term perspective

So if you are buying a new home, you may want a long term perspective.

– What may be the challenge here can be speculation about how it goes with the housing market during this period. For those already in a home, it may be more demanding to wait selling their own, says Dreyer.

With regard to further sales, it is not as much as separating new and used housing.

– Experience shows little difference. The technical condition of the property is also important for resale, so even if you buy a more expensive property often buying a more expensive property, it will also be higher in price than many older homes.

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