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The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

The family got an exciting and new kitchen solution almost free.

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

New kitchen and new functional solutions in the kitchen are many who dream about.

And it’s not just about exciting trends to build on that front.

But to cook the kitchen can be an expensive affair – if you do not think smart when the important and central room is to be decorated. And it’s not just the kitchen that costs, it just costs to move.

Ankie van Lier, husband Martin (44) – and the daughters Vera (13) and Milou (10) and the sons Mees (7) and Dante (5). But they found a solution to it, they got amazingly a kitchen close to what they dreamed about, for the net sum of 500 kroner.

Has been looking for affordable solutions

The family secured exciting reusable materials so they could put together the exciting kitchen they have today.

The couple has put a formidable dedication into the new home.

– My husband and I are a good team that works well together. In addition to being fun, it was necessary because the project cost a lot.

For this reason, many of the materials and furniture purchased are used. This is true of the blue, rustic kitchen, which they have managed to do very functionally. And think that it got a price tag of just $ 500!

In addition to the kitchen, they found all 13 doors in the house at Marktplaats. nl, Dutch answer to finn. no. The bridge in the garden was originally on a nearby ground and a heavy truck transported it to its new home.

We also found the floor tiles. They were full of dirt and cement, so it took several weeks to get them clean. But it was worth the job.

– The pattern makes dust and crumbs not appear – very practical, says Ankie.

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

USE: With the exception of the AGA stove, the entire kitchen is purchased used, including the tiles. They were full of dirt and cement, and it took several weeks to get them fine. The butcher bench is a used find, so heavy that four strong guys had to carry it. The cutlery is bought used in France. The blue color of the wall is from Farrow&Ball, and matches the tiles. Photo: Louis Lemaire

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

KUL SOLUTION: The family got a fun solution with reuse details. Photo: Louis Lemaire

Large contrast

The contrast to the family’s previous home is great. Until 2007 they lived in a relatively small townhouse in the town of Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands. Then husband Martin got a job 200 miles further north. After commuting for a while, they decided to move north. When Martin told him that he had found a nice farm, Ankie was in no way enthusiastic.

– All I saw was all the dangers: A busy road on the front and the canal that goes through the property. But after waiting for the thought, we agreed that this could be the house we’d dreamed of, with enough space both inside and out and with lots of animals.

The dream house from 1890 would turn out to be a bit of a project. The building is typical of the area, and is a so-called “poop farm”, where four solid beams alone carry the roof. The house measures 15 times 15 meters, and traditionally the room building both people, fairy and tall. When the family took over half of the house, it was in a sad constitution. An old lady had lived alone in the house, but only used the first floor.

From city to village

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

NEW TRACT: The beak was absorbed by pests, so this is more recent. The sofas from Ikea have got a new move. Photo: Louis Lemaire

In the beginning, I think it was hard to live here, I was used to urban life. Now I love the landscape around us. Every season is different, and in spring we enjoy the tulip crops that are right behind the garden. Swans slide past the canals, and the neighboring queues study us over the fences, says Ankie van Lier.

In the yard it’s a family’s own livestock: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, chickens and a rooster.

They are all around here and sometimes they jump on the table when we sit on the porch. There is a little Pippi Langstrømpe here, says Ankie.

An extensive project

The floors were so bad that we could not even walk on them, so we realized that it would be an extensive project, says Ankie.

Martin started to tear off all the walls and ceilings – a relatively simple job since the roof is held up by the beams. When everything was gone they could see 13 meters up to the ceiling. Then the job started to put together an optimal home. They designed the solutions themselves, but rented local craftsmen to the building. The first floor was earmarked for living room, kitchen and studio. The children each have their bedroom on the second floor, while the parents’ room is at the very top.

– We came from a fairly small house, so having so much space was completely new to us. And the light is amazing, especially in the studio, “says Ankie.

Built-in porch of reuse

When the renovation was completed, they had a lot of building materials left over, enough to build a 35 square meter large porch. Ankie and Martin took the case in their own hands.

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

SELFGOT IS SELECTED: The old chairs are heirlooms from Martin’s grandparents. Ankie has made cover with old photographs of his family. Photo: Louis Lemaire

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

GOOD VIEW: The floor tiles are bought used and there were just enough of them to cover the entire floor. The cranes are British and exclusive, also those purchased used online. The tub from Hoesch is new. Photo: Louis Lemaire

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

OPEN SITE: Dante likes to remember so high that the toes reach the beams. Almost the whole wall consists of windows, and the two doors in the center can be opened completely. Photo: Louis Lemaire

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

BACKGROUND: The white beam works great as a bulletin board. Photo: Louis Lemaire

When the rocking chair came into place, this was the patio I’ve always dreamed of. The veranda is partly overcrowded so we can use it all summer. We have built a pizza oven out there and cook pizza every weekend and people are always coming in. This is my favorite place in the house, especially when we have breakfast out there.

A perpetual project

The family took over the house in 2007, but the renovation work has not been completed.

– There is always something to do when you live in an old house, a little painted area here, something to be repaired there. It will never be done, but I love it, says Ankie.

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

BEDROOM: The children have bedrooms on the second floor. Due to the sloping ceilings it was difficult to place a regular bed. That’s why Ankie drew one who took advantage of the space to the maximum and then Martin built it. The doors are bought used and hiding clothes and a dollhouse. Photo: Louis Lemaire

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

GOOD PLACE: Vera has also got a space-based bed, but in double size so that there is room for overnight guests. Photo: Louis Lemaire

The house is centrally located in the village, with a short distance to the swimming pool, the school and the shop. The fear she had first for the canal that goes through the property has turned into enthusiasm.

Now I look at the water as part of the fun: In the winter we can go skating right outside the house, and in the summer we can blow up the dinghy and calm off.

Seven years after they took the leap and left the city, Ankie describes the existence with one word: perfect!

– I do not know if we are going to live here for the rest of our lives, but right now we love to live here.

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The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

WELCOME: The hallows connect the living room with the studio, and here the kids have got their hands. The portrait of the old lady is bought in a market. Photo: Louis Lemaire

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

ART: The wall on the second floor is decorated by the house artist. The models are of course the four children. She first photographed them and then made a collage of silhouettes. Photo: Louis Lemaire

The kitchen renovation cost $ 500!

MALT SENEGJERDE: The bed in the master bedroom is wedged in place between two beams. The sloping walls make room for bed beds, therefore, Ankie has painted a straight on the wall. Photo: Louis Lemaire


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