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«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

Untouched by the tooth of the day, just as popular.

«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

Centrally located apartments, which also come with a non-deterrent price tag, are like gold dust in big cities.

Everyone wants to live in a city, and it will be expensive apartment prices. If the apartment you are looking for needs a coat of paint or two, yes, most are willing to fold up the sleeves of a home that you can afford where you most want to live.

400. 000 over-priced

It is possible that more than a few coats will paint to move this apartment over this decade, but it did not stop the couple as Tuesday this week bought the Bergens apartment for 1.3 million kroner.

It’s 400. 000 kroner above the price and the price estimate of 890. 000 according to the Bergensavisen.

– The inventory is included, whether you want or not, wrote broker Sjur Breistein at Proaktiv Eiendomsmegling in the prospectus.

However, some special fixtures did not seem to be a problem for the many who appeared on the show this week.

– There were just under 20 people on display, explains the broker to the newspaper.

– Those who bought the apartment after a bidding round where several people joined were a young couple.

Genuinely 70’s interior

The apartment, located in Øyjordsveien in Bergen, has, according to the broker, not undergone major upgrades since the mid-70s.

On the walls, the storm pattern is the wallpaper that applies, and not on a simple wall wall, which is today trendy, but on all the walls, which underpins the genuine 70’s feel.

The apartment, which is about 33 square meters, consists of a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a small closet which, not entirely according to the rules, was used as a bedroom. The shower is in a kettle in the hallway.

«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

GREEN IS BEAUTIFUL: More retro bath than this should be looked after. Photo: Proactive Real Estate

Norwegian Folk Museum interested

«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

The house of the 1930s was completely transformed

At the Bergen newspaper, information manager Paal Mork at the Norwegian Folk Museum reveals that he regrets that they did not bid for the unique apartment itself.

– We should have received such an apartment. Very sorry if it is being sold to someone who wants to change everything. It should be kept in a mess, Mork explains to the newspaper.

– My first inscription was “Søren, we should have bid!” explains the parliamentary spokesman.

Unsure of the future of the interior

Broker Sjur Breistein does not want to speculate above Bonytt. No if the apartment’s new owners intend to keep it intact or if the young couple is looking for a grandiose renovation.

«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

ERROR: The seller of this apartment in central Bergen was a “good grown” lady who had not done so much renovation in recent years. Photo: Proactive Real Estate

Whether they should do it or not, considering the historically unique interior, becomes another matter, explains the Bergens based broker to Bonytt. no.

«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

KOTT: The shower is in a pot in the hallway. Photo: Proactive Real Estate

Breistein states that on display earlier in the week, there were many who were concerned with the technical aspects of the apartment:

– For example, being able to move the shower into the bathroom, or, for example, insert more windows to get more light, says Breistein.

Not approved

The 33 square meter apartment’s bedroom is in a small kettle, without any escape route or any kind of light.

A solution that, according to the apartment’s prospectus, “has not been approved. “

The shower is also resolved in a creative, albeit somewhat special way:

– The shower is in a closet in the hallway, the Breisten runs out.

– It’s a slightly out of order solution.

«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

BEDROOM: A small locker was used as a bedroom in the 33 m2 apartment. Photo: Proactive Real Estate

The former owner of the apartment, according to the broker, was a good grown lady who has lived in the apartment for over 40 years and has not done any major interventions in the style or decor since the mid 70’s.

«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

See what they did with the 70’s apartment

– Otherwise, the apartment is in good condition, explains broker Sjur Breistein.

Must be upgraded

The broker estimates to Bergensavisen that the new owner will have to spend three to four hundred thousand kroner to get the apartment up to the current standard.

– It has to be done a lot before this apartment has the standard of the day.

Rift about the retrieval

«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

KITCHEN: Orange was a hit color in the 70’s. Photo: Proactive Real Estate

That there would be a war of war about the apartment, Breistein was quite sure already before viewing.

«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

This way the living room was brand new

– The apartment was in a price range that was available to many, and it is clear that it is not often that apartments appear in this price range so centrally in Bergen.

Not surprised

Martin Raknes, Regional Director of Real Estate Broker West in Bergen, is also not surprised that this apartment was sold for almost 50% above the price.

– No, it is also the norm that apartments so centrally located in Bergen are sold somewhat above the price and price estimate, explains the real estate agent to Bonytt. no.

– That this apartment was also in a price range that became available to many, not least first-time buyers, made sure that the bidding round went as it went.

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«The inventory is included, whether you want or not»

TIME OF TIME: It must be the most remembered retro fans who would like to live in the apartment as it appears today. Photo: Proactive Real Estate


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