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– The interior is for us who live here

Ceramics Tone Seppola has knelt at the apartment in Ullevål hageby so that every single hook and hook is utilized.

- The interior is for us who live here

It may be a challenge to decorate so that you can accommodate everything when you have limited square meters available.

At least when you’re a family of four, living in a limited space.

In an apartment of 77 square meters, spread over three levels, Tone Seppola (39) lives with Troels, 44, and Mathilde (11) and Sofie (6). The apartment is part of a quadruple residence in the Oslo Harbyselskap, Ullevål Hageby.

Every square meter is well utilized, so the home has become functional and practical for the family.

Magic Mood

From the kitchen window, the family faces the Holmenkollås in the distance:

– When darkness sets, they give lighted spirits to the hotel and the chapel and the glowing hopes associated with magic adventures, says Tone Seppola.

- The interior is for us who live here

NATURE INSPIRES: Tone is from Northern Norway. Her close relationship with nature and coast is the great source of inspiration when she shapes porcelain. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

- The interior is for us who live here

COMBINING MATERIALS: Tone has the senses for different surfaces and materials in combination. Here she has mixed wood, metal, leather and textiles. The picture has the Tone layer, and over time the children will have to paint on several houses. Sofa from Bolia. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Good place to grow up

The view and the beautiful light that falls into the kitchen was what looked so appealing to her and the man Troel when they were on display. The couple also charmed old beams and the fun room solution, they only had to live there. Tone was pregnant with the eldest daughter Mathilde when they moved in.

– We saw that the garden town would be a great place for the children to grow up when we first decided to stay in town.

In Ullevål hageby, the families of young children live an idyllic life focusing on a common outdoor shelter. The area is like a small village in town. When the area was built almost 100 years ago, apartments with associated small patches of flats were built to allow workers to live a healthier life. Every year, at the end of April, the garden city organizes a horticultural day to preserve culture and inspire a stronger unity among the residents.

Customized Solutions

- The interior is for us who live here

KITCHEN: Tone thinks the PH lamp gives a perfect light. The wall clock is designed by Arne Jacobsen. The basket is from Olivers & Co., and the cups and the ball belong to Tone Seppola’s Babydesign. The decor is from Kvik and has a worktop in oak. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

- The interior is for us who live here

Property in Ullevålsalleen Tone Seppola Photo: Per Erik Jæger

- The interior is for us who live here

PERSONAL: Open shelves give the kitchen a personal twist. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Tone traveled from Finnsnes, where she was born and raised, to Singapore in 1990. During her studies she was introduced to art subjects, and she got the chance for ceramics. Tone likes to form objects from their own heart, a joy she shares with the man. Together, they make furniture, and they often find their own solutions to things, whether old or old, or something new as they customize.

As product designer and ceramist, I am concerned with functionality and quality, products will last for a long time. In the design of porcelain, I use simple geometric basic forms as a starting point. I am often inspired by nature and my growing up at the coast.

Tone’s attitude towards porcelain and ceramic design is reflected in the interior, in lamps, coffee tables and dressers.

– Functionality is important, we live in a small apartment, so it’s also a must for everyday life to work. We have customized several solutions to maximize the space.

– The interior is for us who live here

The most important thing for Tone is that the family can relax within the house’s four walls. She explains that the different things in the interior have found their place more or less subconsciously, and that they thus form a storybook that you can move in.

- The interior is for us who live here

FRESH COLOR CLOTHES: White is sprinkled with spanky color clovers in the bedroom. From the Velux window you can see Holmenkollen. The bed is from Ikea, the picture is by Mr. Brainwash. The lamp One man shy-mr. The desk table lamp, called the tissue man, is a fun touch for small and big. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

- The interior is for us who live here

PERSONAL BREAK: The old wine cellar is a used find from Copenhagen. With new color and wheels it has become a nice playbox. The owl cushion is made of fabric from Stoff & Stil. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

– The interior is often a mirror image of those who live in it. When someone comes home to us and does not know us from before, I think they can easily form a picture of who we are. I like that we can go from room to room in the apartment surrounded by things that tell us about epochs in our lives, things that tell us about the experiences we’ve had and travel we’ve been to.

It is clear that Tone likes to surround herself with things that matter to her, especially in the form of childrens drawings, cushions the mother has sewn, books and travel memorabilia. Or simply some branches or cones from a forest trip.

– The interior is not there to have something to show when someone comes in, it’s there for us who live here and use the home every day.

Inspired by Danish design

The daughters Mathilde and Sofie love all the crutches and hooks of the apartment, especially the cupboards that are big enough to hide in. Good, thick planks from Dinesen do well under bare feet, something everyone in the family appreciates in everyday life. Tone emphasizes that she has the sense of Danish design and quality.

– I love Danish. In Denmark, I experience inspiration from all sides, be it architecture, food, street life, exhibitions and markets. Also, my “dodgy” man from Copenhagen itself, blinks Tone fools.

- The interior is for us who live here

WORKSHOP: A small work hook is always handy. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

- The interior is for us who live here

LIGHT VOTE: The picture The last viking is interpreted by the anonymous artist with the pseudonym Pøbel. The floor of Dinesen is wonderful to go barefoot on, summer and winter. By closing the sliding door you can work undisturbed in the daylight from the window Foto: PHOTO: Per Erik Jæger

- The interior is for us who live here

LESEKROK: In front of the window there is room for a nice reading hook. A comfortable light finds the way in and provides good reading conditions. The lamp is from Verner Panton, Colonial Chair is from Carl Hansen & Søn and the light is from Holmegaard. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Even though Tone fights for simple environments that are muted in terms of the number of objects, she also lets go to funny impulse purchases every now and then. Like then she bought a nutcracker shaped like Margaret Thatcher in flea market.

– She breaks nuts like just that, says Tone and laughs.

And when the flea market season begins to approach, it’s not just Tone that gets fleas in the blood, then it takes place with both daughters chop in heel.

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- The interior is for us who live here

DECORATIVE: Both pictures have been added to the stairway, as well as wine bottles. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

- The interior is for us who live here

The fireplace is the heart of the apartment, and on cold winter days it warms up both floors in a flash. The floor is from Dinesen. The beams are history bearers with their marks and cracks. Photo: Per Erik Jæger


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